The BEST episodes written by Glenn Davis, William Laurin

Truth or Dare (2)
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#1 - Truth or Dare (2)

Missing (2003) - Season 2 - Episode 13

Jared Hart and some assassins attempt to eliminate another member of the witness protection system. Nicole and Jess follow in their footsteps while Antonio and John try to figure out how Hart is locating the innocent victims. Meanwhile, the search continues for Jared's wife and one or more members of the team may not survive the shocking case in the breathtaking conclusion of "Truth or Dare".

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Truth or Dare (1)
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#2 - Truth or Dare (1)

Missing (2003) - Season 2 - Episode 12

The team searches for a missing veterinarian and a missing working woman from the same Maine town. The veterinarian disappeared from a dock behind his house when his wife stepped away for a few minutes and the woman was reported missing from work. Meanwhile, Nicole is amazed when she learns than Antonio was married and divorced. Also, Jess dreams about blood. Later, the shocking discovery of a body turns the case upside down and a former F.B.I. agent joins the team in the thrilling first part of "Truth or Dare".

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