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Last Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Network: Tokyo MX

Kaori Fujimiya is always alone because all of her happy memories, including time spent with her friends, disappear every Monday. Deciding that he wants to be friends with her anyway, Yuuki Hase tries to get close to Kaori each week, wishing that she would one day call him "a friend."

Please Be My Friend.

#1 - Please Be My Friend.

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Jun 23, 2014

One evening, Kaori asks Shogo to explain why Yuki had started avoiding her, with the explanation that Yuki doesn't want to hurt her, ironically serving to hurt her further. The following day, Shogo corners Saki into admitting that she had been avoiding him because she believed he was angry at her, prompting him to apologize. After school, Shogo warns Yuki that everyone else had noticed the rift between him and Kaori. As Winter break begins, Yuki inadvertently runs into Kaori at the bridge much to his surprise and they decide to take a stroll together. During their walk, Kaori recalls how much her life has changed thanks to Yuki after which they finally purchase crêpes together. Afterwards, they both reluctantly try to part ways, although Yuki elects to walk Kaori home and they eventually ends up at an old Shinto shrine. While paying their respects, Kaori tearfully confesses her wish to be even closer friends with Yuki despite his avoidance of her. Realizing that his actions only hurt Kaori, Yuki also confesses the same. As the New Year and school term begins, Yuki recalls the importance of treasuring the memories shared with his friends and of creating new memories. Finally, Yuki approaches Kaori in the class one morning, and both ask each other to be friends. In the epilogue, Yuki begins keeping a diary and wonders about the things that Kaori writes in hers.

star 8.04
24 votes
Friends of ''Ah.'' / Friends of ''Whew.''

#2 - Friends of ''Ah.'' / Friends of ''Whew.''

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired May 19, 2014

During Physical Education, Maiko and Ai begin asking Kaori about her relationship with Yuki and find them to be a really cute couple. Since they had been spending less time together in recent days, Yuki asks Kaori to tutor him for their final math exam and insist that they be alone. As they begin their tutoring after school, Yuki asks Kaori about her fascination with Math and inadvertently calls her cute during their talk. Afterwards Saki shows up with a class announcement from Mr. Inoue and Yuki helps her put it up. However as Maiko and Ai come to retrieve Saki, Kaori says "Ah" when they leave, much to her's and Yuki's confusion. As Summer break draws near Yuki begins worrying about not being able to see Kaori as often and finds himself reluctant to talk to her about it. However Shogo convinces him that he should ask Kaori to meet up over the break and physically nudges Yuki out of his reluctance. Yuki eventually asks Kaori to make plans to meet up over the break and learns that she had just assumed they would still see each other. When Summer break begins the next Monday, Yuki and Kaori fail to plan a location to rendezvous and end up meeting on the school roof. Much to their surprise though, Kaori finally begins remembering exactly who Yuki is.

star 7.86
22 votes
The Beach with Friends

#3 - The Beach with Friends

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired May 26, 2014

As Summer progresses, Kaori asks Yuki to visit the beach along with Saki and Shogo. Unfortunately when the four of them arrive at the beach the next morning, the weather takes a turn for the worse. While they try and make the most of some beach activities, the weather eventually forces them to take refuge in an arcade. Yuki then tries and fails to show off in the crane game after which the group takes some photos in a photo booth. When the weather finally clears around noon Shogo and Kaori are paired up to buy lunch, much to Yuki's disappointment. Shogo uses the opportunity to question Kaori on her feelings for Yuki, while Saki also teases Yuki on his feelings for Kaori. However Kaori notes to Shogo of experiencing unfamiliar feelings when she had seen Yuki speaking to other girls. Sometime later, as the day turns to evening, Shogo suggests that Yuki try harder to get Kaori to see his feelings. Afterwards Yuki and Kaori take a walk on the beach and share a tender moment. Finally, as the day draws to a close, the four friends enjoy some fireworks and while Kaori recalls the day's events, she has trouble describing her newfound feelings which had started surfacing. Meanwhile, a teenager and his family move back into the city.

star 7.85
20 votes
An Important Friend

#4 - An Important Friend

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Jun 16, 2014

As the winter season looms, Yuki continues making slow progress with Kaori, while at the same time, Saki begins avoiding Shogo because of their previous discussion. That afternoon, Maiko and Ai decide to take Kaori home and Yuki questions Hajime about the previous Friday's events at the crêperie, with the former deciding to take Yuki to a restaurant to meet with Ota and Yamasato. While there, Yuki asks Hajime about his past with Kaori and learns of their popularity and study sessions in elementary school, reminding Yuki of his current relationship with her. As Oto and Yamasato show up they explain that Kaori was bullied by her classmates led by her so-called friend Shigahara Naomi out of envy at her relationship with Hajime. This caused her to flee in tears and was subsequently hit by a car, thus missing her meeting with Hajime and resulting in her memory loss, much to Yuki and Hajime's shock. At the same time, Kaori hears the conversation and breaks into tears after which Hajime ends up blaming himself for her condition. The next Monday, Kaori tells Yuki about her relief at knowing the truth. However Yuki confides in Shogo of his fear that he may unintentionally hurt Kaori and hence, starts distancing himself from her.

