The BEST episodes written by David Slack

The Stronger Evil
59 votes

#1 - The Stronger Evil

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 5

Jackie returns to his quiet life, after believing his work with Section 13, and the threat of Shendu to be to be behind him. Suddenly, the Dark Hand returns, armed with the power of all twelve Talismans. Jackie and Jade must track down the magical amulets, while accidentally uncovering more dangerous evil...

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Through the Rabbit Hole
62 votes

#2 - Through the Rabbit Hole

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 1

In the sequel to ""Shell Game,"" Jade tries to take the rabbit talisman to school to prove that her adventures really happened. As she sets out for school, Kepler's cronoton beam, which disrupts the time-space continuum, hits the talisman and sends her back to 1976. Unfortunately, the Dark Hand have traveled back in search of the rabbit talisman, equipped with a crystal ball Shendu gave them so they can return to the present. Jade gets 10-year-old Jackie and younger Uncle to help her, but the Enforcers locate 10-year-old Valmont, and 36-year-old Jackie comes back to help Jade. Soon it's a showdown at the school dance(Finn stops fighting to boogie) during which Jackie and Jade grab the crystal ball and send the Enforcers back to the early 1900's.

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The J-Team
59 votes

#3 - The J-Team

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 6

The Dark Hand are still possessing the Talismans. Jade calls on some friends from the past - El Toro Fuerte and Viper to help Jackie with the Dark Hand's latest scheme. They follow the Dark Hand to Tibet in search of the Pan Ku Box to unlock the mystery.

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The End (3)
130 votes

#4 - The End (3)

Teen Titans - Season 4 - Episode 13

The stars are aligned. The sun is in eclipse. All of Slade's labors are about to reach fruition -- and the Titans are about to face their greatest challenge ever. But is there really any hope of preventing the end of the world?

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Queen of the Shadowkhan
59 votes

#5 - Queen of the Shadowkhan

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 13

When Jade wanted to get a tattoo to be tough, and Jackie forbade the request, Jade creates a fake tattoo of an evil symbol. The Tattoo is non removable and she soon discovers she has the ability to control the Shadowkhan, which causes a strange and evil transformation in her as well. Shendu tries to reclaim his Shadowkhan clan while Jackie must remove the spell before it is too late for Jade.

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The Tiger and the Pussycat
69 votes

#6 - The Tiger and the Pussycat

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Tiger Talisman splits the dark and light sides of Jackie in two, which makes it easy for Valmont to trick his dark side into working for the Dark Hand. The light Jackie could not do anything, he does not want to fight, while the dark Jackie steals the 12 talismans from Section 13. Both halves fight for the talisman, but Valmont gets to it first and uses it to turn Shendu into it's old self again, an alive, giant dragon demon.

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The New Atlantis
51 votes

#7 - The New Atlantis

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 25

The Dark Hand in Rome releases the Water Demon. Jackie and Uncle chase after her with the Chi Spell, while she escapes to Valmont's hide out. There she learns of the San Francisco Vault and plans to use it to flood the city while Valmont wanted Shendu out of his body because of all the grueling activities that Shendu is doing to his external features. When he knocks out Shendu, he consults Jackie and the team to help him get rid of Shendu. Jackie, Valmont, Jade, and Tohru discover that she was casting a spell in the subway system after Valmont exposed all that he knew. Uncle has the Chi Spell and a spell to rid of floods, but not a spell to rid Valmont of Shendu. Valmont helps Jackie fight the Water Demon so Uncle can eliminate the flood, but both demons escape.

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The Jade Monkey
69 votes

#8 - The Jade Monkey

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 10

Jade uses the latest talisman to turn herself into a monkey to escape the Dark Hand, but the boat collapsed and the Dark Hand, Jade, and Jackie are stranded on an island. Jade gets caught off guard when another monkey takes the talisman, and now Jackie must find Jade, while the Dark Hand is trying to find the talisman.

