The BEST episodes written by Katie Wech

Heart of the Matter
444 votes

#1 - Heart of the Matter

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Season 1 - Episode 11

Cyrus and Alice uncover alarming information; the Knave must surrender information to Jafar in order to help the Red Queen.

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Past Lives
480 votes

#2 - Past Lives

Vegas - Season 1 - Episode 19

As Sheriff Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of a Savoy craps dealer, a desperate suspect in the case takes Mia hostage, demanding a ransom for his getaway. Meanwhile, Savino plots to play dirty with Gainsley when The Tumbleweed Casino reopens, and Yvonne questions her new relationship with Dixon when her ethnic background becomes an issue.

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Burden of Proof (1)
885 votes

#3 - Burden of Proof (1)

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 5 - Episode 12

A notable county prosecutor is arrested for murder; when Angela hears that Maura is planning to meet Jack's daughter, she sets out to educate Maura about the interests of children today.

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1003 votes

#4 - Doomsday

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 5 - Episode 4

A man is found murdered inside his doomsday fallout shelter; Jane finds out that Korsak is considering retirement; Frankie keeps a secret.

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Heart of Stone
585 votes

#5 - Heart of Stone

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Season 1 - Episode 5

Will Scarlet and Anastasia pass into Wonderland only to discover it isn't what the imagined; the Red Queen gains her royal status.

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1156 votes

#6 - Traitor

The Secret Circle - Season 1 - Episode 20

When a crystal is magically stolen from the abandoned house, the Circle decides it was the traitor witch working with Eben so Jake calls for a meeting with Isaac to see if they can get him to change sides. Cassie’s loose grasp on her dark magic threatens to destroy any possible alliance when their pursuit of the traitor leads them to the “Creepiest Place on Earth.” Meanwhile, Faye and Jake work together to steal Dawn’s crystal, Melissa and Adam pair up and uncover a new magic trick. Meanwhile, a frustrated Diana reaches out to Charles for help.

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878 votes

#7 - Stiffed

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 7 - Episode 11

A mortician's body is found in one of his own funeral home's caskets; Tommy visits with his son TJ; Jane's loved ones react to her news.

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Bomb Voyage
692 votes

#8 - Bomb Voyage

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 6 - Episode 17

The team works to solve a murder with explosive consequences; Ron offers to take Angela on a romantic getaway.

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Chapter Eighty-Three
285 votes

#9 - Chapter Eighty-Three

Jane the Virgin - Season 5 - Episode 2

With Jane’s Catholic guilt starting to settle in, she turns to Alba for advice and gets an unexpected answer. Luisa decides to go see Rose with Rafael by her side, in order to help get answers. Rogelio is back to work with River, but a power struggle ensues between the two and Xo might be the solution they have been looking for.

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148 votes

#10 - Dreamers

Star - Season 2 - Episode 12

Rapper Quavo is recruited to join Midtown Sound, which causes drama with Noah, who is still harboring ill feelings towards him from their past. Meanwhile, secrets about Angel's family are revealed when his mother, Paola returns. Then, Arlene's twin sister, Charlene, visits Atlanta to learn the truth about her sister's death, and Star has a revelation about her mother's final days.

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May the Best Manager Win
193 votes

#11 - May the Best Manager Win

Star - Season 2 - Episode 5

Ayana is quickly reminded of the tremendous pressure she is under to make her family proud, when her father - a legendary music label executive - pays a visit to Midtown. Alex continues to be haunted by her lies to Derek; Star and Simone differ on how best to deal with Brody's mysterious return; and Noah faces a tense encounter with the police during an event thrown by the label. Meanwhile, Jahil works on a plan to debut a new duo he's discovered, featuring his nephew, Angel, and Ayanna's assistant.

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1310 votes

#12 - Lucky

The Secret Circle - Season 1 - Episode 16

Cassie catches Blackwell sneaking around the abandoned house. After confiding in Adam, he tells her he knows Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches’ powers and clearly back to his old ways. Faye shows up at Lee’s house to invite him to the school fundraiser, but is taken aback when Eva greets her at the door claiming to be Lee’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy and points her in the direction of a new, handsome guy in town. Dawn runs into Blackwell at the school but the reunion isn’t quite what she expected.