star 7.85
20 votes
How to Spend Time with Friends

#5 - How to Spend Time with Friends

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 14, 2014

Kaori immediately rejects Yuki's seemingly intrusive proposal, knocking the latter into a disheartened state once more. However Yuki picks himself up with encouragement from Shogo. The next day Yuki surprises Kaori on the rooftop and explains their previous week which Kaori happily believes. The following day, Yuki suggests that Kaori keep a diary to help her remember the time they spend together and she begins documenting all the all the good and bad traits of Yuki's personality. On Friday Kaori presents Yuki with the crêpe flyer and he suggests that they visit the place on Sunday. However when they meet up, the crêperie turns out to be closed and Yuki suggests that they go to a karaoke place instead. After a fun-filled Sunday afternoon, the pair apologize to each other about their unique circumstance. That night Kaori leaves a notice for her to read the diary on Monday morning. At lunch on Monday, Kaori timidly meets with Yuki on the roof for the first time yet again and tearfully forces herself to remember him thanks to her diary. However Yuki beats himself up for her obvious pain and apologizes for his selfishness for her to remember him. However Kaori forgives him and they restart their cycle all over again.

star 7.80
35 votes
Mothers of Friends

#6 - Mothers of Friends

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired May 12, 2014

Yuki's teacher Jun Inoue, passes his test answers around the class as punishment for failing the recent math test. This forces Yuki to seek math tutelage from Kaori, who happily agrees and takes him, Shogo and Saki over to her house that evening to study. At Kaori's house the group meets her cheerful mother Shiho Fujimiya after which they settle down to work, with Yuki and Saki making slow progress. After some time, they procrastinate a bit when Kaori has trouble interacting with Shogo due to his intimidating demeanor, with Saki and Yuki trying to help the pair become closer. However in the end, the pair acknowledge each other as friends since they already hang out together. The next day Shiho asks Yuki to meet her at the park after school where she elaborates on Kaori's mental condition. Shiho explains that Kaori was hospitalized after being involved in a car accident and despite having no brain damage, she seemed to have repressed the memories of her friends after the accident for some reason. The next day, Yuki passes his test and talks to Kaori in class for the first time, making her happy. Seeing Kaori smile, Yuki resolves to continue becoming her friend over and over again as the weeks roll by.

star 7.80
25 votes
Fighting with Friends

#7 - Fighting with Friends

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 28, 2014

A rumor begins spreading around the class that Kaori and Shogo are friends. Finding himself a bit envious, Yuki upsets Kaori by asking her to tone down on inquiries about Shogo. However his words hit Kaori harder than expected, resulting in their first fight to which she leaves school early that Friday. Kaori eventually finds herself at the river where she accidentally loses her diary, while at the same time Yuki goes to Kiryu for solace. Kaori then collapses from a cold when she returns home, coincidentally knocking the reminder about her diary off her door. The following Tuesday, Kaori finally shows up for school and Yuki immediately attempts to apologize for their fight. However much to his shock, she fails to remember him or her diary. Feeling depressed, Yuki asks for Shogo's advice and his words encourage Yuki to begin searching for Kaori's lost diary. Afterwards Shogo speaks with Kaori and helps her realize that her memories are missing. The next day, Kaori visits the river on a whim and finds Yuki desperately searching for the thing she forgot. When Yuki eventually finds the diary, Kaori accepts that it was the important thing she had lost. Finally, the pair make up and restart their cycle all over again.

star 7.76
25 votes
Last Day with Friends

#8 - Last Day with Friends

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Jun 2, 2014

On the very last day of Summer break, Yuki, Kaori, Shogo and Saki get together at Kaori's house to complete their homework assignments. As the day progresses, Shiho explains the positive impact Yuki's friendship has had on Kaori's life and Shogo reaffirms to Yuki on the importance of the process in helping Kaori through her condition. Afterwards, Saki decides to head home despite not finishing her assignments and Shogo lends her his completed answer sheet which triggers a memory from their elementary school where he had also done this for her in the past. After Yuki finally finishes his assignments, he inquires about Kaori's gradually improving memories to which she positively regards their friendship as being the cause. The second semester begins the next day and Inoue refreshes the class's assigned seating which results in Kaori and Yuki seated next to each other. Afterwards Inoue introduces a transfer student named Hajime Kujo, who finds a seat next to Kaori and upon noticing her, harshly brands her as a traitor for breaking their "promise." This causes Kaori to collapse from sudden mental stress and when she finally awakens in the nurse's office, her memories of Yuki are completely reset once more.

