The BEST episodes written by Steven Measday

Close Encounters
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#1 - Close Encounters

Blue Heelers - Season 4 - Episode 18

A baby disappears in suspicious circumstances, but only Adam believes the mother's story when she claims the child was kidnapped. The woman's credibility is questioned when not a single picture of the infant can be found. Crime Scene call in with news of the discovery of what seems to be a shallow grave, but the only thing the Heelers find buried there is some apparatus, apparently for faking a pregnancy. As investigations continue, the mother's sister turns up at the station and tells Tom she holds grave fears for her sister's sanity. It turns out the mother was a successful journalist who had a nervous breakdown following a well publicised ""close encounter"" with alien beings. Could it be the mother has done something to the baby? Was there a baby at all? Or was it all a product of the woman's fevered imagination? Adam and Nick find themselves at odds over Adam's support for the woman. A bond forms between mother and Adam and the woman extracts a promise from the young man that he wil

Day In Court
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#2 - Day In Court

Blue Heelers - Season 1 - Episode 26

The officers testify before a traveling magistrate. It's Maggie's first day in court presenting evidence and she's got butterflies.