#1 - For a Friend... 8.98

Season 4 - Episode 1

Kakashi learns the truth about the chase after Sasuke, and orders his dogs, including Pakkun, to go find Naruto and Sasuke. However, things are looking grim as the clash between the Chindori and the Rasengan ensues. The attacks are even, causing Naruto and Sasuke to both fly back. Naruto finally realizes how serious Sasuke is, and gets the snot beat out of him while he remembers how he always wanted to be friends with Sasuke.

#2 - A Plea from a Friend 8.92

Season 4 - Episode 2

Naruto proves to be too much for Sasuke to handle as Naruto fights back with renewed vigour. Finally acknowledging Naruto's strength, Sasuke puts on his forehead protector, symbolizing both as equals. But when Sasuke's Sharingan is upgraded to level 3, the tables turn on Naruto. Just when all hope seems lost for Naruto, he undergoes a startling transformation, but will it be enough?

#3 - Blaze Away, Byakugan! This is My Ninja Way! 8.89

Season 4 - Episode 20

With the group trapped, Shino makes a deal to trade the Bikouchuu for Hinata. Unfortunately for the opponents, Hinata got away, making the deal worthless! They begin to attack but can Hinata show up to save the day?

#4 - The Beast Within 8.88

Season 3 - Episode 41

Rock Lee's back and he's full of a special medicine that has Kimimaro on the run! Can he take out the fifth Sound Ninja?

#5 - Losing is Not an Option! 8.87

Season 3 - Episode 34

Neji's on the run from Kidomaru's bow and arrow attacks. Will Neji make it out alive or will his new-found enemy hit his blindspot dead on?

#6 - The End of Tears 8.86

Season 4 - Episode 3

The battle between Naruto and Sasuke comes to a close, as One-Tailed Naruto takes on Cursed Seal Level 2 Sasuke in one final Rasengan vs. Chidori clash! And this time...only one person will emerge victorious. Will Kakashi and Pakkun make it in time? And who is this mysterious ninja watching everything?

#7 - A Cry on Deaf Ears 8.78

Season 3 - Episode 45

Finally catching up to Sasuke, Naruto does all he can to keep him from going to Orochimaru. Does he have enough strength to stop him or is Sasuke gone for good?

#8 - A Failure's True Power 8.78

Season 2 - Episode 27

When it looks as if Naruto can't win, Neji continues to tell him that he cannot change his fate and that he has no idea what it feels like to carry a seal that cannot be removed. Naruto thinks back about his childhood and how he was treated because of the Nine-Tails sealed inside him. However, that same curse may prove to be his only chance at winning...

#9 - The Demon in the Snow 8.77

Season 1 - Episode 19

Zabuza is no longer Kakashi's enemy, and thanks to a little speech by Naruto about how ninja are, Zabuza takes on Gato's men single handedly. The Demon of the Hidden Mist takes his vengeance on Gato and all of those dumb enough to follow him, and apologizes to Haku for what he did to the kind little boy. After the group takes care of the rest of Gato's men, Zabuza asks Kakashi one final request, to see Haku one final time. This is Zabuza's requiem.

#10 - Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light 8.77

Season 2 - Episode 44

Transformed into Kyubi, Naruto and Gamabunta prepare to stop Shukaku by waking Gaara up. Though they succeed, the battle is far from over as Gaara won't stop until Naruto is dead. Naruto and Gaara prepare for their final attacks. Meanwhile, Sarutobi continues trying to defeat Orochimaru. And even though Sarutobi isn't strong enough to kill Orochimaru, he does have enough strength to take away Orochimaru's most prized possession...the use of his arms!

#11 - Naruto's Ninja Handbook 8.77

Season 2 - Episode 43

Naruto and Gaara continue their fight. Naruto begins to get an advantage, and Gaara transforms into the final form of Shukaku of the Sand. As he begins to put the squeeze on Naruto, Naruto summons Gamabunta Oyabun, and his comeback begins. Once again, Naruto begins to get an advantage, but Gaara casts the technique of fake sleep, releasing the full power of Shukaku. Now that the demon is free, what will Naruto do?

