The BEST episodes written by Josh Appelbaum

Snow Angels
47 votes

#1 - Snow Angels

Early Edition - Season 4 - Episode 12

While out in the snow, Gary encounters two men, Earl Camby, a reformed criminal who now devotes his life to helping those less fortunate than himself, and Cliff Mourning, a sleazy motel operator. As Gary tries to save Earl's life when a building collapses on him, he reads that Cliff is going to succumb to a heart attack. Torn between leaving Earl alone to die while he saves an ungrateful human being, Gary contemplates a decision that could ultimately tie the two men's lives together.

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Before the Flood
619 votes

#2 - Before the Flood

Alias - Season 4 - Episode 22

Jack, Sydney, Irina, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Sovogda. They're supposed to dismantle a giant red ball turning people into zombies. At APO, Marshall and Weiss use the Blackwell Index to blackmail the Russian minister into giving them the access codes to a Russian satellite, they discover that Elena is uplinking the satellite. A CIA agent, Brodien reminds them that the Rambaldi device is broadcasting a subaudible frequency that physiologically alters people who drink it and it is irreversible. Elena learns of the APO team's arrival.

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744 votes

#3 - Crossings

Alias - Season 3 - Episode 12

Jack contacts a mysterious woman with ties to Irina to help him free Sydney and Vaughn, who have been captured and face a North Korean firing squad. But Jack is faced with a curious conundrum when the woman tells him that she will not put the rescue plan in motion until he fulfills a favor - assassinate Sloane.

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The Horizon
724 votes

#4 - The Horizon

Alias - Season 5 - Episode 9

Sydney teams up with Vaughn after being kidnapped and being placed in a hypnotic. What Sydney doesn't know is that the kidnapper is a very familiar face with an obscure interest in her unborn child.

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Let's Get Owen
11 votes

#5 - Let's Get Owen

October Road - Season 2 - Episode 1

Nick and Eddie go to New York to try bringing Owen back to Knights Ridge and his family. Hannah has to deal with her true feelings for Nick.

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793 votes

#6 - Conscious

Alias - Season 3 - Episode 9

After making a shocking discovery in the desert, Sydney agrees to submit to an experimental procedure conducted by an eccentric doctor, designed to retrieve her lost memories. But while Jack and Vaughn look on, Sydney's mind proves surprisingly resistant to letting her remember her missing time -- and the process of recovering it could end up killing her. Meanwhile, Lauren makes a great sacrifice in order to make her alibi believable to Lindsey after breaking Sydney out of NSC custody, and Sloane finds himself boxed in by an unlikely enemy -- one who wants to see Sydney Bristow eliminated permanently

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Forever. Until Now
9 votes

#7 - Forever. Until Now

October Road - Season 1 - Episode 5

Nick and Hannah bond while waiting for the outcome of Sam's surgery. Eddie tries to deal with the consequences of standing Janet up at their date. Ikey and Alison come to an agreement about their secret relationship. Physical Phil has to find a way to get even with the drunken frat guys that bothered Pizza Girl.

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In This Home on Ice
704 votes

#8 - In This Home on Ice

Happy Town - Season 1 - Episode 1

The residents of the sun-splashed town of Haplin, Minnesota -- also known as "Happy Town" -- have enjoyed an uneasy peace for the past five years -- but that is about to change. Still haunted by a number of unsolved kidnappings, Haplin now faces a disturbing new crime that brings all of its unresolved fears to the surface. Has the elusive "Magic Man" - who many believe is responsible for the bizarre abductions -- returned to claim yet another innocent victim? As Haplin's mysteries are revealed, many of its prominent citizens' motives come under scrutiny as their own secrets and personalities are peeled back one layer at a time.

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Out Here in the Fields
348 votes

#9 - Out Here in the Fields

Life on Mars (US) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Modern-day NYPD Detective Sam Tyler finds himself suddenly hurtled back to the tumultuous times of New York City in 1973 when he's hit by a car while chasing down a criminal.

