The BEST episodes written by Riccardo Durante

10 votes

#1 - Dancevidaniya

Mickey Mouse - Season 3 - Episode 12

Mickey squares off against Peg Leg Pete in a Russian folk dance battle to rescue Minnie from his clutches.

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Hungry Larry
117 votes

#2 - Hungry Larry

Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Season 2 - Episode 21

After Mr. Diaz fails to scare some kids with his haunted house, Star and Janna summon Hungry Larry, reputed to be a very scary spirit, to haunt the house. Janna goes missing and screams attract the kids back to the house. But the kids get scared and go missing; Star and Marco are attacked. Mr. Diaz arrives to find Hungry Larry has eaten everyone, and rescues them.

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88 votes

#3 - Mathmagic

Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Season 2 - Episode 32

Star is called to solve a problem in Miss Skullnick's math class, but she refuses to do it. She tries to cast some magic to get out of it but ends up in a time loop. However with each iteration, the scenario is slightly different. Star goes to Father Time's dimension, but Father Time is too busy to help her, and she gets advice from Omnitraxus Prime, who is in charge of space-time. Star must solve the problem or her world will fall apart.

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A Flower for Minnie
11 votes

#4 - A Flower for Minnie

Mickey Mouse - Season 2 - Episode 18

Mickey embarks on a quest to find the perfect flower for Minnie.

Is Mystery
80 votes

#5 - Is Mystery

Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Season 2 - Episode 20

Buff Frog attempts to solve a mystery of a hole in the wall guarding the cornfield when he gets captured by Meat Fork, a humanoid warthog monster with a fork for a left hand. Upon being put to work to grind corn, Buff Frog frees himself to discover who is enslaving the monsters. He encounters the rats as well as Ludo, who offers him Meat Fork's job. Buff Frog refuses and escapes with Meat Fork. Buff Frog decides he will warn Star that Ludo is back.

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Al Rojo Vivo
10 votes

#6 - Al Rojo Vivo

Mickey Mouse - Season 2 - Episode 16

Mickey's red-hot temper entices a bull to chase him through the streets of Pamplona, Spain.

No Reservations
9 votes

#7 - No Reservations

Mickey Mouse - Season 3 - Episode 18

Minnie and her friends attempt to get into the hottest, yet most impossibly booked restaurant in town.

Space Walkies
10 votes

#8 - Space Walkies

Mickey Mouse - Season 2 - Episode 10

Mickey's routine space mission turns complicated after Pluto reveals that he has to go to the bathroom.

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