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Tough Break
72 votes

#9 - Tough Break

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 8

Jade accidentally drops the Rat Talisman into the battery compartment of her Gnomekop toy, and it comes alive through the power of reanimation. The toy is grabbed by the Dark Hand and is used to get to Section 13. Jade and Jackie must track the toy down.

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Aftershock (1)
138 votes

#10 - Aftershock (1)

Teen Titans - Season 2 - Episode 12

Terra returns with a vengeance, Meanwhile, Slade gives orders to Cinderblock, Overload, and Plasmus to launch a series of sinister strikes all over the city. Can our heroes stop the three villianous monsters, Slade, and Terra? Or will the Teen Titans be destroyed?

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Enter the Viper
83 votes

#11 - Enter the Viper

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 4

Jackie must steal the next Talisman of Invisibility from a museum before the Dark Hand does, but when he was in the building, Jade followed him, and a thief was also inside the building trying to steal a jewel, and the talisman mistakenly ends up in the hands of jewel thief The Viper instead and Jackie was arrested because he had the jewel.

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Project A, for Astral
77 votes

#12 - Project A, for Astral

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 6

While Jade has an out-of-body experience when she uses the Astral Projection talisman, and while she was roaming around Uncle's shop, the Dark Hand grabs the magic object and Shendu uses it to slip into her vacant body. Pretending to be Jade, Shendu tricks Jackie into telling her where Section 13 was in order to steal all the talismans.

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Deus Ex Machina
4107 votes

#13 - Deus Ex Machina

Person of Interest - Season 3 - Episode 23

The team work to stop Samaritan from coming online and targeting them; the battle against Vigilance reaches a conclusion.

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The Beast Within
144 votes

#14 - The Beast Within

Teen Titans - Season 3 - Episode 9

During a fight with Adonis, Beast Boy gets covered in toxic waste. The day after the fight, he shows different changes, such as eating meat, pumping iron and acting nasty. He has a fight with Raven and turns into a Man-Beast and runs amock in the sewers. The Titans discover Raven in his mouth and go to the conclusion that he attacked her and threatened to put him in prison, which makes him angry and form into the Man-Beast once more. But When Cyborg and Robin leave to fight him, leaving Starfire to watch over her, Raven wakes up and says that he saved her. When the guys get to Beast Boy, he gets attacked by another Beast. Beast Boy wins and the other Beast turns out to be Adonis.

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The Power Within
94 votes

#15 - The Power Within

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 1 - Episode 2

Jade swallowed the Rooster Talisman which gave her telekinetic powers, and Jade must harness this ""power within"" in order to save Jackie and herself.

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Re-Enter the Dragon
23 votes

#16 - Re-Enter the Dragon

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 3 - Episode 15

Daolon Wong releases Shendu from his etheiral enprisonment in exchange for the talisman power of the Dragon - Combustion. Jackie, Uncle, Jade and Thoru attempt to stop Shendu's return to earth but fail. Shendu goes back on his deal w/ Dalon and absorbs the Dragon power for himself, and then drains Dalon of the tailsman powers he holds. Shendu persues Jackie back to Section 13 where the other talisman animals are. Before Shendu can absorb their powers, Jackie and Jade flee with the animals. Shendu stops Jackie and Jade at the zoo. Depsite Jackie's heroics, Shendu absorbs all of the talisman powers. Before Shendu can finally destroy Jackie, Uncle, Thoru and Section 13 arrive chanting a chi-spell (that Uncle got from Daolon Wong). The spell returns Shendu to his 'original' statue form and the talismans pop-out from his body. The talismans and Shendu are locked up in Section 13's vault for good.

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136 votes

#17 - Birthmark

Teen Titans - Season 4 - Episode 3

It's Raven's birthday, but she is far from wanting to celebrate. But before Robin can learn why, the Titans receive a distress call and go to check it out. When they get there, they are greeted by none other than Slade, back from the dead. But Slade seems to have new powers along with a strange red mark on his head and he has a message for Raven that he is going to deliver, no matter what.

