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Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Network: TV Tokyo

Set in the near future (2122), Medabots revolves around the super-charged battling adventures of a group of kids and their unique, high performance pet robots (a.k.a. Medabots). Fueled with artificial intelligence and a specialized arsenal of unique interchangable weapons, Medabots compete against each other in exciting Robattles. However, after the world robattle has ended a new robot group, known as Kilobots, has appeared and begun taking the fun out of robattles, because they play by no rules. How will this affect the World Robattle Championships held every four years?

Cyandog Bites Back

#1 - Cyandog Bites Back

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Oct 6, 2001

Spyke and Cyandog never seem to win a Ro-Battle so Samantha kicks him them out of the Screws gang. Spyke and Cyandog ask Metabee and Ikki for training help and they find out that Cyandog is terrible at battle because he has the wrong type of medal.

star 9.42
36 votes
The Legendary Medafighter

#2 - The Legendary Medafighter

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 15, 2001

Erika finds out about a ""legendary medafighter"" that supposedly goes to a snobby rich kids private school, so she and Ikki sneak in and go on a search to find him.

star 9.33
39 votes
Metabee's Last Stand (2)

#3 - Metabee's Last Stand (2)

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Aired Nov 2, 2002

Doctor Meta-Evil has unleashed his ultimate weapon - the colossal Medabot, Babby-Blue! But Doctor Aki is ready this time - after the las time Meta-Evil played the giant Medabot card, he had a Giant Metabee constructed. Metabee is unable to generate enough power to mobilise his giant likeness, and realises that they need - ""More Medabots, More Power!"" Brass, Peppercat, Neutranurse, Sumilidon, Totalizer, Kantaroth and Cyandog all board the Giant Metabee and help to pilot it into battle with Babby-Blue, in a submission robattle refereed by Mr. Referee, who's determination has been restored by the peddler. But even this combination of strength can't breach Babby-Blue's forcefield. Metabee's determination to win draws on the power of the medals of Medabots from all over, unlocking the dormant power within all medals, both rare and clone. A Medaforce blast generated by this energy shatters Babby-Blue's forcefield, but fails to damage the Medabot itself. Metabee knows what he has to do to win

star 9.00
2 votes
For Better for Worse (1)

#4 - For Better for Worse (1)

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Oct 13, 2001

It is time for the 10th Annual Medabot Citywide Ro-Battle. Ikki and Metabee want to enter but of course they can't get along and Metabee refuses to listen to Ikki in the Ro-Battles. They both manage to get to the finals anyway but the final test is Koji and Sumilidon. Can Ikki and Metabee get a grip and defeat Koji and Sumilidon. Find out in Part 2.

star 8.81
36 votes
Stung by a Metabee

#5 - Stung by a Metabee

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 1, 2001

In the year 2122, a young boy named Ikki does not have a Medabot while everybody else does.

star 8.75
52 votes
The Spy Who Robattled Me

#6 - The Spy Who Robattled Me

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Dec 1, 2001

The Rubber Robo Gang tries to steal a rare medal from the Medabot Corporation. Inside, the Rubber Robo Gang steals Belzega, a Medabot that has one-hit-beats-him attack. Dr. Aki, realizing that the Rubber Robo Gang wants all the rare medals of the world, appoints the Phantom Renegade to protect them.

star 8.55
11 votes
A Date with Destiny

#7 - A Date with Destiny

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Aired Oct 6, 2002

Team Japan's day off goes in unsuspected ways when Dr Aki insists that he check out why Sumilodon was able to use the Medaforce. Leaving Koji behind, Ikki and Erika head off in search of Team Iceland to check out the competition, but Erika soon falls in love with team leader Belmont. When Belmont falls ill saving Erika, she feels guilty that he might not be able to compete and pleads with Victor to postpone the match but he refuses. The match goes on as planned and although Belmont fights valiantly, Warbandit is too powerful and Team kenya wins the second place in the finals, taking Orkamar's medal as their prize. While Belmont mourns the loss, Ikki vows to win back the medal by defeating Victor in the finals, however Brass tries to explain that Warbandit told her that Victor does not want to take the medals, but is doing it for another reason.

star 8.50
2 votes
Taking the Victor Out of Victory (1)

#8 - Taking the Victor Out of Victory (1)

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired Oct 19, 2002

As the finals of the WRC begin, Miss Caviar (as Space Medafighter X) heats things by making a special announcement to the head of the Medabot Corporation, Seaslug. If Team Japan wins the Cup, then Seaslug must quite the Rubberrobos, however if Team Kenya wins, Miss Caviar will join the Robos. As the robattle begins, both teams are on top form and it looks like it could be anyone's game. But as the two teams fight on, Medabots are destroyed one-by-one until only Metabee and Warbandit are left. A crushing blow from Warbandit almost destroys Metabee and in the process fries Ikki's medawatch. Certain that he has won, Victor prepares to leave the stage, but Metabee refuses to give up, summoning the Medaforce to eliminate his opponent. But when Warbandit also summons the Medaforce, the two blasts hit each other head on and the stadium is filled with light...

