#1 - Wish

Season 1 - Episode 5

Murasaki and Shinkurō go to the Hōzuki household so Shinkurō can train with Yūno Hōzuki. Murasaki interacts with Yūno's little sister. More is revealed about the Hōzuki family and Yūno turns out to be a very competent martial artist.

#2 - Clever One

Season 1 - Episode 4

After the incident at the yakuza's office, Yayoi demands to know why Shinkurō is given the job of protecting Murasaki. Shinkurō's background comes to light as well as the reason why Benika helped Murasaki escape. It also shows why he has a lot of respect for Benika.

#3 - Taking Care of Oneself and Cowardice

Season 1 - Episode 8

The Kuhoin's make plans to return Murasaki to the Inner Sanctuary while Shinkurō, along with Yamie and Tamaki, bring Murasaki to visit a local temple. Murasaki tells Shinkurō how much she likes being with him and hopes it stays that way. They take many photos as mementos. The next day, Ginko tells him some disturbing information in relation to Murasaki and the Kuhoins. When he returns to the apartment, he is attacked by members of the Kuhoin family but is saved by Yayoi.

#4 - I Think

Season 1 - Episode 11

Shinkuro, Yayoi, and Benika break into the Kuhoin mansion to rescue Murasaki but meet a lot of resistance. Yayoi meets up once again with the imperial bodyguard, Lin, and is once again defeated. Shinkurou and Benika make it into the Inner Sanctuary but were easily beaten back by Lin and the surprise attack of Murasaki's brother. A diversion caused by a servant who has longed served Murasaki allows Shinkurō and Benika to escape. Benika rescues the injured Yayoi while Shinkurō returns to the car. However, he decided to attempt another infiltration.

#5 - Accustomed Fear

Season 1 - Episode 10

With Murasaki's return to the Kuhoin mansion, Shinkurō is irresolute while in the company of Tamaki and Yamie. He decides to go grocery shopping and encounters Yayoi. After the two spar, Yayoi shares her first job experience with Shinkurō telling him that he should be grateful that no harm was done to Murasaki and should forget everything in order to focus on his next job. Benika visits Shinkurō informing him of his next job that requires him to move out of his apartment. However, Tamaki and Yamie make Shinkuro realize all his great memories of Murasaki. Before he leaves for his next job, Shinkurō is determined to hear Murasaki's honest feelings. Shinkurō convinces Benika to infiltrate the Kuhoin mansion.

#6 - I Exist

Season 1 - Episode 12

Shinkurō returns to Inner Sanctuary to rescue Murasaki while Benika rushes to his side. Once inside, Shinkurō meets up with Renjou, Murasaki's father, and they discuss Murasaki's future. Before long, Benika and Yayoi appears at the Inner Sanctuary with Lin in pursuit. Murasaki's brother and Lin are both easily defeated with the Hōzuki style. Shinkurō makes Renjou realize the error of his ways and he vows to change the Kuhoin system. Many decisions are made for Murasaki's future.