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In the school romantic comedy, Konoe Subaru is a beautiful boy who serves as a butler to a classmate named Suzutsuki Kanade. However, another boy named Sakamachi Kinjirou accidentally discovers Subaru's secret — Subaru is really a girl.

Don't Stare At Me So Much...

#1 - Don't Stare At Me So Much...

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 29, 2011

Kinjirō begins a cheerful, for once, morning with the start of the Golden Week holiday and Kureha gone to club camp for three days. Just as he prepares to have breakfast someone rings the doorbell. To his surprise he finds Konoe dressed up in cat girl gear and carrying luggage, asking him if she could stay with him. He receives a call from Kanade who explains that Konoe had been kicked out of the mansion and she needs a place to stay. Kinjirō agrees to let her stay and Konoe, grateful for this, decides to be be his butler for the duration of her stay. Kinjirō takes a bath only for her to come in insisting that, as his butler, she should wash his back. However, midway through Kureha ends up returning, due to her getting her arm broken after she fought a bear, causing a brief misunderstanding when she see's Konoe's female undergarments in the wash basket. Afterwards, Kanade also arrives stating that she has also decided to live with Kinjirō as his maid. After she and Konoe have a brief competition on who is the better servant, Kinjirō suddenly passes out from a cold much to Kureha and Konoe's distress (where it is revealed that Kinjirō and Kureha's father and Konoe's mother both died from illness). After Konoe attempts to treat him with several questionable cures, Kanade finally explains the situation; taking Kinjirō to the river it is revealed that Konoe's father Nagare has also been sent away due to a fight he had with Konoe about what happened at the pool. At first Konoe refuses to return to the mansion, stating that she was his butler and it was her job to take care of him, fearful that she might lose him just like her mother. Although he almost passes out from his cold he convinces her to make amends with her father and return to the mansion. At the end of Golden Week, Konoe thanks Kinjirō in embarrasment. Kanade notes her surprise that Konoe wouldn't thank anyone but her and, after stating that he wasn't such a chicken anymore, kisses Kinjirō.

star 9.08
86 votes
The Indecisive Butler And I, The Chicken

#2 - The Indecisive Butler And I, The Chicken

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Sep 23, 2011

Masamune finds and wakes up the unconscious Kinjiro on the overpass. Kinjiro realizes where Subaru might be and Masamune gives him a ride to the inn at the hot spring resort where they had previously gone over the summer. Kinjiro finds Subaru there and they spend the night at the inn. That night, it is revealed that Subaru has deeper feelings for Kinjiro that involve going further than just kissing, but Kinjiro declines because he doesn't want to just do it on impulse (and because of his gynophobia). The next morning, Kanade picks up Konoe and Kinjiro and they go to school. Because Subaru is no longer a butler, when Kinjiro asks where Subaru is, Kanade tells Kinjiro that Subaru transferred schools. The "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee", S4, and Kinjiro are all shocked at this news, but then a new transfer student comes in, Punyuru Takanashi, who is actually Subaru, but dressed like a normal girl. Punyuru is invited to eat lunch with Kinjiro when Subaru reveals to him that she enjoys being a butler more than a "normal" school girl. With that in mind, Kinjiro enlists the help of the S4 to get petitions signed so that Subaru can become a butler again. The next day, Subaru is helping Kanade out of the car as her butler and everything returns to normal (except it turns out that Punyuru had to "transfer" to another school again). Later that night, Subaru calls Kinjiro over to the park where she thanks him by forcefully planting a kiss on him. Kinjiro subsequently gets a nosebleed and passes out and the episode ends with him reflecting on how long their adventures as a wandering butler and a gynophobic chicken will last.

