The BEST Episodes of The Little Couple

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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Network: TLC

Picking up where the special "Little People: Just Married" left off, this series follows newlyweds Bill Klein, a successful businessman, and Jen Arnold, a pediatrician, as they embark on their life together. Both under four feet tall, they face not only the struggles of two little people in a world built for folks of average size, but they also move to a new city, buy a home and think about starting a family.

Breaking New Ground

#1 - Breaking New Ground

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 1, 2010

After seeing Bill with his brand new look for summer, Jen visits her stylist for a new hairdo. Later, Bill and Jen pick out plumbing fixtures and windows for their new home.

star 10.00
1 votes
Off The Deep End

#2 - Off The Deep End

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 7, 2011

Jen is on a 24 hour call for work; Bill checks out the pool.

star 10.00
1 votes
Getting Back on Track

#3 - Getting Back on Track

Season 5 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 20, 2012

Bill and Jen are ready to move forward following the miscarriage.

star 10.00
3 votes
Four Little Embryos

#4 - Four Little Embryos

Season 5 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 3, 2012

Bill and Jen head back to California for another procedure to transfer embryos to their surrogate, Cindy.

star 10.00
1 votes
An Adoption Twist

#5 - An Adoption Twist

Season 6 - Episode 3 - Aired May 7, 2013

Baby-proofing the home; Jen gets some adoption news that could change everything.

star 10.00
1 votes
And His Name Is...

#6 - And His Name Is...

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 30, 2013

Jen and Bill are officially matched with a little boy from China.

star 10.00
2 votes
Best Day Yet!

#7 - Best Day Yet!

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired May 28, 2013

Jen and Bill nervously wait to meet their son William for the first time.

star 10.00
1 votes
All Aboard!

#8 - All Aboard!

Season 11 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 16, 2016

It’s almost Christmas at the Klein-Arnold household. But first, Jen has a huge project at the hospital so Bill takes the kids out to a mini-bowling alley while Jen puts in extra hours at work.

star 10.00
1 votes
Man Cave; Woman Cave

#9 - Man Cave; Woman Cave

Season 5 - Episode 4 - Aired Mar 27, 2012

Bill and Jen find that there's a few more details that can use a personal touch in their new home; Bill refinished the floor of the garage and Jen decorates her closet.

star 9.67
3 votes
A Store Is Born

#10 - A Store Is Born

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired Apr 3, 2012

Bill needs to renovate his new pet store and hire employees; Judy helps Bill interview potential employees and Jen gives her opinion on the design.

star 9.33
3 votes
Adopting A New Approach

#11 - Adopting A New Approach

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired May 15, 2012

Jen and Bill have set up a meeting with an organization dedicated to finding parents for kids with special needs.

star 9.25
4 votes

#12 - Surprise!

Season 14 - Episode 5 - Aired Aug 20, 2019

Bill recruits the kids to make handmade gifts for Jen's surprise birthday party while she and her parents visit her childhood home.

star 9.18
11 votes
Welcome Home, Will!

#13 - Welcome Home, Will!

Season 7 - Episode 1 - Aired Aug 13, 2013

After traveling around the world to get their new son Will, Jen and Bill take a 28-hour trip back to the states as parents! We join Will, Jen and Bill as they experience lots of family firsts now that their son is finally home.

star 9.17
6 votes
Yee Haw

#14 - Yee Haw

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 7, 2011

Jen and her parents check out the legendary Houston Rodeo.

star 9.00
2 votes
You Bowl Me Over

#15 - You Bowl Me Over

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Oct 11, 2011

Jen, Bill, Judy, Dave and their five dogs are still living in a rental apartment awaiting their new house to be completed. They hope to move in soon, as the tensions risk bubbling over in the apartment. To blow off steam, the family goes bowling.

star 9.00
2 votes
Its All By Design

#16 - Its All By Design

Season 4 - Episode 21 - Aired Oct 18, 2011

After years of waiting, the Little Couple is on the verge of moving into their new home and getting pregnant at the same time!

star 9.00
2 votes
Start of Something Big

#17 - Start of Something Big

Season 4 - Episode 22 - Aired Oct 25, 2011

Bill and Jen must decide if they are willing to have their two embryos go through genetic testing.

star 9.00
2 votes
A Little More Q&A

#18 - A Little More Q&A

Season 4 - Episode 23 - Aired Oct 25, 2011

Bill and Jen take viewer questions; an inside view of the past four seasons.

star 9.00
2 votes
Ready, Set, Relax!

#19 - Ready, Set, Relax!

Season 5 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 10, 2012

Between their recent surrogacy attempt and the busy holidays, life has become very stressful for Bill and Jen; Bill takes Jen to Galveston for a surprise weekend at the beach.

star 9.00
2 votes
New Leash On Life

#20 - New Leash On Life

Season 5 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 17, 2012

Jen and Bill put the recent egg retrieval behind them and focus on their crazy work schedules; Jen is inspecting a new addition to the hospital; Bill brings a pet psychic to the pet store.

star 9.00
2 votes
This is How We Party

#21 - This is How We Party

Season 14 - Episode 10 - Aired Sep 24, 2019

Zoey's dream comes true as she and her best friend have a special mermaid encounter; Bill and Jen throw a big summer party for all of their friends but have to scramble when an unexpected Florida rainstorm threatens to ruin their big event.

star 8.83
12 votes
Can We Deck the Halls?

#22 - Can We Deck the Halls?

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Mar 27, 2012

Jen hires a decorating service to come out and transform their new house into a Texas-sized holiday display.

star 8.75
4 votes
A Little State Pride

#23 - A Little State Pride

Season 5 - Episode 13 - Aired May 8, 2012

Jen and Bill take a road trip from Houston to San Antonio; the couple reminisces about their first year in Houston and plans for a family.

star 8.75
4 votes
I'm a Real Pirate!

#24 - I'm a Real Pirate!

Season 14 - Episode 4 - Aired Aug 13, 2019

The Klein family celebrates Will's birthday at the Grand Prix races where his pirate ship sets off.

star 8.75
8 votes
Will You Be My Surrogate?

#25 - Will You Be My Surrogate?

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired Sep 27, 2011

The road to becoming parents has been a long one for The Little Couple. Finally, they meet Cindy and James, the couple that may be their surrogate family.

star 8.50
2 votes