star 8.50
2 votes
Altered States (2)

#9 - Altered States (2)

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Aired Oct 20, 2002

The violent combination of Metabee and Warbandit's Medaforce blasts shakes the whole stadium, as, far beneath the arena, Rokusho and the Phantom Renegade discover that the Rubberrobo Gang's hideout has been beneath the Medadome all along. They discover a massive resonating antenna, and the Phantom recognises the truth, racing to tell Doctor Aki while Rokusho takes on a team of Whitesords. Warbandit and Metabee, meanwhile, appear caught in a state of suspended animation, and, in a dream state, deep in the recess of his own mind, Metabee sees a world devastated by war. Victor and Ikki bring their Medabots around, but the strength of their robattle spirit is affect both their medals, and the medals of all the other Medabots around them - and the Phantom Renegade suddenly appears to explain why! The entire stadium is a gigantic resonance device, harnessing the energies of the rare medals and spreading it's effect to all the medals within. The Phantom warns that if the battle does not stop,

star 8.50
2 votes
Dude, Where's My Ma?

#10 - Dude, Where's My Ma?

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Apr 6, 2002

Ikki and Metabee have to decide what to do. Do they want to make the rankings for the Medabots Ro-Battle Championships or does he want to save his mom?

star 8.33
6 votes
Waking to a Dream (1)

#11 - Waking to a Dream (1)

Season 2 - Episode 25 - Aired Oct 26, 2002

Metabee finds himself in a paradise... a world of Medabots, but no humans, where a Medabot who is apparently Brass calls him ""Kyuumu."" Doctor Meta-Evil reveals that he thinks of himself as a Medabot, having cybernetically enhanced his body. Then, he delivers the ultimate revelation... Eons ago, the beings that we now know as Medabots were the rulers of the Earth. But they were obsessed with battle and war - to evolve and fight, they modified their bodies into robotic, metal, armored forms. But their war decimated both their race and the world, and so the survivors encoded their minds into small metallic hexagons - Medals - so that when the world was returned to life, they might live again, too. But when this race was returned to life, they were no longer what they had been - now they were Medabots. It is within his own memories of this past time that Metabee's mind now resides, as he and Rokusho's former self battle each other as generals of opposing armies. Metabee is forced to kill R

star 8.33
3 votes
I Dream of Hushi

#12 - I Dream of Hushi

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Dec 8, 2001

Rokusho meets Ainsley, a woman that lost her husband in a war, and they start to become friends.

star 8.25
8 votes
Metabee Vs Rokusho

#13 - Metabee Vs Rokusho

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Feb 9, 2002

Rokusho finds out that Dr. Aki was the one that set fire to Dr. Hushi's house and Rokusho gets very angry. Metabee tries to protect Dr. Aki and has to Ro-Battle Rokusho. When Metabee is about to win, Rokusho uses the 'Medaforce' to pummel Metabee into oblivion.

star 8.25
8 votes
Use the Medaforce

#14 - Use the Medaforce

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Feb 16, 2002

Dr. Meta-Evil's super strong bot, the Robo-Emperor, starts wreaking havoc and Rokusho gets kidnapped by the Rubber Robo Gang and is taken to a ship where they hope to get a rare medal. Ikki finds more info on rare medals and discovers that Dr. Hushi was the first to find out that the Medaforce comes from a Medabot's rare medal.

star 8.25
8 votes
Love at First Bite

#15 - Love at First Bite

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Aug 23, 2002

In Ikki's neighborhood, a cart from Osaka that sells fried octopus balls sets up shop. Despite their good taste, Ikki voices his discontent, since he is a connoisseur of fried octopus balls. Natalie was upset and stayed up all night trying to perfect her recipe. The next day, she was enjoying a good crowd around her cart and again Ikki stopped by to taste her product. Unfortunately, he was once again not satisfied by the taste. Giving Natalie Ikki's attention and valuable advice, Natalie does not get upset, but instead falls in love with Ikki. Natalie is greatly troubled when she finds out that Ikki is ranked third in the nation of all Medafighters. Natalie must decide between her affection for Ikki, and her desire to eliminate him from the competition so she can compete in the World Robattle Tournament and promote her father's fried octopus ball recipe. Very distracted by the smell of fried octopus balls, Ikki almost loses a Robattle to the Clam-Type Octoclam Medabot.

