#1 - Magic Hat

Season 1 - Episode 2

The magical Hat, which the Moomins tried to get rid of in the first episode, reappears, it got stuck on a sand bank in the river, which has turned to raspberry juice. Moomin recovers the Hat and hides it in the cellar, wanting to have a constant supply of juice. Little My drops a piece of string into the hat, hoping it will turn into spaghetti. However, the string turns into something quite different.

#2 - The Phoenix 9.67

Season 1 - Episode 69

Moomin and his friends carry home a wounded bird, which has been brought down by some hunters. The bird is large and very beautiful, quite old, and not to be found in any book on birds. Not even the Hemulen has seen it before. Her grandma being away Alicia is staying with the Moomins for a few days, and it is she who finally finds out what bird it is, and what it wants. The request is quite strange but they comply with it, helped by all the villagers to bring about a staggering transformation.

#3 - Moomin and Little My's Adventure 9.25

Season 1 - Episode 22

For no special reason Moomin wakes up in the middle of winter and can't go back to sleep. This is quite unheard-of. He is unable to wake the others, and finally, shivering, he makes his way outside into the bleak, unfamiliar whiteness. He meets Little My, who has woken up even before him, and Too-tick who lives in the bath-house. He meets the invisible mice, who also stays there for winter, and he almost meets the Lady of the Cold, the most fearsome of all winter`s manifestations...

#4 - Aunt Jane 9.20

Season 1 - Episode 27

One day, Moominpappa gets a very rare thing, a letter! It is from Aunt Jane, a stinkingly rich relative of whom Moominpappa is rather scared. She is great on duty, and particularly on one's duty to money, so Moominpappa packs a knapsack and flees before she arrives. And very wisely, too, for she wants Moominpappa to look after her gold doubloons when she gets too old! There are, however, those in Moominvalley who need gold for their pet projects - and those who need gold just because they like it.

#5 - The Hattifatteners 9.01

Season 1 - Episode 5

Our friends have forgotten to tie their boat up in the storm and are attacked by hordes of electrified Hattifatteners, who want their sacred barometer back. Swimming about after the storm Moomin and Snorkmaiden find the most exciting things brought by the storm, but the most exciting find is undoubtedly made by Snufkin.

#6 - Witch-Walking 9.00

Season 1 - Episode 62

Great things are happening in Moominvalley. Snorkmaiden`s brother, the Snork, has finally completed the model of his new flying ship and it seems to work, being a bit more sensibly constructed than the first one. On the not-so-scientific front the witch`s granddaughter, Alicia, has graduated to her first instruction in real witchcraft, a stunning feat which the snork immediately tries to emulate. And finally Snufkin and the Hemulen try to catch the Mameluke, a fish that is not only very, very large, but also very, very hungry.

#7 - Moomin and the Birds 9.00

Season 1 - Episode 64

Inspired by the Hemulen, who has temporarily left plants aside for a study of birds, Moomin and his friends go out to study Nature, armed with a book on the subject, and find a lot of things they haven`t even noticed before. They also find a bird`s nest high on a cliff, the mother bird being attacked by a kite. Both mother and fledglings are taken to Moominhouse, and while the mother is patched up the big problem arises - how to get her babies to eat ? They won`t take a thing from foreign hands...

#8 - The Hot Spring 9.00

Season 1 - Episode 47

#9 - Our Neighbour is a Tough Teacher 8.83

Season 1 - Episode 14

One day, Fillyjonk moves into the Moomin Valley with her three children. Although the Moomins hold a welcome party with a lot of unique idea's meant to please them, Fillyjonk just dismisses them as harmful to the upbringing of her children, strictly prohibiting them from playing with Moomintroll and his company. Her children try to follow their mother's BEHAVE-YOURSELVES type of orders at first, but their natural instinct as children gradually draws them into Moomintroll's circle of playmates.

#10 - The Midwinter Bonfire 8.80

Season 1 - Episode 37

#11 - Moomin Saves the Tigers 8.80

Season 1 - Episode 20

Moominfamily have befriended all the wild animals that Stinky let out of the zoo (except the crocodiles and who wants to be friends with a crocodile, anyway?) and when the zoo-keepers come to take the animals back, the Moomins, aided by the Inspector, fend them off. But, also, the hot spell doesn't last. Autumn comes, the jungle withers in the cold and the animals huddles, shivering, in front of open fires, wondering if chilly freedom is really better than a warm zoo.

#12 - The Lighthouse 8.75

Season 1 - Episode 25

Once again the very fine weather is boring Moominpappa to tears and this time he decides to take the whole family with him and sail for a lighthouse on a small island, not bigger than a fly-speck on the chart. Loaded down they set off and arrive next morning after a harrowing experience with a ghost-ship during the night. They meet a small boat with a man and a boy fishing, but when they get to the lighthouse it is empty, thick with dust and the beacon has gone out. What has happened?

