The BEST episodes written by Tom Smuts

Eminent Domain
6 votes

#1 - Eminent Domain

Close to Home - Season 2 - Episode 22

While the case against the corrupt police officers continue, someone in the D.A's office is murdered.

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Hazel Park
79 votes

#2 - Hazel Park

The Guardian - Season 3 - Episode 7

Nick runs into a former client while helping in a cleanup project for his Community Service. Nick helps the former client out by calling a community College after learning he can't read. Burton takes the case of a mother who puts her baby up for adoption because she can't afford to keep her son. Burton wants to adopt Shannon but her dad doesn't want the adoption to happen.

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The Intersection
47 votes

#3 - The Intersection

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 17

Caroline Novack returns to find out that Nick and Lulu were in a car accident which could prove fatal for Lulu.

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1814 votes

#4 - Chinatown

Timeless (2016) - Season 2 - Episode 10

When Jiya makes a daring escape from Rittenhouse that strands her in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1888 with no way home, the fractured Time Team goes back to save her.

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Drink the Cup
6 votes

#5 - Drink the Cup

Close to Home - Season 2 - Episode 20

The team uncovers a group of dirty cops while prosecuting a drug dealer for murder.

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Last Exit to Brooklyn
512 votes

#6 - Last Exit to Brooklyn

The Alienist - Season 2 - Episode 7

Sara, Kreizler and Moore travel to Brooklyn in search of clues. Byrnes plans to double-cross the team as the killer's behavior becomes unhinged. Sara and Moore's feelings for each other force them to confront difficult choices.

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Exit Time
1564 votes

#7 - Exit Time

Bosch - Season 2 - Episode 7

Deputy Chief Irving takes full measures in the wake of tragedy. Bosch finds himself in an unexpected alliance, which leads to a startling discovery. Eleanor seeks an advantage with the FBI. The nefarious gang behind serious crimes plans its exit strategy.

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Cost of Capital
125 votes

#8 - Cost of Capital

Law & Order - Season 16 - Episode 16

The case against a high powered executive accused of killing her lover rests on the executive's estranged husband and unstable teenage daughter.

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Polk Salad Annie
191 votes

#9 - Polk Salad Annie

Memphis Beat - Season 1 - Episode 4

The attempted murder of a BBQ king brings suspicion upon someone in his inner circle, requiring Sutton to go undercover as a ladies man to get the true story. And Lt. Rice has to show some tough love when her college-age son gets in trouble with the law.

The Capture of Benedict Arnold
3237 votes

#10 - The Capture of Benedict Arnold

Timeless (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 10

A stunning turn during the American Revolution prompts Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus to question whether they've been fighting on the wrong side this whole time. While Agent Christopher prepares for the worst back in present day, the team encounters the Father of the Country, makes a dubious pact, and confronts the possibility they may not be a trio for long.

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The War to End All Wars
1836 votes

#11 - The War to End All Wars

Timeless (2016) - Season 2 - Episode 1

After barely escaping an explosion at Mason Industries, Wyatt and Rufus chase the Mothership back to a French battlefront during World War I to rescue Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy recruits Marie Curie, the famous French scientist and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, to help save the life of a wounded American soldier, knowing only that Rittenhouse wants him alive.

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High Low
1633 votes

#12 - High Low

Bosch - Season 1 - Episode 8

Bosch gains a new ally in his ex-wife Eleanor. Deputy Chief Irving makes a series of deals that will shape the future of the police department - and possibly even the city itself. Waits's disturbing focus on Bosch intensifies.

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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
4628 votes

#13 - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Timeless (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 2

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus chase terrorist Garcia Flynn to the night of Lincoln's assassination, where they're horrified to learn that Flynn's linked up with history's most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Putting aside a tragedy of her own, Lucy speculates that Flynn intends to send the fragile nation into chaos by making a bad thing worse, and a debate rages among the team: should they alter history if it means changing it for the better?

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Lost Light
1915 votes

#14 - Lost Light

Bosch - Season 1 - Episode 2

A routine traffic stop lands a suspect who poses a lethal new threat, while Bosch and J. Edgar (Jamie Hector) pursue a promising lead in the bones case. Bosch locks horns with Deputy Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) over his ongoing court battle, just as his relationship with Brasher picks up. And murder suspect Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) makes a startling confession about Bosch's cold case.

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The Flood
1695 votes

#15 - The Flood

Mad Men - Season 6 - Episode 5

Set among the events surrounding Martin Luther King's assassination, Peggy tries to get a new apartment, Ginsberg is set up on a date, and Don has a revelation during his weekend with the kids.

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1942 votes

#16 - Lifeguard

The Good Wife - Season 1 - Episode 10

When a judge overturns a simple plea deal that Alicia arranged, she looks into his motivation. Diane is made an offer she can't refuse.

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Who's Lucky Now?
1570 votes

#17 - Who's Lucky Now?

Bosch - Season 2 - Episode 4

Bosch nabs a murder suspect, while others keep a close eye on the investigation. After an encounter with Vegas mob boss, Joey Marks, Bosch faces questions about the past of someone close to him. George Irving makes important inroads. Deputy Chief Irving clashes with LA's political machinations.

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The Weight
49 votes

#18 - The Weight

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 16

A tough case involving a sick baby brings Nick and Lulu closer together when Lulu gets attached to the mom.

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New Business
1505 votes

#19 - New Business

Mad Men - Season 7 - Episode 9

Roger gives Don some unwanted advice. Peggy and Stan disagree over an account's personnel. Harry asks for Don's blessing.

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The Neighborhood
80 votes

#20 - The Neighborhood

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 8

LuLu represents an old friend after one of her adopted children is dead. Nick represents someone he knew as a kid.

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34 votes

#21 - Deacon

Close to Home - Season 2 - Episode 4

Annabeth prosecutes a drug addict for the murder of a young woman, when evidence that a dormant serial killer may be the actual suspect surface.

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Road Rage
34 votes

#22 - Road Rage

Close to Home - Season 2 - Episode 12

Annabeth prosecutes an English Professor after he kills another man during a road rage incident. Meanwhile, Maureen appeals the vehicular homicide ruling for the drunk driver who killed Annabeth's husband.

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