The BEST MTV (UK) Shows

The top 5 shows on MTV (UK)

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle

#1 - Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle

The Geordies are back for a 5 year birthday battle!

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111 votes
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The Valleys

#2 - The Valleys

MTV is heading deep into the South Wales Valleys to find a group of young people from areas such as Tonyrefail and Tonypandy to feature in its next non-scripted show. Plucked from the tranquillity of Valley life, the cast will be given the opportunity to leave their hamlet towns and change their lives in the city of Cardiff. Over a 6 week period, audiences will watch as the youngsters balance new job opportunities in a brand new city. However, despite their new lifestyles, ‘home’ is never far away as the cast will return to The Valleys throughout the series to visit their families and home towns – a stark contrast between the lives they’ve left behind and the new lives they are beginning.

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70 votes
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Dirty Sanchez

#3 - Dirty Sanchez

This is the story of three mates from the Welsh valleys and one warped Southener. They met through a mutual love of skateboarding and are bound by a complete disregard for their own personal safety. Their juvenile behaviour leads them into ridiculous circumstances as they constantly strive to achieve their next hit of twisted humour. This is Dirty Sanchez.

star 7.47
147 votes
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Geordie Shore

#4 - Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland). Set in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, it is the British adaptation of American show Jersey Shore. Let's get mortal!

star 6.61
618 votes
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Ex on the Beach

#5 - Ex on the Beach

What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times? Well, if only life was that simple, because just as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV bring in their Exes to break up the party – one by one! As the eight original cast are left wondering "whose Ex is next?", the trouble in paradise continues to thicken as love triangles become tangled webs of lust, love and loathing.

star 6.27
276 votes
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