The BEST episodes written by Fred Einesman

The One Thing
44 votes

#1 - The One Thing

7th Heaven - Season 8 - Episode 10

Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) and Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison) begin their student rotation in the ER, but get off to a bad start by arriving late and angering Dr. Norton (guest-star Dennis Boutsikaris), the attending ER physician. Matt and Sarah's relationship is tested when Matt quickly demonstrates an aptitude for the work, but Sarah accuses him of trying to make himself look better than the other students, especially her. However, Matt ends up looking foolish when he can't figure out how to turn off the ringer on his cell phone and he gets stuck fielding calls from his family. Matt's day ends tragically, leaving him to question his destiny.

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Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough
898 votes

#2 - Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Private Practice - Season 5 - Episode 7

Amelia’s drug addiction spins further out of control as she plays hooky from work with a new fling, starts writing pill prescriptions for herself, and has a run-in with the cops; Addison and Jake are at odds when they must make the impossible choice between donating their patient’s organs or saving the life of her healthy, unborn baby; Violet begins working at Seaside Wellness again, and Cooper, Charlotte and Mason begin to form a family bond, much to Erica’s chagrin.

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Slip Slidin' Away
596 votes

#3 - Slip Slidin' Away

Private Practice - Season 3 - Episode 6

The doctors venture into controversial territory when an unexpected new hire at Pacific Wellcare causes Naomi to struggle with the idea of genetically designing babies and Violet makes a sudden decision to try electric shock therapy on a patient. Meanwhile Addison somehow finds herself alone and with a cat.

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46 votes

#4 - Gratitude

7th Heaven - Season 9 - Episode 10

Simon's ex-girlfriend, Georgia (guest-star Rheagan Wallace) tells Simon she's supposedly pregnant and Simon doesn't know how to tell his parents---but Georgia is not being completely honest. Eric, Annie and the twins are on a road trip from Ginger's house back to Glen Oak and reminisce on old times. Meanwhile, Matt rushes Lucy to the hospital when she collapses at the grocery store. They can't track down Kevin as he is working on a drug bust. Lastly, a lonely Ruthie is having a miserable time in Puerto Rico with Mary, Carlos and baby Charles and calls home for comfort.

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