#12 - Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance! 8.75

Season 3 - Episode 44

As Gaara demonstrates he has more than enough backbone to take on Kimimaro, Orochimaru recollects on how he brought him as a young man into the Sound Village.

#13 - Good-bye Old Friend...! I'll Always Believe in You! 8.74

Season 3 - Episode 31

With his life on the line against the Sound Ninja Jirobo, Choji looks back on the seeds of his friendship with Shikamaru. Can he defeat his fearsome opponent without any Chakra?

#14 - The Secrets of the Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan 8.74

Season 3 - Episode 48

While Naruto is busy underwater, Sasuke remembers the fateful day in which his clan was killed. He remembers why Itachi spared his life, and why Itachi did what what he did. Now, in order to gain the same power as his brother, he must kill his closest friend...Naruto!

#15 - Three-way Battle! Tsunade and Jiraiya vs. Orochimaru! 8.70

Season 3 - Episode 13

With Tsunade in her current conidtion, and Jiraiya still under the effects of the drug, Tsunade and Jiraiya must work together to defeat Orochimaru. And with all three ninja having summoned their signature beasts, it's sure to be one heck of a battle!

#16 - Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro 8.63

Season 3 - Episode 43

Itching to fight and with a sense of guilt from the past, Gaara tells Rock Lee to stand down and let him take on Kimimaro. Meanwhile, Naruto continues on his quest to catch the runaway Sasuke.

#17 - Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle! 8.63

Season 2 - Episode 36

The battle of kings has begun as Orochimaru has summoned some unexpected help. How can the Third Hokage handle this uncomfortable situation? Meanwhile, Sasuke finally catches up with Kakurou, Gaara and Temari...

#18 - I Wasn't Late for Nothing! Ultimate Move - Chidori Revealed!! 8.62

Season 2 - Episode 32

With Gaara's ultimate defense in place, Sasuke's only hope of winning lies within the move Kakashi taught him...Chidori. But, how will Gaara react when Sasuke causes him to bleed?

#19 - The Broken Seal 8.57

Season 1 - Episode 16

Naruto and Sasuke continue their rigorous battle against Haku. When Haku targets a vulnerable Naruto, Sasuke risks everything to save him. Seeing his friend lie before him, a powerful force awakens inside Naruto. Has Kyubi been set free. If so, can anyone stop him?

#20 - 360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blind Spot 8.56

Season 3 - Episode 33

While Naruto and the others go after Sasuke and the other Sound Ninja, Neji is locked in a desperate no-holds-barred battle with Kidomaru.

#21 - The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born 8.53

Season 2 - Episode 15

The match between Gaara and Lee draws to an end as Lee unleashes his ultimate move. But will even this be enough to defeat Gaara? Even if Lee does make it out in one piece, even more shocking news awaits him.

#22 - Sharingan vs. Sharingan! 8.49

Season 2 - Episode 47

Kakashi takes on Itachi, with both of them using the Sharingan. However, Kakashi soon realizes that he stands no chance against the legendary ninja. Itachi reveals that he has not come for his little brother, but instead he's come to do something else...abduct Naruto, and Kyubi as well!

#23 - Zero Hour! Destruction of Konoha Commenced! 8.48

Season 2 - Episode 33

Sasuke's match is interrupted when Orochimaru puts his plan into action. Temari and Kankuro are ordered to get Gaara to safety until he recovers, leaving Sasuke to chase after them. War has begun!

#24 - Zero Motivation: The Guy with Cloud Envy! 8.46

Season 2 - Episode 29

Shikamaru takes on Temari, only he doesn't want to fight. Can the lazy Shikamaru even last the round? Or is there more to Shikamaru than meets the eye?

#25 - Forbidden Secret Jutsu! Shiki-Fujin 8.46

Season 2 - Episode 38

An unlikely ally appears to help Sasuke and allows him to continue to pursue Gaara. Meanwhile, the Hokage prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice to rid his village of Orochimaru!