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179 votes

#18 - Spellbound

Teen Titans - Season 3 - Episode 6

Raven has always been lonely at the Tower, despite the other Titans. But that all changes when Raven discovers a young magician trapped inside one of her books.

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Prisoner's Dilemma
4909 votes

#19 - Prisoner's Dilemma

Person of Interest - Season 2 - Episode 12

Carter tries to help Reese by engaging in mental warfare with the FBI; Reese has encounters with old and new enemies; Detective Fusco must protect supermodel Karolina Kurkova, the latest person of interest.

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/ (Root Path)
4235 votes

#20 - / (Root Path)

Person of Interest - Season 3 - Episode 17

The Machine assigns Root to seek out a janitor with a mysterious past, but when her very presence puts his life in danger, Finch also receives his number.

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Zero Day
5179 votes

#21 - Zero Day

Person of Interest - Season 2 - Episode 21

When a virus causes the machine to malfunction, numbers are issued irregularly; the team searches for an extremely elusive tech millionaire.

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No Good Deed
6003 votes

#22 - No Good Deed

Person of Interest - Season 1 - Episode 22

A person of interest winds up in the middle of a dark government conspiracy that Finch is all too familiar with; Reese makes a discovery about Finch's past.

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4615 votes

#23 - Razgovor

Person of Interest - Season 3 - Episode 5

Shaw must stay close to a 10-year-old girl with highly developed surveillance skills when she is identified by the machine; Carter's mission could be exposed.

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Aguna Matatala
233 votes

#24 - Aguna Matatala

In Plain Sight - Season 2 - Episode 5

An Orthodox Jew enters Witness Protection, but his wife refuses to join him. The situation is made more complicated by the fact he is being pursued by a man motivated by a higher authority.

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Demon World (2)
22 votes

#25 - Demon World (2)

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 28

The team discovers that Jackie is protected by the dog talisman and Jade uses the Rooster talisman to make a carpet fly so they can escape from Shendu. Using the rabbit talisman to escape, so they can avoid the dragons that were chasing them and to free the rest of the Jade Team, and they had to battle the demons along the way to free the rest of the Jade Team - Tohru (in the realm of the Wind Demon), El Toro (in the realm of the Mountain Demon), and Viper (in the realm of the Sky Demon). They defeated each one using the immortal items. In Australia, the water, fire, moon, and earth demon try to stop Jackie and the others. They had a temporary win when Jade discovers that she could use the Book of Ages to make the Jade Team better by making Jackie 20 times bigger, having Viper in a Robot costume, and changing Tohru into Super Tohru. Discourage Paco wanted El Toro to be better than Jackie and made him even bigger. After Poco and Jade's conflict, Uncle was morphed into a super human and

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Titans East (2)
97 votes

#26 - Titans East (2)

Teen Titans - Season 3 - Episode 13

The Titans East reveal to Cyborg they are under Brother Blood's control and take him captive in the tower. Then Brother Blood reveals a shocking development. He has converted himself into a half-human, half-robot being like Cyborg. He plans to do the same thing to all his students as he did to himself, thus making them unable to escape his mind control, ever. Cyborg must fight and rescue the Titans East and stop Brother Blood and even with the help of Robin and the others, it will be no easy task.

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Hard Reset
162 votes

#27 - Hard Reset

APB - Season 1 - Episode 1

After tech billionaire Gideon Reeves witnesses his best friend's murder, he takes charge of Chicago's troubled 13th District and reboots it as a technically innovative police force, challenging the district to rethink everything about the way they fight crime. Gideon knows if he's going to change anything, he'll need help, which he finds from Detective Theresa Murphy, an ambitious, street-smart cop who is willing to give Gideon's technological ideas a chance. After Gideon launches the APB app, allowing citizens to immediately alert the police of a crime, downloads of the app spike, and Gideon realizes his work is just beginning.

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Irrational Treasure
1367 votes

#28 - Irrational Treasure

Gravity Falls - Season 1 - Episode 8

When Dipper and Mabel discover evidence that the reported town founder is a hoax, they set out to expose the historical cover-up and prove that Mabel's silliness is not a bad thing.

