#1 - Desert Warriors

Season 1991 - Episode 1

Short documentary explores U.S. Military activities in the Mojave Desert.

#2 - Nightmare in Jamestown

Season 2005 - Episode 12

You're starving - and under attack by hostile neighbors. Spies have infiltrated your town, half your family is sick with some deadly disease and rumor has it that your neighbor just ate his wife for lunch. Welcome to America, 1607-where evidence suggests that this nightmare could have been the settlers' reality. It's a story of bubonic plague, starvation, espionage and cannibalism - and the founding of North America's first successful English colony. In 1606, a handful of English adventurers set sail across the Atlantic, expecting a paradise teeming with gold and riches. Instead, they discovered a living hell. Now, nearly 400 years later, the latest discoveries explore the story of Jamestown - as you've never seen it before. Exclusive access to forensics and archaeology will take us inside the graves, revealing shocking new evidence of starvation and disease, secret plots and Spanish spies. Dramatic recreations bring to life one of the darkest chapters in U.S. history. And in an unprecedented act, the Church of England will open its vaults, allowing National Geographic to dig up the remains of a 17th century woman whose bones hold clues to the disastrous venture known as Jamestown and its founding father, an unsung hero of American history called Bartholomew Gosnold. Like many mysteries, we begin with the bodies: a burial ground containing the remains of more than 70 people, some haphazardly arranged. It looks like whoever buried these people hardly had the time or energy to do so properly. Who were they? What happened? The burial site is just steps from the remains of Jamestown Fort, where archaeologists and forensic specialists are toiling to uncover the secrets of America's first successful colony. Stylized recreations and CGI will transport us back four centuries to reveal the hopeful beginnings of a colony made famous by fanciful tales of romance between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. A colonist's diary claims at least one person, out of desperation, turned to murder and cannibalism. Could it really have been that bad-?

#3 - A Cheetah Story

Season 2003 - Episode 1

Delivering an unparalleled look at the cheetah's circle, Explorer follows a mother and her cubs' struggle to survive AKA Killer Cats of the Kalahari

#4 - Super Snake

Season 2006 - Episode 1

At more than 30 feet long, today's giant snakes are as big as they've ever been. But how big can giant snakes grow?

#5 - Guerrilla Gold Rush

Season 2012 - Episode 1

aka: Colombias Gold War With the price of gold soaring to historic highs, Colombia is in the throws of a gold rush unlike anything it has seen in years. Across dense jungle and the rural countryside, wildcat miners are tearing up huge swaths of land in a frenzied search for the precious metal. But even more worrying for authorities is that this gold may be fueling a new chapter in the civil conflict that has defined Colombia for the last five decades. Navigating the ever-shifting front lines, National Geographic correspondent Mariana van Zeller examines how left wing guerrillas, criminal organizations and international mining companies are all staking their claim to Colombia's gold.

#6 - Herculaneum: Voices from the Past

Season 1985 - Episode 1

#7 - Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other Side

Season 2002 - Episode 1

#8 - Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings

Season 2001 - Episode 1

A look at the background for Tolkien's mythology, hence the movie's mythology.

#9 - King Rattler

Season 2004 - Episode 2

Get up close to the legendary eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the largest and most dangerous snake in North America. Find out where it lives, how it hunts and what to do if you encounter one.

#10 - Africa's Paradise Of Thorns

Season 1997 - Episode 1

In the tropical Africa, there is a stunning beauty which is arm with its teeth.....

#11 - The New Chimpanzees

Season 1995 - Episode 1

Chimpanzees, so like us.....

#12 - World's Most Dangerous Gang

Season 2006 - Episode 2

You've seen the graffiti, the tattoos, the headlines documenting their brutality. What is driving the rapid spread of the ultra-violent gang MS-13? NGC takes you inside this burgeoning criminal enterprise now terrorizing 33 states and six countries.

#13 - The True Face of Hurricanes

Season 2005 - Episode 2

When four hurricanes hit Florida in 2004, NGC deploys an army of film crews into the vortex of these monster storms. Their amazing footage reveals what's happening inside a hurricane's super-destructive eye wall.

#14 - Lost Cannibals of Europe

Season 2011 - Episode 2

Cannibalism has long been considered a dark chapter in man's history. Yet we think of it only as isolated occurrences. Now a Neolithic burial pit in Germany, found filled with expertly butchered human remains, challenges those assumptions. Archaeologists have never seen anything like it the deeper they dig, the more bizarre the scene becomes. EXPLORER joins an international team of experts as they reopen the earth to understand the violent events as they played out seven thousand years ago

#15 - Italy's Mystery Mummies

Season 2009 - Episode 2

Scattered across the island of Sicily, beneath picturesque churches, are thousands of mummified bodies. And most mysterious of all is one of the last to be enshrined: shes known as the sleeping beauty Rosalia Lombardo-- a child barely two years old when she died nearly a century ago, somehow her corpse remains flawlessly preserved. Now, for the first time, a scientific team of mummy hunters is on the case, unearthing hundreds of Sicilys miraculous dead, exploring how this baffling culture of mummification could operate within the Catholic Church itself, and finally, revealing the secret formula behind Rosalias perfect preservation.

#16 - Iraq's Guns for Hire

Season 2007 - Episode 1

For up to $600 a day, private security contractors in Iraq's war zone risk their lives to protect VIPs and transport critical supplies. See how these mercenaries survive in the "kill zone."

#17 - Burying King Tut

Season 2013 - Episode 1

This programme follows an international team of Egyptologists as they investigate his burial. Their painstaking detective work reveals his burial was a rush job. Reuse and recycling was the order of the day as powerful people competed to claim the young Pharaoh’s vacant throne.

#18 - The Witchcraft Murder

Season 2005 - Episode 3

A story on witchcraft in Mexico City. Anthropologist Anthony Zavaleta and healer Alberto Salinas inspect hill where they find several objects buried in order to cast spells and hex others.

#19 - Renegade Lions

Season 2001 - Episode 2

A filmmaker spends two years filming lions in the wild at Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa.

#20 - Legend of the Monkey God

Season 2015 - Episode 2

Exploring Mosquita, the largest untouched rainforest in Central America where legends swirl of a white city buried inland.

#21 - Anaconda, Queen of the Serpents

Season 2014 - Episode 2

Anaconda - the mere mention of its name brings images of an awesome and terrifying killer snake! For Dr. Jesus Rivas and his wife, Dr Sarah Corey, anacondas represent a challenge as they try to unravel the mysteries surrounding these massive reptiles. Like most snakes, anacondas have suffered greatly from exaggeration and scary folklore. Pound for pound, the South American anaconda is the world’s largest snake. But its reputation as a killer is wrapped in myth and legend.

#22 - Seal Secrets

Season 2000 - Episode 3

#23 - The Lion Queen

Season 2003 - Episode 3

Following a pride of lions in Kenya's Nakuru National Park.

#24 - The Real Vampire Chronicles

Season 2002 - Episode 2

#25 - Monster Fish of the Congo

Season 2009 - Episode 3

Join a team of adventurers and scientists deep in the heart of the African Congo who are searching for an elusive man-sized predator that locals believe to be a cursed relative of the piranha, but may hold the key to evolutionary science.