Bamboo Blade

#1 - Pink and Blue

Season 1 - Episode 4

Miyako learns that the girl she had thrown in the lake the previous day was actually her senpai in the club, this leads her, in her "Pink" personality, to awkwardly try to hide her identity from Sayako to avoid any confrontations. She starts to enjoy more of the club's activities, even though being forced to train from early in the morning, because of the opportunities kendo give to harm others legally. She is eventually convinced by Toraji to apologize and befriends Sayako.

#2 - First Training Camp and First Bath House

Season 1 - Episode 15

It's training camp at Muroe High, jointly with the five Machido students that they had a practice match with. Tama's father sneaks around worried about the boys while the group cleans up the pool, fights over who gets to train with Tama, and takes a break at the Bath House. After that, they have to deal with one of them sneaking away, pillow fights, Saya's guitar, and even getting freaked out by the sleeping habits of their fellow students (like sleeping with eyes open!). The episode wraps up with Tama and Kirino, the latter who can't help but stay up and hold her shinai a bit longer. Camp ends and everyone returns home, but for Kirino, something more than a warm welcome awaits...

#3 - Muroe High and Machido High

Season 1 - Episode 5

The day of the match arrives, however, due to the unique personalities of it's members, the Machido High Kendo Club is awfully delayed. The real match starts very late in the episode, and the episode ends with Machido High's members awed by Tamaki's ability, after scoring a point in the first battle.

#4 - The Melancholy of Miyazaki Miyako and the First Tournament

Season 1 - Episode 10

The team enters the high school tournament. Only Tama-chan did well enough to win. Miyako meets her middle school classmate, Otajima Reimi who has a crush on her. Miyako as such became troubled and couldn't concentrate on her match. It was revealed that Reimi used to harass Miyako when they were in middle school. The episode ends off with Kōjiro sensei discussing about a fifth member with Kirino, the club captain.

#5 - Armadillo and Pangolin

Season 1 - Episode 19

Miya-miya and Dan-kun shops for a new Shinai at the Kendo store. There they meet Carrie, an expatriate living in Japan, who falls in love with Dan-kun at first sight. Miya-miya challenges Carrie to a duel.

#6 - Kawazoe Tamaki and the Belated Bureiba

Season 1 - Episode 6

After Tamaki's match, which ended in a victory for her, the other matches take place meanwhile she prepares to participate in the last match too. At the end, Muroe High School ends winning 3 wins to 1 loss and 1 tie. Therefore, Kenzaburo challenges Tamaki to a match, impressed of how a girl of her age with such a great talent is in a club like that.

#7 - The Broom and Ally of Justice

Season 1 - Episode 1

Kojirō, the coach of Muroe High's kendo club, makes a bet with his senpai, Kenzaburō, on a practice match between both schools, but the fighters must be 5 girls, no boys. Kojirō's victory would mean he could eat all he wants at Kenzaburō's father's sushi restaurant for a full year. Kojirō desperately needs to find more talented female kendo students because he only has 2 girls in his club. With only a month remaining before his match with Kenzaburō's team, he meets an extremely talented freshman, Kawazoe Tamaki.

#8 - Black and Blue 7.50

Season 1 - Episode 3

The 4th female member of the Kendo Club, Sayako Kuwahara, nicknamed by Toraji as the team's "Blue", is revealed, and has a painful first encounter with Miyako's "Black" personality. (note: the encounter between Saya and Miya-miya is different in the anime from the manga.)

#9 - Teachers and Pupils 8.25

Season 1 - Episode 13

Muroe High School Kendo team won all their matches against Seimei high in the practice match. Azuma upon seeing Tama's Strong kendo skills become motivated and took part in the practice match. Before that, Tama had a match with Azuma, despite Azuma losing, she was impressed and therefore became motivated. Mei, from Seimei high who originally wanted to quit decided to stay on as she was impressed by Tama's skills. The episode end off when Seimei High's Sensei competed with Muroe's high sensei and won the match.

#10 - Blade Braver and Lunch 6.25

Season 1 - Episode 2

Tamaki's motivation is presented in the form of her favorite tokusatsu, Blade Braver, and feels happy when toraji nicknames her "Red", the leader of the Club's female team. Her relationship with the other club members develop when they start having lunch together and sharing their bento, her everyday bento, however, consisted of a single umeboshi and rice, which she constantly made in honor of her parents, and couldn't share with the others. She start making "shareable" bento at the end of the episode, even though she fells she's disrespecting her parents a little.

#11 - Present and Future

Season 1 - Episode 26

It is a new year and several months have passed since the National competition. Two freshmen show up to join the club. The members one by one appear trying to convince them to join the club only to perform sideshow tricks leaving the freshmen unimpressed. The club later have a sparring match which causes the freshmen to become enthusiastic about joining the club. Its later revealed that these two new members are the siblings of the previous members that quit. Kojiro returns back to school having settled the problem with the old lady that forced him to leave. At the very end of the episode Tama-chan encounters a long purple haired woman with blue eyes, hinting that Bamboo Blade may have another season to come.

#12 - Winners and Losers

Season 1 - Episode 22

Muroe High goes to the Kanto High School Kendo Tournament. Miyamiya shows her improvement in practice, but fails to defeat Carrie in the tournament. Muroe makes it to the 3rd round, where Tama is finally defeated by Rin, and Muroe is pushed out of the tournament. Meanwhile, Toyama and Iwasa, two former members of the kendo club, are caught fighting in a video game arcade and destroying two machines.

#13 - The Tournament and Muroe High After That

Season 1 - Episode 18

Kōjiro and Tama have a little talk and wounds are tended to. Kirino must stand up in order for the team to keep fighting. The tournament ends and the team is back to base as usual, with Saya off somewhere and Tama alright.

#14 - Braver and Shinaider

Season 1 - Episode 20

Yuji invites Tama to go to an amusement park that's hosting a Blade Braver concert. At the venue, She meets a girl called Rin who's a fan of Braver's rival, "Shinaider". They enter a fan-quiz to win Blade Braver dolls.