The BEST episodes written by Carl Knutson

Fanning the Flames (South African Airways Flight 295)
87 votes

#1 - Fanning the Flames (South African Airways Flight 295)

Mayday - Season 5 - Episode 7

Alternative titles: "Cargo Conspiracy" and "Mystery Fire". South African Airways Flight 295 starts filling with smoke over the Indian Ocean. A fire has erupted in the rear main level cargo area; the pilots successfully open the doors in flight to clear the smoke from the aircraft, however it crashes with no survivors.

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Fatal Distraction (Eastern Airlines Flight 401)
206 votes

#2 - Fatal Distraction (Eastern Airlines Flight 401)

Mayday - Season 5 - Episode 8

Alternative title: "Who's at the Controls?" A Lockheed L-1011 Tristar operating Eastern Airlines Flight 401 to Miami International Airport crashes in the Everglades because the crew is distracted by a faulty landing gear indicator light and accidentally disengage the autopilot. 101 people die.

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Blind Spot (PSA Flight 182)
139 votes

#3 - Blind Spot (PSA Flight 182)

Mayday - Season 11 - Episode 8

Just minutes from landing in San Diego, PSA Flight # 182 collides with a Cessna and both planes crash in a residential area; investigators must determine what went wrong in the biggest airline disaster in American history.

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Blind Landing (TANS Peru, Flight 204)
131 votes

#4 - Blind Landing (TANS Peru, Flight 204)

Mayday - Season 12 - Episode 5

On 23 August 2005, TANS Perú Flight 204 attempted to make a landing at Pucallpa Airport, Peru, after a severe thunderstorm, but crashed into a muddy swamp 4 miles (6.4 km) off the airfield. AKA Blind Landing

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Dangerous Game
372 votes

#5 - Dangerous Game

Gangland Undercover - Season 1 - Episode 4

When Stash murders a drug dealer, the D.A.'s determination to convict him threatens to blow Falco's cover. Meanwhile, Falco proves he's a critical asset to both the Vagos and the cops. But when he later throws the first punch in a bar brawl, Falco, Schizo, and Stash all find themselves behind bars on charges of attempted murder.

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Panic over the Pacific (China Airlines Flight 006)
166 votes

#6 - Panic over the Pacific (China Airlines Flight 006)

Mayday - Season 4 - Episode 6

Alternate title: "6 Mile Plunge" February 19, 1985: China Airlines Flight 006 collides with a jet stream while flying to Los Angeles. The no. 4 engine fails and the pilots try to restart the engine at a much too high altitude. The plane banks slowly to the right but the pilot expects the autopilot to steady the plane. The plane slows down and stalls, sending the passengers and crew into a spiraling nosedive. The sudden actions put everyone under incredible G-forces. The Flight Engineer mistakes readings on the gauges for total engine failures on all engines rather than the Captain putting the throttle to idle. The speed increases and the plane pulls out of the dive but stalls again and falls. The extreme forces rip the undercarriage doors off and pieces of the stabilizers rip off as well. The Boeing 747SP clears the clouds and the pilot sees the horizon. The plane is pulled from the dive, pinning the passengers to their seats. The pilot lands safely at San Francisco despite having trouble with the elevators. 2 people are hurt, but everyone is alive.

Vertigo (Flash Airlines Flight 604)
169 votes

#7 - Vertigo (Flash Airlines Flight 604)

Mayday - Season 4 - Episode 9

AKA "Desperate Dive", "Deadly Disorientation". . Flash Airlines Flight 604 departs Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt for Paris. Just after take-off, the aircraft banks right and goes off course. The pilot corrects the roll but the aircraft banks right again. This time the pilot does nothing. The Boeing 737 rolls further and descends into the Red Sea 9km south of Sharm el-Sheikh. Everyone on board is dead. Although many people today claim that the pilot was spatially disorientated, the cause of this disaster is still disputed.