The BEST episodes written by E. Jeffrey Smith

While the Cat's Away
5 votes

#1 - While the Cat's Away

Knots Landing - Season 7 - Episode 3

Greg tells Abby he's having problems with Elliot, the construction foreman. Abby tells Elliot they had new soil samples done so he can blast. Gary returns home, and breaks down over Bobby's death. At the station, Abby promotes Ben to General Manager, so now he's Joshua's boss. Mac meets with the Fishers and says they are victims too, and they should work together. The Fishers weren't approved for a conventional adoption because Sheila had had a nervous breakdown. Val is having a ball with the babies and doesn't have much time for Ben. Joshua does his show on how the power of prayer brought back the babies. Val's angry and tells him that SHE kept the faith, not him or his viewers. Ben finally spends time with Val, but is upset when Gary comes by and she invites him to stay. Val tells Gary she is naming her son after Bobby, and Ben is really hurt.

Murder Between Friends
45 votes

#2 - Murder Between Friends

Hart to Hart - Season 1 - Episode 6

When a prominent lawyer is murdered, two close friends of the Harts are accused. Jennifer sets out to clear the wife while Jonathan attempts to absolve the husband.

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