The BEST episodes written by Brian Fillis

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#1 - I.C.E

Sirens (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 3

The paramedics are called out to a young male in a student house who is suffering from drug-induced paranoia. When Rachid goes to talk with a neighbour, he comes across a scary 'purple job'; a suicide victim who has been dead for some time. The realisation that 'Purple Phil' wasn't missed by anyone for a fortnight sets off an unlikely chain reaction for ladies' man, Rachid. Convinced he doesn't want to meet his maker in similarly lonely circumstances, Rachid decides there is only one course of action - he needs to settle down. Only thing is, he's got to find the girl to do it with...

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Lone Star
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#2 - Lone Star

Trust (2018) - Season 1 - Episode 2

As word of his grandson’s kidnapping spreads, J. Paul Getty sends his trusted fixer Fletcher Chace to Rome to investigate the mysterious disappearance.

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#3 - Kodachrome

Trust (2018) - Season 1 - Episode 7

Old Paul tries to follow through on his plan, Gail grows hopeful, but Big Paul obsesses about the quarrels of the past.

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Two Man Race
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#4 - Two Man Race

Sirens (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 2

Stuart, Rachid and Ashley find their male pride rattled by the lads from the local fire brigade. As the team make a drop-off in A&E, Stuart observes the waiting room is awash with the dregs of humanity and proclaims he's proud that he is 'biologically incapable of adding to its vile and dirty ranks'. Yes, he's firing blanks. When Ashley and Rachid tease him that he's not getting any anyway, he drops a bombshell; he has a date - with Angie, played by Charlene McKenna, a student and eco-campaigner he met a few weeks back. As soon as he's alone, Stuart digs out her number and quickly arranges the date. After a shaky start, things are going well with Angie, but Stuart seems to be behaving in a macho way that neither he nor his friends recognise. Is it Angie's mystique that's having this effect on him, or is it something more powerful than that?

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More Anger
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#5 - More Anger

Queers - Season 1 - Episode 3

Actors can feel typecast. But it's 1987, and with AIDS hitting the headlines a new part looks like a game-changer for Phil.

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#6 - Excluded

BBC Documentaries - Season 2010 - Episode 206

In a failing comprehensive school in North London, three individuals lives are about to collide. Excluded charts the intersecting stories of Amanda, an ambitious headmistress, Ian, an idealistic new maths teacher, and Mark, a troubled and disruptive pupil. Against the odds, Ian makes a connection with Mark, but will he put his career on the line to save him? A witty, emotionally powerful and searingly real expose of the realities and struggles that inner-city schools face today.