star 8.88
111 votes
Let’s Elope

#3 - Let’s Elope

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Aug 19, 2011

Kinjirō is walking home when he suddenly meets Subaru, he is tricked into drinking a drugged drink which quickly knocks him out. When he comes to he finds that he had been moved to a hot spring resort next to the beach where Kanade is, once again, revealed to be the culprit. Kanade explains that she had run away from home because of her parent’s decision to travel abroad for summer holidays, she also further elaborates that she had Kinjirō brought to help cure his gynophobia. Subaru ends up catching them in a comprising situation and immediately demands and explanation from Kinjirō, afterwards it is revealed that Kanade had told the innkeepers that Kinjirō and Subaru wanted to get married as a cover story where it is implied by Subaru and Kanade that they had an ulterior motive for coming to the inn. The trio go down to the beach to begin Kinjirō’s treatment during which he leaves to buy a drink, he is however surprised to find Kureha, Masamune and Nakuru working at the café and they explain how they were chased away from their camp by a shark. However, Subaru and Kanade end up appearing at the café as well and Kinjirō drags them both away and has Subaru put on glasses to protect her gender from being found out. Kanade introduces Subaru as Punyuru Takanashi, Subaru’s “cousin”. Masamune, drags away Kinjirō and grills him for a reason why he was on a holiday with Kanade, however, Kanade ends up eavesdropping and claims that they were lovers. Masamune doesn’t believe her however and states that she trusts Kinjirō more then her but ends up blurting out how he had dinner at her home and they were “skin-to-skin”. Subaru ends up overhearing and runs away upset though Kinjirō manages to catch up and clarify things; he went to Masamune’s house because of her promise to cook him lunch but she then attempted to cure his gynophobia by putting on a bikini and molesting him (hence “skin-to-skin”), this calms down Subaru, although she punches him i

star 8.85
111 votes
Please Message Them!

#4 - Please Message Them!

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Sep 30, 2011

Pre-Title Sequence we see and unknown male Confess to whom we can assume is Nakuru. After Kinjiro finds a "BL" magazine inside of his secret stash of magazines located under his bed, The story of how it got there begins to unfold. The start of this episode begins with Nakuru showing up unexpectedly at Kinjiro's house. After a short confrontation at the door, Nakuru lets slip that she was in Jiro's bed the previous night. Jiro inquires leading into a series of flash back scenes from Nakuru's point of view. In the first Scene we witness an unknown figure from on top of an adjacent building taking a photo of Subaru while she's in the bath. Seeing a flash from on top of that building, Subaru gives chase in order to protect her identity, as a male, and to discover who the photographer is. Discovering it was Nakuru, Subaru avoids inflicting serious injuries. The second scene takes place in a small cafe' where Subaru finds out the picture was to foggy to reveal her Secret. Subaru is told by Nakuru that the photo was to be sold in order to help publish her "BL" short stories. Kanade has joined them by this time and donates some pictures to Nakuru's cause. Needing help with putting the "BL" stories together, Nakuru asks Kureha and Usami for help. Nakuru offers Kureha pictures of Subaru for payment. Kureha offers a favor for these photo's allowing Nakuru into Jiro's room. (Hence the BL MAG). Nakuru reveals that she is hidding a secret. In the next flash back, Kureha and Usami go under cover following Nakuru. Nakuru eventually attempt to tell Kureha a Usami, but fails. This act leads us out of the flash backs with Nakuru and Jiro standing on the threshold of Jiro's house. Nakuru then ask's Jiro on a date. Jiro obliges and they go to a beach front board walk where Nakuru reveals to Jiro she has a complex with her brests because of the confession from earlier. Jiro informs Nakuru that is not all that a man looks for in a woman. Nakuru then asks Jiro to help her with her complex,

star 8.76
112 votes
I've Fallen in Love!

#5 - I've Fallen in Love!

