The BEST episodes written by Patrick Meighan

Tommy's Crush
93 votes

#1 - Tommy's Crush

Titus - Season 3 - Episode 10

Tommy and a pregnant Shannon have an affair, much to the Titus family's shock and anger.

The Simpsons Guy
2686 votes

#2 - The Simpsons Guy

Family Guy - Season 13 - Episode 1

The Griffins travel through Springfield, where they meet The Simpsons - who greet their new "albino" friends with open arms. Homer and Peter debate which is the better beer, Bart shows Stewie some classic pranks, Lisa attempts to find Meg's talent, while Marge and Lois become bosom buddies.

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Road to Germany
2519 votes

#3 - Road to Germany

Family Guy - Season 7 - Episode 3

Mort Goldman accidentally steps into Stewie's time machine and goes back in time to 1939 Poland, and Brian and Stewie follow to retrieve him. When they find him, the Nazis invade and Mort is taken to Germany, where Stewie and Brian must go to save him, as well as find a way back to the present.

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Christmas Guy
2211 votes

#4 - Christmas Guy

Family Guy - Season 12 - Episode 8

Peter fills Lois' dad with holiday spirit; Stewie tries to get the only thing he wants for Christmas.

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Tommy's Girlfriend
78 votes

#5 - Tommy's Girlfriend

Titus - Season 2 - Episode 7

Tommy reintroduces himself to his crashing into her car and claiming Titus did it.

Hot Streak
65 votes

#6 - Hot Streak

Titus - Season 3 - Episode 14

Titus attempts to win his father's love and respect by taking him to the Bahamas, but things go terribly wrong when Ken has another heart attack while winning at the blackjack tables.

Farmer Guy
1886 votes

#7 - Farmer Guy

Family Guy - Season 11 - Episode 20

The Griffins move to a farm, where Peter starts a drug business.

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Road to Rupert
1771 votes

#8 - Road to Rupert

Family Guy - Season 5 - Episode 9

Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale. Stewie, who is upset with Brian, takes him cross country to Colorado to find his beloved teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter loses his license, so Meg has to drive him around.

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Tea Peter
2536 votes

#9 - Tea Peter

Family Guy - Season 10 - Episode 21

When city hall threatens to close Peter's business, he joins the Tea Party and campaigns to shut down the government.

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German Guy
3153 votes

#10 - German Guy

Family Guy - Season 9 - Episode 11

On the search to find a new hobby, Chris meets a puppeteer named Franz, an old friend of Herbert’s.

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No Chris Left Behind
1654 votes

#11 - No Chris Left Behind

Family Guy - Season 5 - Episode 16

After Chris is expelled from school, he is sent to a boarding school that his grandfather Carter attended, but Chris doesn't exactly fit in. Meanwhile, the chicken returns to pick a fight with Peter.

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Jerome is the New Black
2953 votes

#12 - Jerome is the New Black

Family Guy - Season 8 - Episode 7

Peter and the guys interview potential friends to fill the vacancy left by Cleveland. Meanwhile, Brian discovers that Quagmire hates him.

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3231 votes

#13 - Thanksgiving

Family Guy - Season 10 - Episode 6

Lois cooks a big Thanksgiving meal and invites the whole crew over for dinner, and Joe is shocked when his formerly M.I.A. son, Kevin Swanson, returns from Iraq.

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Coma Guy
626 votes

#14 - Coma Guy

Family Guy - Season 18 - Episode 17

With a newfound love for rocking out to Van Halen, Peter gets in a car accident and falls into a coma.

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Quagmire's Baby
3015 votes

#15 - Quagmire's Baby

Family Guy - Season 8 - Episode 6

Father doesn't know best when Quagmire assumes responsibility for a baby Peter finds who looks just like him. Meanwhile, Stewie clones himself.

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Bri, Robot
896 votes

#16 - Bri, Robot

Family Guy - Season 17 - Episode 12

Brian worries about the legacy he's leaving behind, so Stewie makes a robot duplicate as a living biography.

