The BEST episodes written by Mitch Hurwitz

Miracle's Are Real
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#1 - Miracle's Are Real

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1 - Episode 2

To celebrate the first day of spring, Miracle distributes flowers (at least she thinks so) to the staff. The flowers turn out to be hemlock, and Andrew winds up in a coma. Larry’s pragmatism causes Miracle to lose her hippy-dippy spirituality. As a result, Miracle becomes despondent, and it’s up to Larry to help her regain her faith. Meanwhile, Helen’s grudge against Sue puts the school’s spring fundraiser in jeopardy.

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#2 - Pilot

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1 - Episode 1

Knob Haven High School is in financial trouble, and Acting Principal Sue Sezno must win the upcoming football game to gain alumni donations or face firing a faculty member. Meanwhile, a scandal erupts when pills confiscated from a student’s locker becomes a part of Vice Principal Stuart Proszakian’s daily diet.

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