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jul 15, 2011

The episode briefly narrates how Kinjirō's new proximity to Subarau has lead to rumours that they were going out which in turn earns Kinjirō earning the ire of the S4 or the "Shooting Star Subaru-Sama" fan club though their attempts at attacking him are thwarted by the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee" a fan club that was split from the S4 due to a disagreement on whether to support Subaru's "relationship" or not. In an attempt to cure Kinjirō's gynophobia, Kanade has him go on a mock date with Subaru Konoe whilst giving him a "sheep ticket" as an apology for her actions. At the end of the date, Kanade tells him to use the sheep ticket which is revealed to be the equivalent on an unrefusable order for Konoe who, with obvious difficulty, asks Kinjirō for an order while referring to him as master. In panic, he asks her to say "baah" after seeing the plush "Lost Sheep" toy he had won for her which she does so in a cute fashion but this puts her into shock where she begins asking Kinjirō for anything else while violating his personal space. His sister Kureha however, is revealed to have been spying on them the whole time and believes that Konoe is a man dressing up as a girl and attacks her in a rage only to get defeated causing her to end up falling in love with her. Later, Kinjirō and Konoe end up bonding and becoming friends when, during a school physical examination, they help each other and keep each other's respective secret of gynophoiba and being a girl despite the considerable embarrasment they were forced to go through to which they begin addressing each other by their first names.

star 8.58
116 votes
Let's Start A War

#6 - Let's Start A War

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Aug 12, 2011

It was the day of the school festival and Kinjirō and Masamune go through with their “fake date”. As they are eating lunch, Masamune offers to make Kinjirō lunch tomorrow as thanks for helping her. As he is about to agree, they are interrupted by a jealous Subaru who declares that she would be watching them for the remainder of the festival. As a result Subaru ends up following them everywhere while she and Masamune fight over Kinjirō, who is on the verge of fainting because of his gynophobia, which is exacerbated by the fact that Subaru was wearing a Qipao (due to Subaru’s class doing a cross-dressing cafe). However, they are drawn into an animal café by a mascot “Lost Sheep” where they meet Kureha who is revealed to be on (one-sided) friendly terms with Masamune. Masamune reveals to Kinjirō that she was jealous of the fact that Kureha could express herself so freely and was close to her family, she abruptly tells Kinjirō that he could leave stating that she could see he wasn’t having fun with her. Kinjirō however, is drawn outside by the lost sheep mascot who explains her name was Nakuru Narumi and she was the chairwoman of the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee" and is aware of Masamune’s plot to undermine the committee and claims that her promise to get the S4 to leave him alone was a lie which is confirmed by Masamune who immediately leaves upset. Subaru demands an explanation and Kinjirō explains how her two fan clubs are at war with him stuck in the middle. Nakuru brings Kinjirō and Subaru to the meeting between the two clubs but they end up blowing their cover when it is revealed that Kanade was in fact a member of the S4. The war turns out to be a cult quiz about Subaru with the last question being who was Subaru’s first kiss. At Kinjirō’s urging, Konoe reluctantly reveals that it was in fact Kinjirō (much to his shock) after she kissed him on impulse at the pool while he was unconscious. Later Kanade reveals that Masamu

star 8.57
113 votes

#7 - Nyu!

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Sep 16, 2011

It is the start of the new semester and Subaru still has Kinjiro in her mind. She fetches Kinjiro and is nearly hit with Usami's scooter in the process. Kanade brings a delicious lunch and shares it with Kinjiro and Subaru. After eating, Subaru becomes slightly drunk because of the wine mixed in with the food. Kanade puts some sauce onto Kinjiro's neck, forcing Subaru to lick it. Kanade begins to experience an episode of hiccups and they head to the clinic. Subaru, back to her normal self, informs Kinjiro that Kanade's hiccups cause major chaos in their family but it also makes her attractive. Kanade adds that her hiccups are her constant weakness, and tells Subaru to get her tools for her hiccup treatment. Kanade attempts to make love with Kinjiro but Kinjiro pushes Kanade away, running out from the clinic and bumps Subaru. Kanade leaves the clinic with a smile, together with Subaru and Kinjiro, until suddenly she falls down the stairs and Subaru fails to save her. At the hospital, Kanade recovers from an ankle injury and Subaru feels that she is responsible for Kanade's injury. While Kinjiro comforts Subaru, Nagare tells Subaru that she is now relieved from her duties as a butler but Kanade insists Subaru must stay on her side and will convince her father. Subaru leaves and Kinjiro follows until they meet up on the overpass. Subaru thanks Kinjiro with a kiss but Kinjiro has a nosebleed and passes out.