#13 - Snufkin Leaves Moominvalley 8.70

Season 1 - Episode 21

Again winter is at the door and Moominpappa and Moomin are collecting wood to keep the house warm during their long hibernation. Moomin is feeling very sad because it is time for Snufkin to go away on his long annual trip. Moomin talks his parents into letting him go along, but Snufkin says no - he needs some time to himself. Moomin takes to his bed, utterly dejected, but Snorkmaiden manages to bring him out of his gloom by showing him something very, very special.

#14 - Mymble's Diamond 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 54

Mymble has found a ring on the ground with a big, sparkling stone and gives it in to the Inspector. When no one comes forth to claim it he gives it to her and she is very, very happy, deciding it must be a diamond. She parades it all around Moominvalley, until she is informed by Fillyjonk that if one has a huge diamond like that one must dress accordingly. Not only that, but one must behave accordingly and live accordingly and even though Mymble is helped by Little My and Stinky she soon finds that although diamonds may be a girl`s best friend, they should be so in moderation..

#15 - Moominpappa's Second Youth 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 55

One day something remarkable happens in Moominvalley, Moominpappa goes for a walk without his hat. When mad aware of this he is greatly distressed, fearing that his forgetfulness is a sign of approaching senility. he takes up the most strenuous physical exercises to regain his lost faculties, and makes day into night in an attempt to get out of the ruts of his life. To get him back to normal takes quite a jolt; a very gently one which is administered by Moominmamma - who else ?

#16 - Going South 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 78

At last the Snork`s flying ship is working properly, and everyone is getting a ride in it - some very hazardous ones. Winter is just around the corner, and while the Moomins hibernate as usual, practically everyone else decides to go south for long trips. Snufkin is going too, of course, but before he goes he give Moomin a very special present.

#17 - Christmas Is Coming 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 36

#18 - A Wonderful Present 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 74

Thingumy and Bob finally decide to go back to Moominvalley for a visit. As usual they lug their - to them enormous suitcase along. Remembering the equally enormous ruby it used to contain Stinky takes the suitcase from them. On arrival at Moominhouse Thingumy and Bob are desolate, because the suitcase held a wonderful present they were going to give to the Moomins, in fact a present for which they had exchanged their ruby. Stinky finds the present both worthless and inedible, and Thingumy and Bob get it back. But it doesn`t seem to do what was promised...

#19 - Moomin's the Fortune-Teller 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 61

Sniff is at it again; trying to get rich quickly. Unfortunately for Moomin he figures as the short-cut to riches in a dream Sniff has had, and when Sniff drags him off to masquerade as a fortune-teller, Moomin as usual finds it far too difficult to say no. Helped by Sniff`s tampering ever so slightly with Fate they get off to a most promising start, but then nemesis hits, as is her wont at least where Sniff is concerned, leaving Moomin to help Snorkmaiden with her costume for a fancy dress competition.

#20 - A Close Encounter with Aliens 8.63

Season 1 - Episode 16

One day a flying saucer lands in Moominmamma's vegetable garden. It is apparently unmanned and she and Moomin salvage a strange box-like apparatus which looks rather home-made, but which has many remarkable properties. The Inspector is on the war-path trying to nab extra-terrestrials and when the Moomins find one, a runaway child, they have to hide him, quickly deciding that he has probably not come to invade Moominvalley. Their task isn't made any easier by the fact that the box-like apparatus has now made the Inspector iridescent, this fascinating the child so that he follows the Inspector everywhere.

#21 - The Pirates 8.62

Season 1 - Episode 12

Moominvalley is hit by a terrible storm, and an old sailing ship is wrecked offshore, finally sinking. But, it is no usual ship - she is seen flying a black flag with a skull and crossbones. The pirates have made it to the shore unhurt and trouble starts when the captain, a terrible villain, grabs Snorkmaiden and holds her hostage, demanding a new getaway ship from the people in Moominvalley. The Inspector is frantic and helpless and it is left to Moomin to bring about her rescue.

#22 - The Bubbles 8.60

Season 1 - Episode 48

#23 - Tiny Guests 8.60

Season 1 - Episode 6

One day two very small guests arrive at Moominhouse. They bring a suitcase, so Moominpappa knows they have come to stay and builds a small bed. Everybody is dying to know what`s inside the suitcase, which Thingumy and Bob guard day and night. The terrible Groke knows, however, and she is coming to get it.

#24 - The Wreck 8.56

Season 1 - Episode 3

Moomin and his friends go mountain climbing, encounter a very depressed Hemulen, sunk in gloom because his stamp collection is finally complete and he has nothing more to collect They learn from him about a sailboat wrecked on the beach. They start repairing the boat, hoping to sail the seven seas. Deciding to start collecting plants instead, Hemulen gets over his depression, and they all go for a trial sail.

#25 - The Lost Children 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 29