The BEST episodes written by Diana Kopald Marcus

Distant Echoes (2)
3 votes

#1 - Distant Echoes (2)

Knots Landing - Season 8 - Episode 2

Phil makes Karen cut her hair because he likes short hair better.Ben refuses to spy for Jean. The arsenic levels at Lotus Point are rising. Gary decides to run for the senate himself, against Peter. He thinks that this will pressure Greg to really clean up Empire Valley. Jill agrees to be Gary's campaign manager, and this angers Peter. Jill tells Peter that only Gary is important to her now. Mac breaks down to Val over Karen, and Val comforts him. Flashback Scene: Mac, Phil and Greg see Anne on a train, but Mac is afraid to approach her. Greg speaks with her, and she slaps him. Mac apologizes to Anne, and she agrees to go out with him. He falls asleep by her pool while waiting for her to get ready on their first date.

Unbroken Bonds
4 votes

#2 - Unbroken Bonds

Knots Landing - Season 7 - Episode 14

Peter tells Laura that Greg needs her, so she invites him to dinner.Gary tells Val that he know the twins are his. She tells him that he needs to respect that she, Ben and the twins are a family. Gary continues to hang around the twins, so Ben tells Gary it has to stop. Abby gets mad when Gary sides with Karen on a Lotus Point issue. He says that he trusts Karen, and doesn't trust her, so he will always side with Karen, and she'd better get used to it. Gary also sleeps with another woman. Jill is in town and tells Karen the Governor wants to know if she'd be interested in being on the State Planning Commission. Karen says yes. Jill is very cool towards Mac, who introduces Gary to Jill. Kenny is arrested for Joshua's murder. Cathy wants to tell the truth, but Lilimae says they will release him if they keep quiet. However, Kenny is charged with the murder.

A Little Help
4 votes

#3 - A Little Help

Knots Landing - Season 6 - Episode 4

Abby gives a press conference on behalf of Greg. Afterwards Greg tells her he will never work with her again. Mad, Abby asks a reporter at the cable station to dig up the medical history of Greg's opponent, Bob Caufield. He finds out that Caufield had been in a psychiatric hospital. Abby overrides Ben and runs the story, and Ben is livid. Greg tells Abby that he will wring the neck of whoever leaked it. Abby smiles and tells him that HE leaked it. Cathy invites Joshua to hear her sing. Val convinces Lilimae to tell Joshua that she is his mother. Lilimae does, and Joshua, upset and angry, walks out. Val talks to him about how Lilimae abandoned her too but if he's willing to give her a chance, he'll find out she's a beautiful woman. Joshua decides to stay.

Brothers and Mothers (a.k.a.) Brotherly Love and Family Business
4 votes

#4 - Brothers and Mothers (a.k.a.) Brotherly Love and Family Business

Knots Landing - Season 8 - Episode 9

Peter continues to add extra pills to Sylvia's medical dish. Peter tells pharmacist he needs more pills because Sylvia dropped them down the sink. Then Peter feels guilty and flushes the extra pills. A studio options "Capricorn Crude" and wants Val to write the script. Eric walks in on Michael and Paige sleeping together. He's furious about what that would do to Mac and Karen. He and Michael have a physical fight, and trash the room, but won't tell Karen what it's about. Paige can't pay her hotel bill and moves in with the MacKenzies. The hotel calls and says Paige's check bounced, and Karen wonders why she pretends to have a lot of money. Ben tells Val he doesn't like Jean and not to be friends with her. Jean tells her lover that Ben's real assignment is to kill Greg.

Web of Lies
4 votes

#5 - Web of Lies

Knots Landing - Season 7 - Episode 15

When Abby hears that Karen is being considered for the planning commission, she tells Greg that she wants the seat. Abby tries to talk to Gary, but he says it's over, and he invites Jill for a drink. Ben is angry that Gary knows about the twins, but Val swears she didn't tell him. Greg sends Laura a note that says "I Love You Very Much" and takes her out for a romantic evening. Laura asks Mac how she can get divorced, since she can't find Richard. Cathy still wants to tell the truth, and is depressed over the situation. Ben tries to cheer her up. Cathy finally tells Mac the truth, and Mac tells Val to talk to Lilimae. Val tries, but Lilimae says it would tarnish Joshua's memory. Finally Val gets through to her by saying that Kenny has a mother too. Lilimae goes to the police station.

Friendly Enemies
4 votes

#6 - Friendly Enemies

Knots Landing - Season 7 - Episode 18

Peter tells Greg that he's his brother, and brings Sylvia to meet him. Laura thinks Peter is up to something, and is frustrated that Greg seems unconcerned. Abby overhears Laura telling this to Karen, and she asks Peter out for a drink. Gary decides to go into racing. Karen finds Jill's hotel key in Mac's pocket and confronts him with it. He tries to explain that he would never use it, but it made him feel younger, more alive, like life wasn't passing him by, and he hopes Karen will understand. Crying, she says no. Mac's upset that Jill went through his Westfall file without permission. Sonny accidentally drops a tape marked "Cathy #3". Val plays the tape, and hears Sonny's notes about his articles. Meanwhile, Sonny is out to dinner with Cathy. She tells him how Joshua tried to throw her off of the roof, and that Lilimae saved her life. Sonny says he's sorry for what Joshua did to her.