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Fake It 'Til You Make It
647 votes

#13 - Fake It 'Til You Make It

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 6 - Episode 11

After a body turns up in Boston with links to another murder in Los Angeles, Jane and Maura pack up their sunscreen and hop on a plane. With the girls out of town, Angela and Korsak plan a double date with Kiki and Ron.

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Cops vs. Zombies
904 votes

#14 - Cops vs. Zombies

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 7 - Episode 3

The team works on behalf of the dead - and the undead - after a murder at a zombie convention. Angela decides to pursue her GED after revealing that she never graduated from high school.

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Imitation Game
603 votes

#15 - Imitation Game

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 6 - Episode 4

The murder of a notorious thief sends Jane and Maura into the world of art heists and forgery and forces Jane to tango with an F.B.I. Agent who has a keen interest in her case. There's also a new man in Angela's life.

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Bite Out of Crime
673 votes

#16 - Bite Out of Crime

Rizzoli & Isles - Season 5 - Episode 17

The squad works overtime hunting down a serial killer sniper. Maura befriends a witness to the crime, who happens to suffer from a mental condition that has him believing he is a wolf.

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Chapter Eighty-Nine
255 votes

#17 - Chapter Eighty-Nine

Jane the Virgin - Season 5 - Episode 8

Jane is having a hard time dealing with Rafael avoiding her, so when an issue with Mateo comes up she uses it to get some face time. Rogelio turns to Jane for help when he learns his pilot is in trouble. Alba and Jorge enlist Xo’s help to study for their upcoming immigration test. Petra finally gets to the bottom of who has been terrorizing her.

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In Us We Trust
72 votes

#18 - In Us We Trust

The Republic of Sarah - Season 1 - Episode 4

When Sarah discovers that everyone in Greylock is being charged foreign transaction fees, she enlists her friends to help her create own currency. Grover shares with Danny what really happened to Corinne after he left. Bella and Tyler try to find a way to make their relationship work long distance. Meanwhile, Ellen asks Sarah for help with her sobriety, which forces Sarah to learn to let go.

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Natural Order
176 votes

#19 - Natural Order

Good Sam - Season 1 - Episode 2

Dr. Sam Griffith fights to keep her new leadership role as chief of surgery when her father and former boss, Dr. Rob "Griff" Griffith, takes his case for reinstatement directly to the hospital board. Also, resident Dr. Caleb Tucker, Sam's ex, forms an unexpected connection to a patient battling a mystery condition.

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231 votes

#20 - Pilot

Good Sam - Season 1 - Episode 1

When Sam's former boss wakes up months later demanding to resume his duties, she is tasked with supervising this egotistical expert with a scalpel who never acknowledged her stellar talent. Complicating matters, the caustic and arrogant Griff also happens to be her father. As he defies Sam's authority and challenges her medical expertise, the big question becomes whether this father and daughter will ever be able to mend their own relationship as expertly as they heal the hearts of their patients.

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The Perfect Conditions for Disaster
57 votes

#21 - The Perfect Conditions for Disaster

The Republic of Sarah - Season 1 - Episode 8

After an unexpected snowstorm leaves Greylock stranded with no plows, Sarah and the town come up with a creative plan to clear the roads. During the storm, Sarah gets two unexpected guests and tries to figure out how to navigate both circumstances. Corinne and Danny are forced to deal with what happened after they can’t go anywhere due to the snow. Meanwhile, AJ and Grover are hunkering down at Sweetie Pie when Bella returns home early from school and reveals the reason why, leaving them surprised, and AJ to reveal her own bombshell to Grover.

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The Pitch
261 votes

#22 - The Pitch

BH90210 - Season 1 - Episode 2

When FOX greenlights a 90210 reboot, on the condition that seven of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" cast members get on board, Tori and Jennie confront each of their former castmates and are met with more resistance than they had anticipated. Meanwhile, the gang deals with the repercussions of their actions in Las Vegas, Shannen gets a call from a friend and former "Beverly Hills, 90210" costar Christine Elise pops back into their lives.

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271 votes

#23 - Transgressions

The Dead Zone - Season 6 - Episode 9

Johnny becomes involved in a murder case involving a young woman and demonic possession, where everything isn't as it seems.

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219 votes

#24 - Interred

The Dead Zone - Season 6 - Episode 5

Johnny has a vision of a man who has been buried alive. Johnny, with the help of Turner, rushes to locate the man.

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