The BEST episodes written by Kathryn Baker

By Crook or by Hook
2 votes

#1 - By Crook or by Hook

Models Inc. - Season 1 - Episode 27

Grayson, stung by Adam's latest rejection of her, shows up at his house with the police to interrupt what she claims is an unauthorized visit with Daniel. Adam vows to fight her for custody, and the two agree to arbitration. Anna joins the agency, much to Julie's chagrin. Anna vows to get out of her stepsister's shadow. She tries to come between Julie and Craig, kissing him in the hot tub. Craig turns her down and realizes that Julie has every reason to detest Anna. Hillary warns Sarah to stay away from Ben, to no avail.

15 votes

#2 - Homewreckers

Coach - Season 2 - Episode 15

Hayden seeks Luther's companionship while Christine works on the weekend, and while she is away nearly destroys her apartment.

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A City Under Plague
2 votes

#3 - A City Under Plague

The Adventures of Sinbad - Season 2 - Episode 13

Death riders imprison suspected plague victims, including Sinbad and crew.

The Morning Show
92 votes

#4 - The Morning Show

Murphy Brown - Season 1 - Episode 22

During an off week at FYI, Murphy & Corky co-anchor the network's morning show, and Murphy finds it's a job she just isn't made for. Murphy's new secretary has a passing resemblance to a ""dead"" celebrity.

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Anchors Away
92 votes

#5 - Anchors Away

Murphy Brown - Season 2 - Episode 2

The network sends Jim to Libya for two weeks, so they can audition a handsome new anchor for FYI; they don't count on the retaliation of Murphy and the gang.

And the Whiner Is...
88 votes

#6 - And the Whiner Is...

Murphy Brown - Season 2 - Episode 8

Murphy & Frank lose the Humboldt Award to Corky. Then to ride the PR wave, the network brass decide to give next week's lead story to the award winner.

Ladies Who Lunch
83 votes

#7 - Ladies Who Lunch

Wings - Season 3 - Episode 8

Tired of the bickering between Helen and Gail, Joe suggests that the two go out to lunch together. Meanwhile, Fay has an opportunity to keep her streak of touching First Ladies alive as the president and his wife come to the island.

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Fountain of Youth
53 votes

#8 - Fountain of Youth

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - Season 1 - Episode 17

Brisco and Bowler come to the aid of Professor Coles, who is in possession of the orb and is being pursued relentlessly by John Bly who must have the orb at all costs.

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Jane's Addiction
31 votes

#9 - Jane's Addiction

Melrose Place - Season 5 - Episode 6

Jane slashes Alison's tires. Jake catches Jane following Alison and him, and orders her to stop stalking them. Jane files a restraining order against Jake. Sam pushes Billy away after Jane shares details of his past, but Billy is able to win her trust. Amanda denies Craig's attempt to undermine her in front of a client. Amanda becomes annoyed when Peter neglects his job and begins hanging out at Kyle's restaurant and drinking heavily. Michael sleeps with Megan, the woman he met while jogging. Sydney tells Kyle that the artist she represents is a Russian immigrant named Samuel Kirov, and offers to sell him the painting. Samantha reluctantly agrees to this deception. Matt is thrown out of medical school, and suspects that the doctor at the rehab facility, Dan Hathaway, squealed on him. Dan tells Matt that the classmate who got him hooked ratted on people after he was busted. Dan helps Matt get back into school after he agrees to counseling.

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Crazy Love
30 votes

#10 - Crazy Love

Melrose Place - Season 5 - Episode 13

Sydney resents Jane's new relationship with her mother. Sherry lies about the identity of Jane's biological father, but later reveals that he was a producer with whom she had slept to win a part. Amanda and Craig take a business trip to Palm Springs. When Peter arrives to surprise Amanda, he finds her having dinner with Craig and wearing a pearl necklace. Peter refuses to listen to her explanation, and trashes the restaurant. Amanda throws him out of the apartment. Taylor decides to donate one of Samantha's paintings to a charity auction. Sam (who hasn't received any money from the sales) tries to buy it back, but Sydney bids on the painting to drive up the price and make Kyle look generous. Sydney is in a bind when she accidentally buys the painting, and hopes that the man who bid against her will take it off her hands. He is actually an employee of computer genius Carter Gallavan, who buys the painting and takes a liking to Syd. Billy retrieves the painting that Sam gave to Craig. Bi

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