star 8.56
110 votes
Thank You For The Food

#8 - Thank You For The Food

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Sep 9, 2011

Kureha celebrates her 16th birthday with her friends, Kanade, Subaru, Masamune, and Narumi. Kanade orders some boys that makes games to make a game for Kureha, and Masamune. When Kureha was taking a ride home from Kanade, she was afraid of Kinjirō forgetting that it is her birthday, and tells Kanade and Subaru about her previous birthdays.

star 8.51
114 votes
I'm Going To Go On A Trip

#9 - I'm Going To Go On A Trip

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 2, 2011

Kinjirō finds himself working part-time at a Maid Café to repay Masamune for the loan of her Summer homework. The appearance of Kanade (without Subaru) complicates matters greatly. Meanwhile, Subaru, frantically searching for Kanade, is mistaken for someone who's supposed to fill in at a Butler Café. To add a bit more complication to Kinjirō's day, Nakuru and Kureha show up to help out at the Maid Café as well.

star 8.30
111 votes
It's My First Time

#10 - It's My First Time

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 26, 2011

Kinjirō is having trouble sleeping because of all the females around him and he takes a bath in the hot spring to calm himself however it is shown that Subaru was already using it in order to conceal her gender. Nagare ends up walking in as well, forcing Subaru to hide behind Kinjirō. Nagare and Kinjirō exchange some civil, though hostile, talk where Nagare demands to know what Kinjirō’s relationship with his daughter is to which Kinjirō insists that they were nothing more then good friends (something which irritates Subaru), as Nagare leaves he ends up finding Subaru’s underwear and deduces that she bathed with Kinjirō causing him to attack him in a frenzy only to be knocked out by Subaru, but this ends up exposing her to Kinjirō prompting her to knock him out as well. The next day, where neither Kinjirō or Nagare remember what happened, everyone goes down to the summer festival, with Subaru once again pretending to be “Punyuru Takanashi”, but Subaru ends up disappearing halfway through. Kinjirō is directed to the Takanashi family grave where it is revealed that it was anniversary of Subaru’s mother’s death; the reason that they ran away was so that Subaru could visit the grave. Kinjirō finds Subaru who explains that her mother had always worried about her as she could never make any friends as a child, Kinjirō comforts a crying Subaru and asks to be introduced to her mother. Later, everyone enters a paint ball contest where the winner gets a kiss from Subaru/Punyuru, the winner of an earlier beauty contest. Kinjirō tries hard to win but ends up getting knocked out by Kanade, when he comes to he is lying on Subaru’s lap and the two watch the fireworks together at the end of the festival. Subaru notes that summer vacation was almost over and they would have to go back to school soon, Kinjirō complains that the next semester would be hard on him but adds that he was already used to it, citing it as their everyday life and claiming that he a

