The BEST episodes written by Richard Balin

So Long, Old Paint / Trembly Assembly / Private I
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#1 - So Long, Old Paint / Trembly Assembly / Private I

Dennis the Menace (1986) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Mr. Wilson is painting his house and Dennis invites himself over to help out. Needless to say, Dennis' "helping" gets Mr. Wilson close to a nervous breakdown. Dennis accompanies Henry to an auto showroom, where Dennis harasses the poor salesman so, that Henry buys a new car almost to avoid a law-suit. He discovers that the purchase entitles him to watch the actual car being built on the assembly line, with the hapless salesman acting as their guide. Now Dennis turns his impulsiveness toward the robot assembly line, screwing it up completely, and their "new" car comes out looking like futuristic junk!. A Raymond Chandler-type takeoff in which Dennis pretends to be a hard-boiled private eye, in the Bogart tradition, tracking down his missing pooch, Ruff, by questioning his friends and neighbors.