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623 votes

#10 - Hourglass

Alias - Season 3 - Episode 19

After finding out that Lauren is working for the Covenant, Vaughn is told to keep up the façade of a happy marriage in order to keep tabs on his wife's activities. But he's in for a shock when he uncovers the truth about Lauren's mother, Olivia. Meanwhile, Jack refuses to help exonerate Sloane of his crimes and put in motion a stay of execution, and a monk discloses the identity of the Rambaldi "Passenger" to Sydney.

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656 votes

#11 - Echoes

Alias - Season 4 - Episode 8

Sloane temporarily steps down as Director of his Task Force and gives Jack full authority over the next assignment, which involves Anna Espinosa, Sydney's old foe. However, Anna turns the tables on APO when she captures Nadia and forces Sydney to do her biddings. Sydney tells Nadia about the Rambaldi's prophecy which dictates that two sisters will fight and only one will survive. Meanwhile, Vaughn visits Sark and tries to trick him into helping them to catch Anna. In the end, one of the sisters is mortally wounded by Anna.

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Ray Ray
120 votes

#12 - Ray Ray

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 6

While undercover posing a mob boss’ henchman, a counterfeiting job goes wrong. Van is forced to get his father, Raymond Ray, a renowned counterfeiter himself, out of prison on a furlough to help. The mob boss and Ray Ray have a heated past themselves and Van and Deaq now must protect him and make a difficult deadline in hopes of bringing the boss down.

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I Came to Haplin for the Waters
660 votes

#13 - I Came to Haplin for the Waters

Happy Town - Season 1 - Episode 2

Shaken by a grisly murder at the local pond and his father's bizarre, self-inflicted injury, Deputy Tommy Conroy reluctantly accepts the title of Sherriff bestowed on him by town matriarch Peggy Haplin. However Tommy's shocking discovery of Jerry Friddle's murderer forces him to keep yet another of the town's secrets with mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Henley appears to know a lot more about Haplin's dark side than she's letting on - drawing Merritt Grieves closer - but she's determined to get access to the forbidden third-floor room of the mysterious boarding house.

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Get Your Mack On
61 votes

#14 - Get Your Mack On

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 9

Van and Deaq go undercover to catch a dangerous pimp who is under investigation of murder. Van and Deaq struggle over the fact that they have contradicting styles on how to do their job. The woman they are using to get inside begins to get cold feet and tries to run. They must find a way to get her to help without blowing their cover and getting her killed in the process.

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Best Friend Windows
9 votes

#15 - Best Friend Windows

October Road - Season 1 - Episode 6

Nick is torn between Hannah and Aubrey, as Aubrey asks him about his and Hannah's relationship. However, an unexpected visitor occupies Nick. Eddie makes a weird response to a "welcome surprise" by his friends. Physical Phil decides to make a huge change in his life. Ray tells Owen about Alison and Ikey's secret relationship.

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Extreme Measures
44 votes

#16 - Extreme Measures

Martial Law - Season 1 - Episode 6

The murder of a DA leads to the Sammo and his colleagues uncovering a lawyer who hires a gang to steal prosecution evidence.

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Wild Card
100 votes

#17 - Wild Card

Early Edition - Season 4 - Episode 6

While struggling to find a way to tell his boss that he's leaving McGinty's for good, Patrick thoroughly frustrates Gary by following him around all day and triggering a host of potential disasters. When Patrick's actions culminate in an explosion at a Halloween rave party, Gary instructs him not to move a muscle - a directive that backfires when Patrick attempts to help and winds up in a life-threatening situation.

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First Blood
2021 votes

#18 - First Blood

Zoo - Season 1 - Episode 1

Jackson Oz, an American ex-pat safari guide living in Africa, discovers a link between strange animal attacks on people occurring around the world and his late father's controversial theories about an impending threat to the human race. Meanwhile, journalist Jamie Campbell and veterinary pathologist Mitch Morgan team up to investigate similar abnormal animal behavior in Los Angeles.

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Secrets In Night Need Early Rains
869 votes

#19 - Secrets In Night Need Early Rains

Citadel - Season 1 - Episode 6

With one of their own being held hostage by Manticore, Kyle, Nadia and Carter risk everything to save them and thwart Manticore’s plans to acquire nuclear weapons. As our heroes grapple with the nuclear threat, the identity of the mole within Citadel will be revealed, as will the awful truth that everything they know is a lie.

