Attack of the Show

#1 - 01/05/2011

Season 7 - Episode 3

#2 - Ninja Warrior Backstage

Season 4 - Episode 245

Kevin and Olivia take the viewers behind the scenes with unseen clips and interviews from their run on the 21st Ninja Warrior. Also known as "G4's American Ninja Challenge 3: Behind the Scenes."

#3 - 01/03/2011

Season 7 - Episode 1

#4 - Aldis Hodge

Season 8 - Episode 2

Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey talk to Aldis Hodge from 'Leverage' while Blair Herter from 'X-Play' talks about the biggest games to be released in 2012. Sara Underwood checks out pro skateboarder Rob Dydrek's latest stunt with Chevy and more.

#5 - Jon Heder

Season 8 - Episode 1

Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey sit down with Jon Heder to talk about his new 'Napoleon Dynamite' animated TV series, Jessica Chobot talks to Brian Deegan about his rad job as a freestyle motocross rider!

#6 - Silas Weir Mitchell

Season 8 - Episode 3

Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira sit down with Silas Weir Mitchell from 'Grimm.' We reminisce over the tragic history of the Atari Jaguar on Tales From A Console Graveyard and take another trip to the Asian Underground with new kung fu movie picks from Chris Gore and Jeff Wong.

#7 - 04/27/2010

Season 6 - Episode 3

"Epic April" - LOST's Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, Tour of Skywalker Ranch, AOTS PIZZATHON!

#8 - Chris Hardwick; On the Road

Season 9 - Episode 4

The Attack of the Show magic didn't just happen inside the studio. Chris Hardwick checks out some of the most memorable trips that the hosts and correspondents have taken around the world, from the San Francisco Maker Faire and the crazy weapons at OFASTS to cliff jumping in Jamaica.

#9 - Weekend Edition: Recap Best of This Last Week

Season 8 - Episode 4

Highlights of the best stories and videos of the week

#10 - 1/9/2008

Season 4 - Episode 4

#11 - Gina Carano

Season 8 - Episode 5

Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood talk with 'Haywire' star Gina Carano, we look at some new t-shirt must-haves in 'Threads,' and get a grip on the latest in Robot News.

#12 - 1/10/2008

Season 4 - Episode 5

#13 - CES 2012 and David Cross

Season 8 - Episode 6

Kevin Pereira and Jessica Chobot report on CES 2012 from Las Vegas, David Cross comes in to talk about 'Todd Margaret,' and Devin Faraci is here to talk about 'Moneyball' and 'Boardwalk Empire' on DVDuesday.

#14 - 04/30/2010

Season 6 - Episode 6

"Epic April" - On Point Tactical w/Sara Underwood, Tour of Skywalker Ranch, BTS Olivia's Peta Shoot

#15 - Chris Hardwick; Viva La Spectaculár!

Season 9 - Episode 3

Chris Hardwick rounds up the best and biggest spectacles to take place in and outside the studio. We bring you infamous mega-dares, Guinness world records, and one memorable oatmeal wrestle.

#16 - Chris Hardwick, Epic Moments!

Season 9 - Episode 7

A review of some of the most memorable and hilarious moments from the studio, like Kevin Pereira's greased pig, the challenges of Kitten Warrior, shots of hot sauce and rage faces!

#17 - 03/12/2011

Season 7 - Episode 8

#18 - 1/14/2008

Season 4 - Episode 7

#19 - Chris Hardwick; Name Droppers

Season 9 - Episode 8

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Will Shatner and Kevin Smith are just a few of the big celebrity names to stop by Attack of the Show. Chris Hardwick takes a trip down memory lane to revisit the biggest and best guests from show history!

#20 - The Final Episode

Season 9 - Episode 9

The time has come! The series finale of Attack of the Show, brought to you by Matt Mira, Sara Underwood and Candace Bailey. A final, full hour look back at classic moments, messages from viewers and one last, epic stunt.

#21 - Weekend Edition: Recap Best of this Last Week

Season 8 - Episode 9

Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood bring you the Weekend Edition with Jessica Chobot reporting on the coolest gadgets from CES and Yvonne Strahovski on the Blu-ray release of her film, 'Killer Elite.'

#22 - 05/11/2010

Season 6 - Episode 12

DVDuesday, F'n Science, Epic Fail. Hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn.

#23 - 01/18/2011

Season 7 - Episode 11

#24 - 01/19/2011

Season 7 - Episode 12

#25 - 05/13/2010

Season 6 - Episode 14