The BEST episodes written by Allison M. Gibson

Cafeteria Lady
6 votes

#1 - Cafeteria Lady

Sister, Sister - Season 4 - Episode 15

Lisa gets a second job as a cafeteria worker at the twins' school and adds zest to the lunchline; everyone seems to be sweet on her efforts but Tia, who's embarrassed.

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The Honeymoon's Over or Now What?
168 votes

#2 - The Honeymoon's Over or Now What?

Reba - Season 1 - Episode 2

The high school's principal Mrs. Hodge calls Reba and Brock into her office to give them a brochure on an alternative school for pregnant mothers, called Hollyhouse, that she feels Cheyenne should attend. When Reba returns to say that Cheyenne's decision is to stay in her regular high school the principal makes it clear that this wasn't a request. When Reba insists that Cheyenne be allowed to stay, the principal suspends the pregnant teen for three weeks, enough time to ruin her grades. First, Brock brings Barbra Jean into the group, making Reba more than unhappy. Then they begin discussing Cheyenne's situation and Reba comes up with an idea. If they keep Van out of school as long as Cheyenne is out of school, the principal will have to give in and let them both back. Why? Because they'll lose their chance at a football championship without star cornerback Van. Cheyenne and Van have been staying at home in protest, but as the next big game approaches without any word from the Principal

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Cutting the Cord
57 votes

#3 - Cutting the Cord

Boy Meets World - Season 6 - Episode 12

Shawn and Angela draw up a restraining order forbidding Cory and Topanga from any further interference in their romantic lives, but Shawn still has a difficult time seeing Angela date someone else -- especially when they all wind up in the same restaurant together. Meanwhile, Alan tries to overcome his feeling too old for another baby by shopping for a motorcycle, and Eric becomes an over-enthusiastic birthing coach.

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My Personal Statement
337 votes

#4 - My Personal Statement

Awkward. - Season 4 - Episode 9

Jenna and Tamara have to face up to the fact they may not be together in the future.

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Meet the Parents
115 votes

#5 - Meet the Parents

Reba - Season 1 - Episode 11

Reba's parents (guest stars Barry Corbin, ""Northern Exposure"" and Dorothy Lyman, ""The Bold and the Beautiful"") are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary. They're taking a vacation and on the way they plan on stopping by Reba's to see the family. Reba's excited about her parents' visit until her mom starts making comments about what makes a good marriage. Thinking her mother is disappointed that she didn't keep her marriage together, Reba takes the comments to heart. Nevertheless, she plans a lunch to celebrate the anniversary and tells Brock that he should stop by and say hi, but not to bring Barbra Jean. Van's terrified of Cheyenne's grandparents because he's sure they disapprove of the marriage and Cheyenne's pregnancy, blaming him. Grandma assures him that she and her husband got married young as well. She gives Cheyenne a locket that her husband gave her a few years after they got married. It contained a real diamond ring, since they were too poor to have a real one when they

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The Truth About Honesty
51 votes

#6 - The Truth About Honesty

Boy Meets World - Season 6 - Episode 20

When Cory and Topanga make an agreement to tell the truth about everything and everyone, their totally honest pact creates tension at Rachel and Jack's first dinner party. When the party guests play a game that forces them to also tell the truth, personal feelings are revealed that they would rather keep to themselves.

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You Light Up My Union
54 votes

#7 - You Light Up My Union

Boy Meets World - Season 7 - Episode 5

Jack and Eric learn the art of dealing with each other when they take over as managers of the student union. Meanwhile, Rachel reads the guys the riot act after Cory and Shawn pry into her diary.

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The War (1)
80 votes

#8 - The War (1)

Boy Meets World - Season 7 - Episode 15

A fierce war of pranks ensues after Cory and Shawn diss Rachel (Shawn parks in her parking spot). Cory, Shawn and Topanga takes on Rachel, Angela and Jack, with Eric acting as a neutral spy in both camps.

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It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings
165 votes

#9 - It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings

Reba - Season 1 - Episode 22

Van and Cheyenne, who is nearing her due date and having trouble moving around, are excited about their upcoming graduation day. They tell Brock, BJ and Reba they want to be in the delivery room by themselves because it's about time they take reponsibility for things. Reba's hurt but takes the news in stride. Principal Hodges stops by and hands Cheyenne her diploma, assuming Cheyenne is too pregnant to attend the ceremony. It's obvious Principal Hodges just wants to avoid the embarrassment of a pregnant teen at graduation. Cheyenne stands up for herself and says she'll be at the ceremony and hands back the diploma. On the morning of graduation day Kyra notices Cheyenne is acting a little funny. She figures out Cheyenne's in labor but promises not to say anything because Cheyenne is intent on getting her diploma in person. At the ceremony, just as Reba figures out what's going on, Cheyenne is about to walk across the stage. Suddenly the contractions get to be too much so Van carries her

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15 Minutes of Shame
121 votes

#10 - 15 Minutes of Shame

Two Guys and a Girl - Season 4 - Episode 3

Johnny confronts Berg and Berg convinces him not to tell Sharon. Sharon finds out and she tries to use it against Johnny but he keeps his promise to Berg and tells her that it Pete and Ashley that are sleeping together. Nomar is thinking of leaving Boston because of Ashley so an unruly mob sets up outside their apartment building and harass her. Marti convinces Nomar to stay.

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Luck Be a Taylor Tonight
379 votes

#11 - Luck Be a Taylor Tonight

Home Improvement - Season 1 - Episode 22

Al and Jill's sister, Robin, ruin Tim's poker night.

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189 votes

#12 - Pilot

Reba - Season 1 - Episode 1

The Harts are in court-ordered therapy. As the story unfolds, Brock and Reba reveal that they are separated due to Brock's midlife crisis and while in court the entire family — Reba, Brock, Cheyenne, Jake and Kyra — got into what the judge described as a brawl. While in therapy Brock reveals that he won't be moving back home because he has to marry his dental hygienist/assistant Barbra Jean. Why? She's pregnant. And... oops, little Jake lets it slip that Cheyenne, the Hart's 17-year-old daughter, is pregnant as well. Cheyenne and Van, her all-star football-playing boyfriend decide that they're going to get married. Reba organizes a shotgun wedding while trying to keep terminally perky Barbra Jean at a safe distance. Van's parents won't come to the wedding and have kicked him out of the house but, on the bright side, he managed to arrange a honeymoon at his uncle's beach house in Galveston. On the wedding day, Cheyenne is upset that her Dad hasn't arrived yet. Reba starts to lose it whe

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Reach Out and Teach Someone
609 votes

#13 - Reach Out and Teach Someone

Home Improvement - Season 1 - Episode 10

Tim decides to do a Tool Time special for women to teach plumbing. After being called an idiot by Randy, Brad worries that he will do bad on a test. Tim starts his hot rod.

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Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof
734 votes

#14 - Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof

Home Improvement - Season 1 - Episode 4

Tim becomes green with envy while putting up a new satellite dish on the roof when Jill's teacher visits.

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