New Faces
2 votes

#7 - New Faces

Falcon Crest - Season 7 - Episode 6

After Angela and Richard meet the mysterious Carlton Travis, Angela conspires with Carlton to destroy Richard. Richard realizes that although Carlton is a man who won't listen to reason, he will listen to Angela. With all the trimmings Hollywood offers, Emma works on her screenplay. Melissa takes Dan to Australia to visit Cole and her son. With Frank Starr's assistance, Dina's nurse works on her patient to discredit Lance. Angela and Travis discover that they have a history.

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Lovers and Friends
3 votes

#8 - Lovers and Friends

Falcon Crest - Season 7 - Episode 10

Upset with Richard's involvement with Liz and unable to make a decision about his proposal, Maggie leaves the Tuscany Valley to join Vicky in Monte Carlo. While a mysterious and eerie assassin figure stalks Liz, Maggie resents her reliance on Richard's protection. After Melissa gets even with Angela, Angela retaliates with a scheme that boomerangs. Maggie enters her new wine in a contest and wins second place. Angela discovers that Dan's father has a second family. After Lance rescues Emma from her would-be producers, she starts writing an advice column for The New Globe.

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2 votes

#9 - Legacies

Falcon Crest - Season 7 - Episode 18

Melissa rejects her long-lost Uncle Frank, who turns to Angela to help him heal the family rift with his only living relative. After Maggie turns the reins of her Gioberti winery over to Angela, she and Richard start their delayed honeymoon in the Caribbean, which proves not to be the idyllic getaway for which she had hoped. Emma blames Richard for her friend's death and seeks revenge. When Dan's former wife tries to meet with him, Melissa interferes. Before Richard can seek revenge for Eric's disloyalty, Eric makes plans to take Vickie and escape from the valley.

Changing Times
3 votes

#10 - Changing Times

Falcon Crest - Season 8 - Episode 1

As Maggie is haunted by nightmares over her husband Richard's death, Angela surprises her friends and family with her calm resignation over losing control of the winery empire, while Melissa mercilessly wields her newfound power over everyone within her domain, down to the field hands and household help. As Maggie must take control over Richard's vast financial empire, she tries to cope with the agony of his murder by the underground group, The Thirteen. After leaving years ago after a dispute with her family, Pilar Ortega, not only the daughter of the vineyard foreman at Falcon Crest but also now a bank vice president, returns and provokes intense curiosity throughout the valley.

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The Foursome
19 votes

#11 - The Foursome

Matlock - Season 6 - Episode 9

Matlock reluctantly agrees to defend millionaire Ellis Blake when he's accused of murdering his daughter's fiancé, Jeffrey Holden, an enterprising golf caddy who supplemented his living by blackmailing the men he caddied for. At the same time, Matlock is dealing with a brand new deputy district attorney, Lauren Richmond, who just seems too sweet to be real.

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The Man Who Came to Dinner Mystery
3 votes

#12 - The Man Who Came to Dinner Mystery

Father Dowling Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 4

A witness to a murder is pursued by the killer and he takes refuge in St. Michael's, enlisting the help of a woman he once almost married--Sister Steve.

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The Broker
21 votes

#13 - The Broker

Matlock - Season 5 - Episode 11

When stockbroker Richard Wagner is murdered, his former partner Avery Campbell needs Julie's help to prove his innocence.

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The Lemon
65 votes

#14 - The Lemon

Matlock - Season 3 - Episode 1

When Matlock's new neighbor, Les 'Ace' Calhoun, is charged with murdering the used car salesman who sold him a lemon, Matlock takes the case to prove that more than one person had a motive, and that Les is not the guilty party.

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The D.A.
46 votes

#15 - The D.A.

Matlock - Season 4 - Episode 21

Julie becomes the target of a witness with psychological problems, leaving Matlock and Conrad to learn who is threatening her, and why.

The Heiress
49 votes

#16 - The Heiress

Matlock - Season 2 - Episode 23

As a young child, Allison Tate had discovered the bodies of her parents, apparently killed by an intruder. Shortly after her twenty-first birthday, she found the body of Marsha Gold, killed in a similar matter. When this thrust her back into the Linder Sanitarium in which she'd spent most of her life since her parents murdered, Bob Ranier (her father's former business partner, like an uncle to her) hires Matlock to prove that Allison is innocent of her murder. Matlock has an unlikely ally in Warren Kreitzer, an insurance attorney who is supposed to be on vacation, but will do whatever he can to protect Allison.

The Ex
50 votes

#17 - The Ex

Matlock - Season 4 - Episode 4

Julie heads to Baltimore to defend a man accused of killing the newspaper editor who dragged his name through the mud. Matlock comes to town to help her because Conrad is busy on another case, and helps Julie out when the prosecutor, who just happens to be her ex-husband, does whatever he can to trip Julie up.

Telling Tales
0 votes

#18 - Telling Tales

Falcon Crest - Season 7 - Episode 26

The Thirteen withdraws fifty billion dollars- their net worth- out of the stock market and the Dow Jones average plummets. They plan to buy back devalued stocks under one of the companies Richard Channing has bought with their assistance, implicating him in their plot. Angela receives her subpoena to testify against her son in front of the Senate Select Committee. Emma is dying to ruin her brother but hasn't received a subpoena. Angela dreads having her family's affairs publicized. Maggie packs up the car and the kids and gets a flat tire shortly after leaving Falcon Crest. A police car appears to assist her, but it's driven by a decoy for The Thirteen. Maggie's spare tire is missing. The cop calls for a tow truck and checks in with Rosemont. Garth finds Maggie's car, abandoned, just as Rosemont drops into Richard's office at The New Globe to offer him yet another deal: testify our way and spend the rest of your life on Easy Street. Maggie eventually calls Richard, and he reveals his c