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6516 votes

#29 - Super

Person of Interest - Season 1 - Episode 11

Reese is confined to a wheelchair recovering from his gunshot wound, but Finch sets him up in an apartment where he’s to keep an eye on the Super, who is their latest POI. Also, Finch approaches Carter and gives her a POI to show her what they do.

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Killer App
2843 votes

#30 - Killer App

Lie to Me - Season 3 - Episode 13

One of Foster's former patients turns up dead shortly after expressing concern that she is being squeezed out by a business partner.

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Mac + Jack
857 votes

#31 - Mac + Jack

MacGyver (2016) - Season 2 - Episode 12

When Mac and Jack are trapped inside Mac’s house, which his nemesis, The Ghost, has rigged with explosives, Mac uses a karaoke mic and an audio transformer to let the team know that this bomb is a distraction for a bigger one. Also, through flashbacks, Mac and Jack’s contentious first meeting unfolds.

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Honor Among Thieves
3460 votes

#32 - Honor Among Thieves

Person of Interest - Season 4 - Episode 7

Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan. Finch and Root, meanwhile, undertake a dangerous sabotage mission.

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MacGyver + MacGyver
687 votes

#33 - MacGyver + MacGyver

MacGyver (2016) - Season 2 - Episode 23

MacGyver gets a shocking surprise when he tries to tell Matty that he’s quitting the Phoenix Foundation.

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Divide and Conquer
435 votes

#34 - Divide and Conquer

Teen Titans - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Titans attempt to thwart the villain Cinderblock as he breaks into a prison to free a specific prisoner, but their lack of teamwork lets both get away. Cyborg and Robin start arguing over who is responsible, and Cyborg quits. Cinderblock turns over the prisoner to the mysterious ""Slade,"" who when awakened, becomes Plasmus. The remaining Titans go after Plasmus, but are overwhelmed until Cyborg shows up and helps them defeat Plasmus after capturing Cinderblock, leaving Robin to wonder who is the mastermind behind the plan.

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Bury the Lede
5395 votes

#35 - Bury the Lede

Person of Interest - Season 2 - Episode 5

Reese must surreptitiously protect an investigative reporter without becoming a part of her story.

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6734 votes

#36 - Judgement

Person of Interest - Season 1 - Episode 5

Reese and Finch have the added challenge of investigating a Person of Interest who wants nothing to do with their brand of vigilante justice.

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Demon World (1)
20 votes

#37 - Demon World (1)

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 2 - Episode 27

Shendu escapes the Demon realm and takes over Jackie Chan when he was visiting Jade's parents in Hong Kong so her parents can find out how she is doing with Jackie, and then Shendu uses Jackie's body to fly to Australia. Shendu alters the Book of Ages to create a world where demons rule but Jade was able to tear a page out of it when Jade, Uncle and Tohru arrived at Shendu's location. In the world where a demon ruled a certain location, Jade reminds Jackie about humans ruling the world and they go to find the Book of Ages along with Uncle. The Shadowkhan comes and Uncle banishes them with a Chi Spell. Jade brought up the talismans that are integrated in Shendu to escape and get to Australia. Just as the team gathered up a few talismans, Shendu awoke and blasted Jackie!

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Apprentice (1)
233 votes

#38 - Apprentice (1)

Teen Titans - Season 1 - Episode 11

Robin is haunted by dreams of becoming more like the mysterious Slade, while the Titans must track down the mastermind to stop his detonation of a chronoton bomb. Robin catches up to Slade while the others defuse the bomb, but Slade reveals the bomb was a lure - Robin's teammates now have microbombs secretly placed in their bodies, and Slade will detonate the bombs if Robin doesn't switch sides and becomes his assistant. Reluctantly, Robin agrees... (to be continued)

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Judge Me Not
311 votes

#39 - Judge Me Not

Magnum P.I. - Season 4 - Episode 13

When Hawaii Supreme Court nominee Judge Rachel Park is being blackmailed, she hires Magnum and Higgins who go to extraordinary lengths to help her out. Also, with the pressure of fatherhood looming, Rick suggests changes to make La Mariana more profitable, but TC and Kumo aren’t swayed.