star 8.26
114 votes
Go Out With Me

#11 - Go Out With Me

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Aug 5, 2011

During one morning Kinjirō, on his way to school, ends up getting run over by a girl on a scooter. He identifies her as someone who goes to his school by her uniform only to notice that his glasses were caught in her thigh boots and he ends up causing a misunderstanding when he states "there's something in there that I want" which causes the girl to attack him. After he retrieves his glasses, the girl, who's name is revealed to be Masamune Usami, suddenly recognizes him and attacks him again while demanding how he managed to befriend Subaru and ends up knocking him out. When Kinjirō comes to he is surprised to find he was in the infirmary where it is revealed that Subaru and Kanade found him passed out on the road and brought him to school. After he nervously asks where Kanade was, Subaru notes that he had been avoiding her since the end of Golden Week (i.e. after she kisses him). Subaru states that he can tell her anything but in return shyly asks him to go to the school festival with her which he agrees too. Subaru however is shocked when he talks about his first kiss which she mistakenly believes he is referring to her (due to the pool incident where she apparently kisses him through unknown circumstances), after he states he would rather redo it she misconstrues that he wants to kiss her again and she attempts to do so only for Kanade interrupting where she slyly notes that it had been awhile since Kinjirō has talked to her. After Kinjirō recovers he ends up running into Masamune again where she explains that she was a member of the S4. She blackmails Kinjirō into pretending to be her boyfriend for the school festival in order to undermine the "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama comittee" but Subaru ends up overhearing and punches Kinjirō in the stomach in anger and runs off upset. Kinjirō is forced to walk Masamune to the stores where they converse and share stories about their families and they start becoming more friendly towards each other. The next day

star 8.20
115 votes
On a Bed, Of Course

#12 - On a Bed, Of Course

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 22, 2011

Kanade invites Kinjirō, Konoe and Kureha to a double date whilst settling the issue from Kureha seeing Kinjirō on a date with Konoe by claiming that she and Kinjirō were lovers. At the pool, Kanade reveals to Kinjirō that she and Subaru were once kidnapped for ransom when they were children. After an incident where Kinjirō rescues a drowning girl he ends up drowning himself where he flashbacks to his childhood where his father explains his name had the character for "close" because it meant "stand by me". When he comes to, where it is implied that Konoe gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation, he and Konoe get a strange phone call from a man with a fox's face, who is holding a knife and is revealed to have kidnapped Kanade and Kureha. Konoe starts to feel like Kinjirō does when he touches a girl and reveals she has a phobia of knives, stemming from the traumatic childhood kidnapping incident where she felt she was inadequate as a butler because of her inability to protect Kanade as a chid. Though clearly fearful she resolves to rescue Kanade and Kureha only for Kinjirō to knock her out, apologising and stating that she could say whatever she wanted to him afterwards. Though he attempts to fight off the kidnapper, the kidnapper is revealed to be a surprisingly skillful hand to hand fighter and easily beats Kinjirō. Konoe however, comes to his rescue and defeats the kidnapper, while overcoming her fear of knives. Afterwards it is revealed that the kidnapper was actually Konoe's father Nagare and that the whole incident was orchestrated by Kanade in order to help Subaru get over her fear of knives, believing that Kinjirō would help as he also had a phobia. Later a tearful Konoe tells Kinjirō not to risk himself again, stating that she was scared her first friend would end up being stabbed. However, Kureha interrupts their moment and Inadvertently revealed that Kanade stated she was going out with Kinjirō to which Konoe immediately reacts with anger, forcing Ki

star 8.19
116 votes
End of Earth

#13 - End of Earth

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jul 8, 2011

High school student Kinjirō Sakamachi had a rude awakening from his sister, Kureha Sakamachi. After he arrives at school, he narrates the circumstance of Subaru Konoe being a butler of Kanade Suzutsuki. It was then revealed he may have gynophobia, after a weird encounter with a woman with supposedly cat ears. He cools himself off in the toilet where he discovers Subaru Konoe wearing girl's panties, a dispute happens and Subaru starts chasing Kinjirō. After an attempt to save Subaru from a falling object. Kinjirō discovers Subaru is a girl from her chest, the angered Subaru knocks him unconscious and he wakes up in the infirmary, chained to the bed except for one hand which he uses to discover Kanade by his side, after being teased by her she explains her family's circumstance and why Subaru has to dress up as a boy. She threatens Kinjirō with a violent Subaru and his gynophobia(and nosebleeding when a girl touches him). It is then revealed that Kanade might be a sadist. She forcibly forms a contract with him to keep the Subaru gender matter a secret and finding a way to cure his phobia. Then begins his nightmarish school life

star 8.04
118 votes