The BEST episodes written by David A. Weinstein

Two Girls, One Cop
825 votes

#1 - Two Girls, One Cop

Death Valley - Season 1 - Episode 4

The UTF is called to a porn shoot when one of the actors goes werewolf on the castand crew, and Kirsten is sent on werewolf lockdown.

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Five More Minutes
3 votes

#2 - Five More Minutes

Lucky 7 - Season 1 - Episode 8

When Bob is rushed to the ER with Gloria and the Gold Star gang at his side, his whole future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile Leanne doesn’t wait until the outcome of the criminal trial before she makes her next move against Emma’s biological mother for custody. Meanwhile, Mary’s agenda gets in the way of Matt’s concern for Bob and Leanne, and Nicky and Samira seem totally in love until Samira receives Naveed jumps back in the game.

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Gold Star, Inc.
4 votes

#3 - Gold Star, Inc.

Lucky 7 - Season 1 - Episode 6

The arrival of a corporate “yes” man who will oversee the sale of the Gold Star triggers a surprising reaction from the crew and sparks their independence: Samira forces the question of inviting Nicky over to dinner with her family; Nicky sets out to make his dream of owning his own night club come true; and Leanne finally decides on a course of action to protect Emma while still harboring feelings for Matt. Meanwhile, Bob is devastated when he finds out what the corporation really intends to do with Gold Star.

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