The BEST Episodes of The Finder

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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Network: FOX

From the creator of the hit series “Bones” comes “The Finder”. An Iraq war vet suffers a brain injury that triggers the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated events, objects or people.

A Cinderella Story

#1 - A Cinderella Story

Season 1 - Episode 3

A NASA scientist seeks Walter's help to find the matching pair of a red stiletto left behind by a woman he met at a bar. Walter uses the stiletto as the first clue to finding the missing woman but in the process he uncovers her shocking secret that winds up putting his own life in danger. Meanwhile, Willa exposes Leo's dark family secret, but when she tries to make amends with him, she gets herself into even more legal trouble.

star 8.45
247 votes
Directors: Adam Arkin
Writers: Sanford Golden, Karen Wyscarver
The Boy with the Bucket

#2 - The Boy with the Bucket

Season 1 - Episode 13

When Langston, Walter's older brother comes to town, he asks Walter to go see their dying father whose last wish is for Walter to find his first love... Walter and Langston's mother. Additionally, a stolen painting he had previously found for a museum turns out to be fake, so now Walter must either find the original or return his finder's fee. Meanwhile, Willa struggles with her upcoming marriage to Timo, which is now only one week away.

star 8.42
223 votes
Directors: Vahan Moosekian
Writers: Hart Hanson, Patrick Massett, John Zinman

#3 - Bullets

Season 1 - Episode 2

A former prison warden enlists the help of Walter to find a bullet that could prove the innocence of a death row inmate just days before his execution. Meanwhile, FBI psychologist - and Jeffersonian team member - Dr. Lance Sweets evaluates Walter's competency to consult on federal cases. In the process, Sweets begins to understand Walter's intangible gift and motivation to find the unfindable. Also, Willa attends a beach party and gets herself into trouble.

star 8.40
258 votes
Directors: Terrance O'Hara
Writers: Matt MacLeod
Swing and a Miss

#4 - Swing and a Miss

Season 1 - Episode 4

Isabel's new boyfriend Frank, an all-star baseball athlete, gets robbed, and Walter steps in to help find his stolen collectibles. But in the process, Walter learns Frank has lost something more meaningful than memorabilia. Then, to earn Willa's trust, Leo and Walter bring her in on the case.

star 8.36
230 votes
Directors: Kevin Hooks
Writers: Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre
The Inheritance

#5 - The Inheritance

Season 1 - Episode 11

Isabel’s friend Joyce asks Walter to find the men who murdered her father, a racetrack aficionado. With the help of some horse-whispering, Walter discovers links to an inheritance Joyce was supposed to receive from her father, and to some mysterious men at the track whom Walter suspects are involved in her father’s death.

star 8.36
210 votes
Directors: David Straiton
Writers: Sanford Golden, Karen Wyscarver
The Last Meal

#6 - The Last Meal

Season 1 - Episode 9

Joe and Annie, a once-happily married couple, ate at The Bella Plata restaurant every year on their anniversary until mob boss Fico Vasquez closed it down. Now, to save his marriage, Joe asks Walter to help him find the meal over which he and his wife first fell in love.

star 8.32
208 votes
Directors: Milan Cheylov
Writers: Josh Friedman
The Conversation

#7 - The Conversation

Season 1 - Episode 10

When a family employs Walter to find their missing father and husband, the only help they can offer is a partial voicemail recording of his last message to them. Also, Leo’s memories of his deceased wife and daughter bring new meaning to the case and the family they’re trying to reunite.

star 8.29
220 votes
Directors: Jim Hayman
Writers: Patrick Massett, John Zinman
Eye of the Storm

#8 - Eye of the Storm

Season 1 - Episode 7

While a hurricane rages in Southern Florida, Walter helps Isabel find a missing high school girl from Ends of the Earth; the weather forces Willa's probation officer to hole up at the bar.

star 8.28
236 votes
Directors: Alex Chappele
Writers: Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre
The Great Escape

#9 - The Great Escape

Season 1 - Episode 5

An amateur magician's (Jonathan Slavin) assistant vanishes during an ambitious disappearing act; Leo asks Isabel for help finding Willa.

star 8.26
232 votes
Directors: Seith Mann
Writers: Emilia Serrano
Little Green Men

#10 - Little Green Men

Season 1 - Episode 6

Dr. Jack Hodgins from the Jeffersonian team seeks Walter's help to find evidence that could expose extraterrestrial activity. Meanwhile, Timo and Willa struggle with their arranged marriage proclaimed by the head of their gypsy family.

star 8.25
224 votes
Directors: Dwight Little
Writers: Will Pascoe
Life After Death

#11 - Life After Death

Season 1 - Episode 8

When new tracks are leaked from late rapper J-Stryke, music mogul Big Glade and his business savvy lawyer, Leo's former love interest, ask Walter to find the source of the illegally released music. As Walter pieces together the events that led to J-Stryke's death, he uncovers a more complicated history.

star 8.25
220 votes
Directors: David Boreanaz
Writers: Nkechi Okoro Carroll
Voodoo Undo

#12 - Voodoo Undo

Season 1 - Episode 12

Xavier Obispo, a mob boss in Miami, asks Walter to find a voodoo doll he is convinced was created to be used against him. Willa and Walter visit a witch who is annoyed by the fact that Walter does not take her art seriously, but decides to help them find the person that could have created the doll.

star 8.18
205 votes
Directors: Daniel Sackheim
Writers: Matt MacLeod, Emilia Serrano
An Orphan Walks into a Bar

#13 - An Orphan Walks into a Bar

Season 1 - Episode 1

After recovering one of John Fogerty’s beloved guitars, Iraq veteran Walter Sherman helps a teenage boy locate his missing father, a military pilot and war hero whose plane vanished after embarking on an undisclosed mission.

star 8.04
315 votes
Directors: Daniel Sackheim
Writers: Hart Hanson