The Best Episodes of National Geographic Documentaries

Asteroids: Deadly Impact

#1 - Asteroids: Deadly Impact 0.00

Season 1997 - Episode 1

First and foremost, Asteroids: Deadly Impact is a story about how the world could end. Underlying its premise we find the pillars of asteroidal impact.

Lost Ships of the Mediterranean

#2 - Lost Ships of the Mediterranean 0.00

Season 2000 - Episode 1

Join famed underwater explorer Dr. Robert Ballard as a rare find off the coast of Israel sends him, a team of experts, and a National Geographic crew on a quest to solve an archaeological mystery. See the oldest shipwrecks ever found in the deep Mediterranean, relive the excitement of an ancient wreck discovered by a U.S. Navy nuclear sub, and probe the secrets of these unprecedented archaeological time capsules and the clues they offer to an extraordinary, ancient civilization that dates back to biblical times.

Directors: Gail Willumsen
The Core

#3 - The Core 0.00

Season 2005 - Episode 1

Rock climber Dean Potter has become one of the most innovative and successful climbers of his generation. Follow him as he tackles some astounding feats on sheer rock faces.

Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs

#4 - Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs 0.00

Season 1998 - Episode 1

Who built the pyramids? What were the secrets of mummification? Which treasures were selected for afterlife and why? For centuries, Egypt's pharaohs have kept these secrets to themselves... until now. Follow scientists as they recreate the ancient ritual of mummification and discover how the bodies of the pharaohs were preserved.

Dolphins: The Wild Side

#5 - Dolphins: The Wild Side 0.00

Season 1999 - Episode 1

Dolphins are famous for their intelligent and playful ways, but perhaps less well known is their aggressive side. Dolphins: The Wild Side follows these mammals in the wild as they fight for mating rights, hunt for food, and clash with other dolphin species. Thanks to some brilliant underwater camerawork, we're treated to the sight of dolphins hydroplaning through 10 inches of water after fish, ramming one other in a quarrel over females, and evading a group of hungry orcas in Alaska. (Killer whales are actually part of the dolphin family, but they feel no compunction about feeding on their smaller cousins--not a scene for the squeamish!) But perhaps the most impressive part of this documentary are the scenes of a dolphin pod working in concert to trap a shimmering, mammoth school of sardines. Through calculated use of air bubbles, tail slaps, and sonic pips, the animals corral their prey and have a feast. The clever, and at times ruthless, nature of these mammals is on abundant display in this entertaining documentary.


#6 - 0.00

Season 2015 - Episode 0


#7 - 0.00

Season 2015 - Episode 0

Ten Years on Mars

#8 - Ten Years on Mars 0.00

Season 2014 - Episode 1

When the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity touched down on Mars in January 2004, they were expected to drive a few hundred yards and last 90 days. But scientists were wrong; the hardy robots proved to be two of the greatest explorers of the Space Age. Now, 10 years later, one rover is down, but the other refuses to die and continues to send back stunning images and exciting new scientific information. As newer rovers continue to land on the alien planet, we look back at this remarkable journey. (Source: National Geographic Channel)

Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On

#9 - Costa Concordia Disaster: One Year On 0.00

Season 2013 - Episode 1

Get an extensive look at the series of events leading up to the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise liner, and details plans to re-float the ship in one of the most expensive and challenging salvage operations ever attempted. The Costa Concordia was one of the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise ships ever built. So what happened? Why did the ship collide with a rock? Why wasn’t there an immediate call to abandon ship? Exactly what went wrong and who was at fault will be up to the courts. This special takes a look at the reports, audio recordings, and personal accounts gathered thus far to help tell the story of that fateful night.

Last Voyage of the Lusitania

#10 - Last Voyage of the Lusitania 0.00

Season 1994 - Episode 1

Why did Germany torpedo the Lusitania, a civilian vessel? And why did such an enormous ship sink so fast? Now, take a high-tech plunge beneath the Irish Channel and relive one of the century's most mysterious maritime tragedies: The date is May 7, 1915, just nine months into World War I. A German U-boat torpedoes the Lusitania, one of the largest and fastest luxury liners of its day. Of the 1,959 people aboard, including millionaire Alfred Vanderbilt, nearly two-thirds die. Many are trapped inside as the great ship sinks in just eighteen minutes.

Sky Safari Australia

#11 - Sky Safari Australia 0.00

Season 2016 - Episode 1

Join an aerial odyssey across Australia's iconic landmarks of Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and Lake Eyre as we reveal how these unique environments affect the creatures who call them home.

The Greatest Flight

#12 - The Greatest Flight 0.00

Season 1985 - Episode 1

This National Geographic film documents the efforts of Peter McMillan and Lang Kidley to recreate a famous biplane flight from England to Australia in 1919. Using the original plans, the pair builds an exact replica of the original biplane and then sets flight from England. Cameras follow the pair during their flight, capturing breathtaking views of Egypt, India, and the long string of islands stretching from Asia to Australia.

Americans on Everest

#13 - Americans on Everest 0.00

Season 1965 - Episode 1

The Raising of The Costa Concordia

#14 - The Raising of The Costa Concordia 0.00

Season 2015 - Episode 1

This film charts the inside story of the race to raise and re-float the stricken Costa Concordia. The colossal cruise ship crashed into rocks and capsized on the island of Giglio in Italy in a tragic disaster in which 32 people lost their lives trying to escape. This film uses stunning CGI animation and unique access footage to reveal the incredible innovations and technological breakthroughs needed to make 114,000 tons of mangled metal sail again.


#15 - Alaska! 0.00

Season 1967 - Episode 1

Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee

#16 - Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee 0.00

Season 1966 - Episode 1

The Legacy of L.S.B. Leakey

#17 - The Legacy of L.S.B. Leakey 0.00

Season 1978 - Episode 1

Australia: The Timeless Land

#18 - Australia: The Timeless Land 0.00

Season 1969 - Episode 1


#19 - Amazon 0.00

Season 1968 - Episode 1

Wild River

#20 - Wild River 0.00

Season 1970 - Episode 1

The Great Mojave Desert

#21 - The Great Mojave Desert 0.00

Season 1971 - Episode 1

Secrets of the Virgin Queen

#22 - Secrets of the Virgin Queen 0.00

Season 2011 - Episode 1

They called her the Virgin Queen England's first Queen Elizabeth, a revered ruler in her own lifetime. Yet behind her fame lie many dark secrets, and an unsolved mystery Why didn't the queen marry and provide an heir to the throne? For centuries, rumors have swirled of claims of illegitimacy, adultery and even that the queen may not have been a woman. Now NGC reveals the startling stories and secrets behind England's Virgin Queen.

Directors: Dean Love
Somali Pirates: Fighting Back

#23 - Somali Pirates: Fighting Back 0.00

Season 2010 - Episode 1

Relive the heroics of the crew of US container ship Maersk Alabama, who fought off an attempted hijack by Somali pirates in April 2009.

Diving into Noah's Flood

#24 - Diving into Noah's Flood 0.00

Season 2012 - Episode 1

Archaeologist Jeff Rose embarks on a journey to understand how the destructive forces of water might have inspired the biblical story of Noahs Ark and the great flood. Dr. Rose believes that a massive flood once swallowed a landmass as big as Great Britain, created the Persian Gulf and sent tribes of Neolithic people into constant retreat from the ever-rising waters.

The Last Tribes of the Mindanao

#25 - The Last Tribes of the Mindanao 0.00

Season 1972 - Episode 1