The BEST episodes written by Lucien Young

Golden Aunt
55 votes

#1 - Golden Aunt

Siblings - Season 2 - Episode 2

Perpetually jobless Dan is in debt to his mother Marion. That means that Dan has to become Marion's dance partner at her local salsa class. But when Marion's sister, Leslie, turns up unannounced, Dan decides to rebel. Aunt Leslie teaches him that you can take whatever you want from society and never have to give anything back. Meanwhile, Hannah is dreading heading in to work for the annual audit. However, criminal activity in the office above means that all staff get the week off while police investigate. Hannah becomes convinced she's having an uninterrupted week of lucky breaks, which culminates in the chance to appear in a music video with her favourite R&B stars.

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Burrito Neighbours
56 votes

#2 - Burrito Neighbours

Siblings - Season 1 - Episode 5

High-flyer Gavin from the flat below asks Dan to feed his tropical fish whilst he is away. Miraculously the fish survive but, having the key to the flat, Dan passes himself off as Gavin, throwing a party at the flat. Here he has sex with Gavin's ex-girlfriend before the real Gavin returns and throws him out. Hannah falls for busker and ex-rock star Bryn, now a born again Christian who has eschewed sex before marriage. Desperate to get into his pants Hannah reunites his old group but still misses out as now he only wants sex with groupies.

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The Big Sleet
18 votes

#3 - The Big Sleet

Murder in Successville - Season 3 - Episode 6

D.I Sleet’s superhero alter-ego The Rattman finds himself in a life-or-death scenario at the hands of supervillain The Termite. Now, in this retrospective of Murder In Successville’s best bits from series three, Sleet is having some self-reflection as he faces his toughest decision to date. He must turn his back on one of his personas forever - but will it be Sleet the cop, or Sleet the superhero?