The BEST episodes written by M. Scott Veach

The San Lorenzo Job (2)
2581 votes

#1 - The San Lorenzo Job (2)

Leverage - Season 3 - Episode 16

After following Moreau to San Lorenzo, the team discovers that he is chief advisor to the current President.

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No Mourners
1200 votes

#2 - No Mourners

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 8

In the depths of the Fold, Kirigan demonstrates the scope of Alina's powers, while the Crows cross paths with a stowaway amid a do-or-die undertaking.

The Experimental Job
2122 votes

#3 - The Experimental Job

Leverage - Season 4 - Episode 11

When homeless veterans in the Boston area begin disappearing, the team must go back to college and infiltrate the world of Skull & Bones secret societies

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The Carnival Job
2162 votes

#4 - The Carnival Job

Leverage - Season 4 - Episode 6

The LEVERAGE team infiltrates a high-tech home to steal a revolutionary computer chip, only to have the family’s child abducted from a carnival during the heist.

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The Queen's Gambit Job
2199 votes

#5 - The Queen's Gambit Job

Leverage - Season 4 - Episode 10

Jim Sterling asks Nate for help taking down a researcher who has designed a nuclear weight that will allow a terrorist nation to manufacture enriched uranium. However, it soon becomes clear that the Interpol agent has an ulterior motive, one which isolates Nate, gets Sophie arrested, and takes Eliot out of commission.

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Show Me Who You Are
1211 votes

#6 - Show Me Who You Are

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 5

Alina's bond with Kirigan grows as royal guests gather for her unveiling. Mal carries news about the stag. Kaz's scheme hinges on a hidden door.

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The Broken Wing Job
1868 votes

#7 - The Broken Wing Job

Leverage - Season 5 - Episode 8

While nursing an injury, Parker comes across the planning of a crime and must recruit a reluctant waitress (Aarti Mann) to aid her in figuring out the plot. Meanwhile the rest of the team is in Japan on another job.

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The Studio Job
2642 votes

#8 - The Studio Job

Leverage - Season 3 - Episode 6

To take down a corrupt record executive, the LEVERAGE crew infiltrates the world of country & western music, inadvertently turning Eliot into a genuine country music star.

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The Top Hat Job
1994 votes

#9 - The Top Hat Job

Leverage - Season 2 - Episode 6

The crew takes on a corrupt corporation which is marketing tainted foods. The scheme team needs to be tricky: they will put on a fake magic show so they can slip by the tight security.

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The Heart is an Arrow
1163 votes

#10 - The Heart is an Arrow

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 6

Furious over the Sun Summoner, Kirigan hunts for information. Alina receives a helping hand when she needs it most. Nina warms to a Grisha hunter.

The Unsea
1168 votes

#11 - The Unsea

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 7

The fate of the stag leaves Alina in an impossible position with Kirigan, whose connection to the Fold — and the power behind it — falls into place.

The Blue Line Job
1782 votes

#12 - The Blue Line Job

Leverage - Season 5 - Episode 2

The "enforcer" of a minor league hockey team may die if he brawls again, so the Leverage crew must steal his team from its unscrupulous owner.

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1208 votes

#13 - Otkazat'sya

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 4

As Kirigan takes Alina into his confidence, Mal volunteers for a dangerous tracking mission, and the Crows plot a heist to get into the Little Palace.

The Making at the Heart of the World
1265 votes

#14 - The Making at the Heart of the World

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 3

Ensconced in the lap of luxury among the Grisha, Alina begins her training. The Crows — Kaz, Inej and Jesper — prepare for their risky journey.

We're All Someone's Monster
1351 votes

#15 - We're All Someone's Monster

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 2

Alina's actions against the Volcra bring her to the attention of General Kirigan. Kaz runs into trouble while looking for safe passage across the Fold.

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412 votes

#16 - Winding

Zero Hour (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 8

Hank and Laila are on the run in Strasbourg determined to beat the Pyrates in their quest for the True Cross, while Molars, still captive on a salvage ship with White Vincent, shares some of his findings with him, including a journal written by his doppelganger, Kriegskommandant Dietrich.

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A Searing Burst of Light
1584 votes

#17 - A Searing Burst of Light

Shadow and Bone - Season 1 - Episode 1

Unwilling to be separated from Mal, Alina hatches a plan to join him on a perilous expedition through the Fold. Kaz chases a lead on a lucrative job.

481 votes

#18 - Chain

Zero Hour (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 4

White Vincent, wounded and in trouble, is still in hiding and holding Laila captive. Sensing his weakness and vulnerability, Laila convinces White Vincent to let her help him with his wounds, all the while looking for an opportunity to escape. Realizing he needs help to get the next clock, White Vincent enlists Hank, bartering Laila's release for his service. As Hank risks his life and dodges ominous warnings from the Shepherds, he comes to realize that people aren't always who they seem to be when shocking new information regarding his wife - and the death of Beck's husband -- comes to light.

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Angle of Attack
638 votes

#19 - Angle of Attack

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 15 - Episode 11

The CSIs' investigation of the victim of an apparent hit and run leads them into the world of aeronautics.

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All Eyez on Me
235 votes

#20 - All Eyez on Me

Sweet/Vicious - Season 1 - Episode 5

Jules and Ophelia plan to takedown a ride share driver who assaults his drunk and defenseless passengers. After the initial plan goes awry, Ophelia takes matters into her own hands.

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