The Best Episodes Directed by Alex Kalymnios


#1 - Conner

Titans (2018) Season 2 - Episode 6

Conner Kent and Krypto escape from Cadmus Labs. His search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor and genetic scientist Dr. Eve Watson.

star 8.09
1512 votes
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The Chosen

#2 - The Chosen

The 100 Season 4 - Episode 12

Jaha and Kane disagree over how to handle their grim reality. Meanwhile, Clarke leads a group to save a friend.

star 7.88
5276 votes
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The Day Reagan Was Shot

#3 - The Day Reagan Was Shot

Timeless (2016) Season 2 - Episode 8

The Time Team travels back to 1981 Washington D.C. on the day President Reagan was shot, only to discover that the Sleeper’s target isn’t the President – but a young rookie police officer.

star 7.75
1449 votes
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Fear and Flesh

#4 - Fear and Flesh

Quantico Season 3 - Episode 2

In tracking down the origin of a deadly strain of tuberculosis threatening Americans, Agent Ryan Booth must go undercover and infiltrate a white supremacist organization; an assignment that threatens the life of another member of the team.

star 7.69
830 votes
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The Dark Year

#5 - The Dark Year

The 100 Season 5 - Episode 11

As Clarke races to save Abby, she learns more about the trials and tribulations Wonkru faced in the bunker, and the impossible decisions they were forced to make in the dark year.

star 7.68
2691 votes
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Los Huesos

#6 - Los Huesos

S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 2 - Episode 12

Jessica and Chris go undercover in Mexico, alone and without back-up, to save a Mexican federal agent kidnapped by a drug-dealing gang that Jessica helped bring to justice years before. Also, Hondo’s mother, Charice, worries he’s under emotional strain when he engages in a series of small home renovation projects in her home.

star 7.59
906 votes
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State of Mind

#7 - State of Mind

Impulse Season 1 - Episode 2

After a visit with a neurologist, Henry hopes her new meds will fix everything. Meanwhile, Bill Boone attempts to identify his son Clay's attacker.

star 7.57
976 votes
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Episode 18

#8 - Episode 18

Waterloo Road Season 7 - Episode 18

Michael's paranoia spirals when he discovers the identity of his secret tormentor, and new year 12 pupil Freddie Jackson's life is endangered when Michael fails to read his admission file. A jealous Linda stirs trouble by letting slip that she knows of Sian and Michael's affair, and Emily's rebellious streak threatens to land Scout back in foster care.

star 7.56
9 votes

#9 - 27/02/2012

EastEnders Season 28 - Episode 35

Max struggles to fight his attraction to Roxy when he takes part in a poker game at Alfie's. He is joined at the table by his brothers - and while Derek sets about intimidating the other players, Jack remains upset at being kept apart from Amy. Michael tries to figure out where he stands with Janine, and Marsden's taunts leave Shirley more concerned than ever about Ben's statement

star 2.00
1 votes

#10 - 28/02/2012

EastEnders Season 28 - Episode 36

Lucy digs deeper into Mandy's suspicious behaviour and enlists Lauren's help to find evidence that will prove she only wants Ian's money. Cora clashes with Janine about the mess left behind following R&R's latest club night, while Ray realises how much Bianca's financial problems are hurting her family. Elsewhere, Billy tries to make a deal with Lola

star 2.00
1 votes

#11 - 01/03/2012

EastEnders Season 28 - Episode 37

Michael grows frustrated with Janine's lax attitude during a pregnancy class and angrily accuses her of forcing him out of their baby's life. Lucy is shocked when she discovers who Mandy has been sending money to, Max becomes jealous of Tanya and Jack's friendship, and Zainab receives a letter summoning her to discuss Yusef's will

star 2.00
1 votes

#12 - 02/03/2012

EastEnders Season 28 - Episode 38

Janine fears she has driven Michael away for good, but is distracted from her worries by news of a meeting with a potential business partner. However, she discovers Michael waiting for her instead - and receives a shock when he proposes to her. Mandy feels uncomfortable as Lorraine starts making herself at home, Lucy and Whitney realise how serious Lauren's drinking problem has become, and Zainab gets some good news - but cannot bring herself to feel happy about it

star 2.00
1 votes

#13 - 28/02/2011

EastEnders Season 27 - Episode 34

Masood is determined to find a way of financing the perfect engagement ring, but Zainab struggles to accept Yusef's presence in the Square and resolves that they get rid of him. Meanwhile, Denise and Kat find their pasts catching up with them, and Ronnie's lies continue to spiral.

star 0.00
0 votes

#14 - 01/03/2011

EastEnders Season 27 - Episode 35

Denise files for divorce and decides to celebrate the start of her new life with a party, but the rift between Masood and Yusef threatens to overshadow the celebrations. Jay is unaware that he has a new admirer, and Glenda demands to know what is really going on with Ronnie.

star 0.00
0 votes

#15 - 03/03/2011

EastEnders Season 27 - Episode 36

Shirley's thrilled when Phil returns to the Square, but Glenda is less than happy when he foils her plan to get Roxy's money back. Tamwar and Afia hatch a plan to reunite their warring families, and Kat finds herself growing closer to Shenice while Ian sets out to impress Jane.

star 0.00
0 votes

#16 - 04/03/2011

EastEnders Season 27 - Episode 37

Glenda's revelations leave the Mitchells reeling, while Ian panics about what else might be revealed. Tamwar and Afia are pleased when it seems that their parents are getting along, but is Masood really prepared to forgive and forget? Alfie is buoyed when Kat asks him to stay the night.

star 0.00
0 votes