The BEST episodes written by Mort R. Lewis

No Hallelujahs for Glory
37 votes

#1 - No Hallelujahs for Glory

Combat! - Season 1 - Episode 24

Saunders resents a cold-hearted, reckless photojournalist (Elizabeth Allen) who accidentally causes a town to believe they are liberated. When the Nazis move in and the resistance workers are exposed, she learns the seriousness of human suffering during war.

Remember the Main
79 votes

#2 - Remember the Main

Bewitched - Season 1 - Episode 34

Election fever sweeps Morning Glory Circle, and Sam and Darrin become campaign managers for a city council candidate. Endora's magic helps bring his corrupt opponent's dirty dealings to light.

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Six Weeks to Bent Fork
6 votes

#3 - Six Weeks to Bent Fork

Rawhide - Season 8 - Episode 3

Mr. Fletcher offers Rowdy $6,000 to get 1500 head to Bent Fork in six weeks or less. There is a penalty of $30 for each head that doesn't make it. Lash Whitcomb, one of Fletcher's men is going along as Segundo (#2 man). Lash and Rowdy disagree on which trail to take. Rowdy checks his out. It leads to a box canyon. Rowdy's horse hits a chuckhole and he is thrown and breaks some ribs. Rowdy tells Lash to take over. Ten miles and three days from Bent Fork, Sheriff John Keeley, says there is a sixty day quarantine on Texas cattle.

A Man to Admire
1 votes

#4 - A Man to Admire

Bonanza - Season 6 - Episode 11

Hoss relies on clever attorney Whitney Parker, who has a drinking problem, to clear him of a murder charge.

Brush War at Buford
3 votes

#5 - Brush War at Buford

Rawhide - Season 8 - Episode 11

Major Buford who fought for the south ties his herd in with Rowdy's. He does this so he can cross Duke Aberdeen's land. Duke was a POW in a Confederate prison, and won't let Buford cattle cross his land. The major's son Court hates anything Yankee. Union forces burned the Buford mansion in Virginia, and soon after Mrs. Buford died. Duke sends out phoney stock inspectors that claim many of the cattle are someone else's.

The Far, Far Better Thing
1 votes

#6 - The Far, Far Better Thing

Bonanza - Season 6 - Episode 16

On their way to prevent a young woman from encountering the renegade Indians, Joe and Tuck are captured, and in order to save them all, Joe must fight Sharp Tongue, who is the leader of the band who went to school with Joe as a youth.