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Carter and Tricia
2441 votes

#17 - Carter and Tricia

Family Guy - Season 15 - Episode 8

Carter buys the Pawtucket Patriot brewery and decides to cut some corners to save a few bucks. Peter overhears the plan and runs and tells investigative journalist Tricia Takanawa about Carter's plan to use toxic chemicals in the beer cans. Meanwhile, Brian's drivers' license has expired and he enlists Stewie as an instructor.

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1224 votes

#18 - Peterotica

Family Guy - Season 4 - Episode 24

After reading an erotic novel, Peter gets the idea to write one himself. Carter gets sued for publishing Peter's book on tape and loses all his money, where he is forced to become a middle-class citizen. Meanwhile, Stewie tries to train for the Olympics.

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2218 votes

#19 - 420

Family Guy - Season 7 - Episode 12

Brian and Stewie attempt to rally Quahog to try and legalize marijuana.

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Veteran Guy
1169 votes

#20 - Veteran Guy

Family Guy - Season 16 - Episode 14

After Peter and the guys get caught pretending to be military veterans and are found guilty of the Stolen Valor Act, a judge sentences them to join the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Stewie's First Word
717 votes

#21 - Stewie's First Word

Family Guy - Season 19 - Episode 1

Stewie finally says his first word, and it's a swear. When Lois is shunned by the other moms, she tries to figure out where Stewie could have possibly learned it.

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8 Simple Rules for Buying my Teenage Daughter
2109 votes

#22 - 8 Simple Rules for Buying my Teenage Daughter

Family Guy - Season 4 - Episode 8

Peter runs up his tab at Mort’s Pharmacy. When he doesn’t have the money to pay, he decides to sell Meg to the Goldmans. Neil is dating another girl which makes Meg jealous, and Stewie falls in love with Liddane, his new babysitter. Also the one where they all get sick.

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80's Guy
519 votes

#23 - 80's Guy

Family Guy - Season 20 - Episode 4

Impelled by nostalgia, Peter recreates movie scenes from his favorite decade. Stewie and Doug compete to retrieve a Frisbee stuck at the top of the jungle gym.

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Peter, Chris, & Brian
1954 votes

#24 - Peter, Chris, & Brian

Family Guy - Season 14 - Episode 5

Peter gets a check in the mail from the sale of his mother's home and he remembers that all of his old porn is still in there. When he returns to retrieve his stash, he finds a "to Peter from Peter" tape and realizes that his life has amounted to nothing. Reeling from his own failures, Peter then attempts to fix Chris before it's too late, and forces his son to spend time with Brian.

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Lawyer Guy
394 votes

#25 - Lawyer Guy

Family Guy - Season 20 - Episode 13

Peter hires the town’s new lawyer, Brick Baker, to represent him in litigation against his new neighbor…who turns out to be Brick. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie become lobstermen and save Rupert from the perils of the deep.

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Tommy's Girlfriend No. 2
72 votes

#26 - Tommy's Girlfriend No. 2

Titus - Season 2 - Episode 18

A gathering includes Tommy's new girlfriend – the waitress Titus slept with during a one-night breakup with Erin.

Trump Guy
1030 votes

#27 - Trump Guy

Family Guy - Season 17 - Episode 11

The Griffins move to Washington D.C. where Peter is hired as the new White House Press Secretary.

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585 votes

#28 - CutawayLand

Family Guy - Season 19 - Episode 4

Peter and Lois accidentally set up a cutaway gag together, which somehow transports them into the cutaway itself.

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Excellence in Broadcasting
3750 votes

#29 - Excellence in Broadcasting

Family Guy - Season 9 - Episode 2

When Brian learns that Rush Limbaugh is going to be at the Quahog Mall for a book-signing, he decides to go down there and give him a piece of his left-wing mind. But when Rush unexpectedly comes to Brian's rescue, Brian has a political change of heart.

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