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The Human Enigma
1204 votes

#20 - The Human Enigma

Citadel - Season 1 - Episode 1

Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh – top agents of the independent spy organization Citadel – collide with a nefarious, new syndicate – Manticore – leading to catastrophe. Eight years later, Mason Kane is living a quiet life as “Kyle Conroy,” with no memory of his past. Until one day an old colleague enlists his help to stop a now powerful Manticore from creating a new world order.

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Tell Her Everything
981 votes

#21 - Tell Her Everything

Citadel - Season 1 - Episode 4

After the shocking revelation of Abby’s former identity, we learn of the past entanglements between Mason, Nadia and Celeste, and a horrific decision that reverberates still today. Meanwhile, Nadia and Kyle land at the Manticore compound in Morocco and risk their lives to free their fellow spy. But their hero’s welcome is short-lived as they are forced to grapple with a dangerous accusation.

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Offense (2)
89 votes

#22 - Offense (2)

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 14

Billie has been implicated in the death of Cyrus One and been taken into custody after a SWAT team, under Roland Hill’s orders, busts into The Candy Store. Van and Deaq have been suspended and now must find the real killer and take down the new leader of the organization with no help from LAPD. Meanwhile, Billie must try to stay alive in prison with the same people she helped put away.

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Dosed (1)
88 votes

#23 - Dosed (1)

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 21

Van finally get some time for a little R&R, but it’s interrupted when he receives a call telling him he as just been poisoned and has twelve hours to live unless he, Deaq, and Billie complete some tasks for the mysterious caller. The caller seems to know way too much about the three of them and Billie begins to figure out who the caller really is and realizes that the worse is probably yet to come.

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The Pros And Cons Of Upsetting The Applecart
41 votes

#24 - The Pros And Cons Of Upsetting The Applecart

October Road - Season 1 - Episode 2

Nick decides to stay in Knights Ridge and tries to convince dean Leslie Etwood to give him a job at the local college, but things keep getting in his way. In a way to get back at Nick for leaving years ago, Eddie pursues Aubrey. Ikey isn't pleased to see Alison and Owen on an annual date. Hannah is mad at Nick after realizing The Commander came in the Veterinary Care with a silly excuse, only to find out if Sam is Nick's son or not.

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The Martini Shot
33 votes

#25 - The Martini Shot

She Spies - Season 1 - Episode 2

Cassie goes undercover as a runway model to break up a fashion industry ring.

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Secrets and Guys
38 votes

#26 - Secrets and Guys

October Road - Season 1 - Episode 4

Hannah and Janet send Sam on a secret mission that leads to a tragic conclusion; Ronnie and Nick find out The Commander's secret; Ikey and Eddie are angry when they find out Big Cat has been stealing their clients; and Physical Phil plans a date with the pizza girl.

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As Soon as You Are Able
6 votes

#27 - As Soon as You Are Able

October Road - Season 2 - Episode 13

A visit from Eddie's ex-girlfriend Rory causes problems in his relationship with Janet. Nick receives a great job offer that should take him far away from Knights Ridge. Hannah is arrested for assaulting Ray's ex-wife Christine.

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74 votes

#28 - Pilot

October Road - Season 1 - Episode 1

10 years after leaving his hometown, Nick Garrett returns to Knights Ridge, to teach a one-day course at Dufresne College, which he believes is a great way to find out what changes since he was gone. After hurting the ones he loved by writing a book, a best-selling novel, and discovering their secrets, Nick will have to find a way to confront past demons and move on with his life. Nick decides to stay after discovering that his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Daniels, has a 10 year old son named Sam who has a peanut allergy...just like all of the men in the Garrett family.

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Otis, California
45 votes

#29 - Otis, California

Profiler - Season 3 - Episode 14

Having hacked onto the Internet from prison, Lucas has contacted someone in a small northern-California town. "You think he has a disciple?" Bailey asks Sam.