star 8.20
5 votes
Once Frostbitten, Twice Shy

#16 - Once Frostbitten, Twice Shy

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 4, 2002

A snow storm causes the school to be closed. Ikki and Erika are having a snowball fight with the Screws, and don't hear the no-school announcement. Still thinking they have school, Ikki, Erika, and the Screws all report to school and are surprised to find no one there.

star 8.17
6 votes
Me and My Shadow Sword

#17 - Me and My Shadow Sword

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Mar 30, 2002

After seeing Ikki and Metabee use the Medaforce, Koji decides to train harder than ever to be prepared in case he ever has to face it. Space Medafighter X shows up to help him learn a special technique, the "Shadow Sword", which will help him to do this.

star 8.14
7 votes
The Ace from Outer Space

#18 - The Ace from Outer Space

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Mar 9, 2002

As the story returns to where it left off last episode, we see the mysterious Medabot reveal itself. It is a KBT type, Arcbeetle, and it belongs to the number 1 Medafighter in Japan, Space Medafighter X. Space Medafighter X challenges Shrimpy Lipowitz and wins easily, winning back Ikki's medal. As he returns the medal, he lectures Ikki that he should never fight for medals, only medaparts.

star 8.00
7 votes
The Road to Ruins

#19 - The Road to Ruins

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Apr 20, 2002

The Rubbe Robo Gang swoops down and bot-naps Metabee. Because he is exhausted, he cannot fight back. They take Metabee to their secret hideout by helicopter.

star 8.00
6 votes
Beetle Mania

#20 - Beetle Mania

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Apr 27, 2002

Dr. Meta-Evil uses Metabee's medal to control every Medabot in the world! Brass starts to attack Erika and Karin and Kantaroth starts attacking Rintaro and his group. Dr. Meta Evil was once Dr. Hushi's assistant. Dr. Hushi found out the power of the rare medals and he wanted to destroy all his research and findings, but Dr. Meta-Evil stole the information to use it for evil.

star 8.00
6 votes
For Love or Robattle

#21 - For Love or Robattle

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jul 2, 2002

Samantha has a hard choice to make. Give up Ro-Battling, so she could stay with her "true love" (who doesn't like Medabots) or forget about him and continue as a Medafighter. She decides to quit Ro-Batting for Nathan, who doesn't like Medafighters because he lost to Samantha years ago. Now, Samantha has an even harder decision to make. Will she lose on purpose to regain her true love's spirit back?

star 8.00
5 votes
Swede and Sour

#22 - Swede and Sour

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Sep 28, 2002

As Team Japan prepares for their fourth round match against Team Sweden, Ikki, Koji and Sloane (Space Medafighter X) are all infatuated by the three beautiful girls that make up the team. As Spyke and the girls try to snap them out of it, it seems like there is nothing they can do to get the guys to practice. When the match begins, it seems like Team Sweden is in for an easy victory, until the Phantom Renegade reveals that Team Sweden are actually male Rubberrobo Gang members dressed up like beautiful women. Furious that they have been tricked so easily, Metabee wipes out his opponents using the Medaforce, taking Team Japan through to the final eight.

star 8.00
2 votes
The Medaforce Within

#23 - The Medaforce Within

Season 2 - Episode 20 - Aired Oct 5, 2002

Stunned by the news that Hikaru Agata and Metabee caused the Ten Days of Darkness at the WRC eight years ago, Ikki and the others head off to find Henry, certain that he knows more than he is letting on about the incident. On the way, Ikki explains that Henry suggested the name Metabee, and he thinks that Henry and Hikaru may be one and the same. While the gang have no luck finding Henry, Koji is in shock after seeing how he almost let the team down against Patra and Team Egypt. As a disheartened Koji wonders how he can help the team without being able to use the Medaforce, a confrontation between Joe, the leader of Team USA, and Space Medafighter X results in the real Medafighter agreeing to fight in the semi-finals. As the robattle begins, Koji is unable to fight and Team Japan looks set for an early defeat, but as Arcbeetle seemingly destroys both Team USA's Medabots and Metabee as well, Sumilodon jumps in, rescuing his team mate. Determined not to lose, Joe reveals his secret move,

star 8.00
2 votes
What the World Needs Now [a.k.a. Who is the Mystery Medafighter]

#24 - What the World Needs Now [a.k.a. Who is the Mystery Medafighter]

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 20, 2003

Ikki shows the mystery Medafighter how his obsession with destroying the kilobots makes him become similar to Kam, as they both treat their medabots as simple objects of destruction.

star 8.00
3 votes
Running Scared

#25 - Running Scared

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 8, 2001

Ikki's middle school gym teacher makes him and the Screws do A LOT of running, but when Ikki and Erika find out the gym teachers big secret, they decide to investigate.

star 7.93
41 votes