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The Sum of His Parts
268 votes

#40 - The Sum of His Parts

Teen Titans - Season 1 - Episode 5

Cyborg is reminded he's not completely human, when his power cell dies during a wild junkyard battle with the Amazing Mumbo. The Titans fear Mumbo has taken their friend, and search the city for Cyborg. But Fixit, a cybernetic hermit who finds and repairs broken things, finds Cyborg.

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A Fire in the Ashes
361 votes

#41 - A Fire in the Ashes

Magnum P.I. - Season 4 - Episode 8

Magnum starts following Higgins to discover what she's been hiding, as she's secretly assigned to infiltrate a group threatening to take down MI-6. Also, Rick struggles after an explosion takes the life of someone important to him.

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Cigar Cutter
1274 votes

#42 - Cigar Cutter

MacGyver (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 21

Murdoc moves forward with his plans for revenge against MacGyver by recruiting his recently released former cellmate to infiltrate the Phoenix Complex as a "lab technician" and kill every agent inside.

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The Powers Unleashed
25 votes

#43 - The Powers Unleashed

Jackie Chan Adventures - Season 3 - Episode 2

The Enforcers and Daolon Wong both break into Section 13 in search of the talismans. Uncle capture the Dark Chi warriors in a magical urn. Jackie destroys the talismans rather than allowing them to fall into the wrong hands. Doing so unleashes the powers of the talismans from their physical containers, sending the powers to reside inside the decendents of the 12 animals of the Zodiac. Dalon Wong later turns the Enforcers into his new Dark Chi Warriors. The first power that Jackie and team track is the power of Imortality, which leads them to a local dog show. Making off with the dogs before Daolon can harm them, the team encounters the new Enforcers/Dark Chi Warriors in the park. Jackie and company defeat the Dark Chi Enforcers and save the noble canine.

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162 votes

#44 - Overdrive

Teen Titans - Season 4 - Episode 9

Wishing to get the most he can out of his time, Cyborg installs a special Max-7 chip into his head which throws him into overdrive, allowing him to do a lot of things, very fast. But when the self-copying Billy Numerous starts stealing everything in town, even the Max-7 may not be enough to stop him.

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1396 votes

#45 - Screwdriver

MacGyver (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 12

Using a screwdriver and bug spray, MacGyver must find the U.S. government mole who is leaking classified intel to the organization that is trying to take down The Phoenix Foundation. Also, Sarah returns to help with the mission, and Nikki reappears, but Mac can’t tell which side she’s on.

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Shallow Grave, Deep Water
339 votes

#46 - Shallow Grave, Deep Water

Magnum P.I. - Season 4 - Episode 18

Magnum goes to extreme lengths to uncover the truth about a crime that may have involved his dear deceased friend, Nuzo.

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Fish Scaler
1382 votes

#47 - Fish Scaler

MacGyver (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 14

Using a fish scaler and some fishing wire, Mac and Jack must track down a corrupt FBI agent who has framed a man for murder. Also, everyone on the team is terrified to get their first performance review from Matty, their tough new boss.

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125 votes

#48 - Kingmaker

Law & Order - Season 16 - Episode 20

After undercover cop Dana Baker is murdered, Fontana and Green learn that the man who killed her had discovered her identity after seeing a photograph of her.

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1188 votes

#49 - DIY or DIE

MacGyver (2016) - Season 2 - Episode 1

MacGyver and the team search for a Navy SEAL who is believed to be alive in captivity in the Middle East.

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Hole Puncher
1290 votes

#50 - Hole Puncher

MacGyver (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 20

When the team intercepts a terror group's message meant for Murdoc, Mac poses as the psychopath to save the intended target and find out why they want Murdoc to assassinate him.

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