star 7.52
21 votes
New Friends

#9 - New Friends

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired May 5, 2014

Saki Yamagishi approaches Kaori on the roof and explains her wish for them to be friends. Kaori doesn't refuse the offer and instead tells Saki about her no-talking rule. The next day, Saki forgets the rule and attempts to interact with Kaori during the day. Despite finding Saki rather bold though, Yuki encourages Kaori to befriend her. Afterwards Kaori reveals her condition to Saki, with the latter likening it to her own casual forgetfulness, suggesting instead that Kaori not worry too much on it and the pair officially become friends. After school on Friday, Saki invites Kaori on a friendly date and they do much of the things that Kaori always wished to do with a friend, much to the envy of Yuki, who also drags Shogo along to observe them. At the day's end, Saki tells Kaori about how she used to be bullied but overcame her ordeal thanks to her friends; consequently bringing Kaori to tears when she acknowledges their true friendship. The following Monday, Kaori does indeed forget Saki. However when Saki begins prompting her memory, Kaori seems to recall a bit of their time together and enjoys their interaction, especially when joined by two of Saki's friends, Maiko Serizawa and Ai Nishimura. Finally Kaori turns and smiles at Yuki, as some of her memories slowly seem to be returning.

star 7.52
23 votes
Friends and Friends

#10 - Friends and Friends

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 9, 2014

On Monday, Yuki finds himself frustrated that all the progress he made with Kaori became undone with the appearance of Hajime, who sheds light on his elementary school attendance and hatred towards Kaori. During the following day's lunch, Yuki bursts into tears after the realization that the Kaori he had become friends with isn't there anymore. That afternoon, Saki finally notices the strangeness in Kaori and Yuki's behavior and relates her desire to help them. The next day, Kaori tells Yuki about the strange nostalgia she feels when around Hajime and Yuki explains a bit of their past. After school, Kaori runs into Hajime and two of their elementary school friends, Ota and Yamasato, at the crêperie where she explains that she genuinely doesn't remember Hajime before some painful memories surface, causing her to run away in a panic. Just then, Yuki shows up and vents his frustration on Hajime before deciding to reveal Kaori's condition to him. Afterwards a disbelieving Hajime questions the integrity of Yuki and Kaori's friendship. At the same time, Saki meets Kaori at the river and mentions that the former considers Yuki to be an important friend. Finally, Yuki firmly asserts his friendship with Kaori and resolves to become her friend all over again from the beginning.

star 7.43
23 votes
Beginning of a Friendship

#11 - Beginning of a Friendship

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 7, 2014

On Monday, Kaori Fujimiya rejects Yuki Hase's proposal of friendship. Feeling disheartened, Yuki's friend Shogo Kiryu advises him to ask Kaori for the reason that they can't be friends. However when he tries doing so, Kaori feigns illness and ignores him. On Tuesday, Yuki goes to the rooftop and sits down to lunch with Kaori, however she blatantly puts that she cannot have any friends. Not giving up, Yuki compromises that they have lunch the next day as acquaintances only. On Wednesday, Yuki meets with Kaori and they talk about the things they do after school. After having lunch on Thursday, Kaori excitedly shows Yuki a flyer for a crêperie but stops herself, declaring that they aren't friends. As they continue their discussion, Yuki asks for Kaori's view on friendship. Finally, as Friday arrives, Kaori tearfully explains to Yuki that she loses the memories of people she gets close to every Monday, leaving the latter in sheer disbelief. Unsure of what to do, on Saturday, Yuki asks for Shogo's advice and he encourages Yuki to pursue Kaori. Finally, on Monday Yuki approaches Kaori in class and heartbreakingly confirms the truth of her words when she looks at him with a dark expression. However, believing that Kaori really wants a friend, Yuki asks her to be friends.

star 7.38
34 votes
Friends of Friends

#12 - Friends of Friends

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 21, 2014

Kaori begins making lunches for Yuki and records what he likes to eat. Afterwards Yuki suggests that they let Shogo in on her secret for an outside perspective. The following day Yuki has Shogo join them for lunch and his harsh demeanor slightly intimidates Kaori. However Shogo seems to understand when Yuki begins to explain Kaori's memory loss and even provides theories on how it may have originated, despite his skepticism which creates a small rift between him and Yuki when the latter defends Kaori. The next day after school, Kaori forgets the diary under her desk and finds herself scared to retrieve it in front of the other students, especially when two girls bring her to tears with their trash talk of her. However Shogo retrieves the diary for Kaori and explains that people won't understand her if she doesn't speak to them herself. The following Monday, Yuki runs after Kaori when she rushes out of class after a Math problem suddenly causes her to remember the eggs she made for lunch the week before. Shogo also follows them and since Kaori does remember him in the same manner as her family, deduces she doesn't consider them friends and ends up believing her story—with Yuki more optimistic than ever about Kaori's progress.

star 7.34
29 votes