The Amazing Race

#1 - Beacon of Hope (1) 8.33

Season 22 - Episode 11

After the final four teams go bog snorkeling in Belfast, Ireland, one team's race comes to an end; the three remaining teams scour historic landmarks in Washington, D.C.; the winning team is determined. Part one of two.

#2 - I Feel Like I'm in, Like, Sicily 8.33

Season 16 - Episode 10

After noodling their way through their first Roadblock, Teams are forced to complete a second Roadblock, and the fate of two Teams lies in the hands of confused cabbies

#3 - Amazing "Crazy" Race (1) 8.33

Season 23 - Episode 11

The final teams take part in a human bowling competition in Tokyo; one team wins $1 million.

#4 - Taste Your Salami 8.29

Season 20 - Episode 4

The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Escalinata de Antequera in Asuncion, Paraguay. An unexpected beheading occurs as teams polish off a dirty task, and a random act of kindness leaves one team in tears.

#5 - I Didn't Make Her Cry 8.26

Season 20 - Episode 7

The six remaining teams set off from Baku, Azerbaijan on the seventh leg of the race. The disagreement that has been building up all season culminates in this episode.

#6 - Beards In the Wind 8.25

Season 23 - Episode 4

Racers take a plunge into the Arctic in Svolvaer, Norway; Marie and Tim have a tough decision to make.

#7 - Donkeylicious 8.25

Season 24 - Episode 8

Six teams encounter a double U-turn; one team considers a major decision.

#8 - Part Like the Red Sea 8.22

Season 23 - Episode 9

The final five teams make mistakes while under pressure in Bandung, Indonesia; a relationship suffers.

#9 - They Don't Even Understand Their Own Language 8.21

Season 16 - Episode 11

The Final 4 teams struggle with the language barrier in Shanghai while sorting through hundreds of golden Buddhas and thousands of Chinese stamps in their pursuit for a spot in the Final 3.

#10 - Working Our Barrels Off 8.21

Season 22 - Episode 10

With a chance to compete in the finale on the line, the final five teams race through Scotland, where they encounter a double U-turn that puts two teams in jeopardy of elimination.

#11 - Accidental Alliance 8.21

Season 24 - Episode 9

Tension rises as the finish line gets closer; three teams form an alliance.

#12 - We Got a Chance, Baby! 8.19

Season 27 - Episode 12

The final 3 teams race to Long Island, New York where, after five continents, 10 countries, and more than 34,000 miles, one will be crowned winners and awarded the $1 million prize.

#13 - Cobra In My Teeth 8.17

Season 23 - Episode 10

The final four teams eat snake in Indonesia; a challenging road block pushes racers to the boiling point.

#14 - All or Nothing 8.17

Season 25 - Episode 12

The final teams race to the finish line in Los Angeles.

#15 - The Gladiators Are Here! 8.15

Season 24 - Episode 7

The racers square off with Roman gladiators in a medieval detour; three teams make a deal in hope of avoiding elimination.

#16 - Your Tan Is Totally Cool 8.13

Season 22 - Episode 5

As the contestants face a double U-turn in Hanoi, Vietnam, one team receives crushing news.

#17 - You're Like Jason Bourne, Right? 8.13

Season 16 - Episode 8

Teams find that luck doesn't pick sides in a sweat-drenched test of endurance where they must choose to face a 153-step climb or take a 35-foot-high lesson in Chingay

#18 - The Ultimate Fun House 8.12

Season 22 - Episode 9

The final five teams plunge 37 stories through the sky and tackle a psychedelic labyrinth in Berlin, Germany.

#19 - Down and Dirty 8.11

Season 24 - Episode 6

The teams are in Sri Lanka, where an exhausting Roadblock drains the racers of all their strength. Also, an epic race through the countryside ends with a footrace to the Pit Stop.

#20 - When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go 8.05

Season 25 - Episode 2

The Race continues through London, England, where the Express Pass is on the line, but several teams’ hopes of a first-place finish are capsized while boating in a punt in Oxford.

#21 - King Arthur Style 8.05

Season 23 - Episode 3

A team hopes for a big reward when they take a risk in Portugal; racers face a knightly road block.

#22 - Choir Boy At Heart 8.05

Season 23 - Episode 6

A team is faced with temptation; the racers sing with the Vienna Boys' Choir; an intense dispute occurs.

#23 - I Need Hair to Be Pretty 8.04

Season 20 - Episode 10

One determined Racer powers through pain in the wake of a physical misstep, and teams pull out all of the bells and whistles for a larger than life challenge.

#24 - Hooping It Up 8.03

Season 25 - Episode 11

The race continues in the Philippines where two strong teams make a mistake that could cost them a chance to win the $1 million. At the pit stop, Phil greets the racers with some shocking news.

#25 - Get Our Groove On 8.00

Season 23 - Episode 5

The racers try to keep up during a polka challenge in Gdansk, Poland; teams are impacted by a double U-turn.