The BEST episodes written by Jeff Rosenthal

Greek Easter
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#1 - Greek Easter

My Big Fat Greek Life - Season 1 - Episode 7

When Nia throws the Easter family dinner, she even invites her father's oldest friend, Constantine Christakos. When Nia realizes that Gus hates the man more than life itself, it's up to her to fix things before they ruin Easter. It turns out Gus says he stole his recipe for his famous feta omelet at dinner when Constantine toasts Gus. When he said "I accept your apology", they go at it, and it's up to Thomas to fix things. They eventually resolve their differences. When Maria accidentally spills that Constantine and her went out on a few dates, thinking that was the reason for Gus's 40 year hatred for him, they start up again and Nia is stunned when she learns that her mother used her lamb for the feast.