The Best Episodes of Macross Plus

It's Time to End This

#1 - It's Time to End This 9.00

Season 1 - Episode 4

Angered by the news that the Stealth Valkyrie trials have been abruptly stopped, Isamu and Yang head toward Earth to get even with the pilot-less Valkyrie, "Ghost X-9." Guld, also hearing the same news goes after them for a final battle. The two fighters clash amidst interceptor missiles being fired from Earth. During this fight to the death, Guld recalls a fateful event that had been sealed in his memory. Meanwhile, in Macross City, Sharon Apple absorbs Myung's thoughts and twists them in a terrifying fashion. She now has full control over the city as well as the minds of its citizens. Sharon sends the "Ghost X-9" after Isamu and Guld.

Directors: Shôji Kawamori
Brain Waves

#2 - Brain Waves 8.90

Season 1 - Episode 2

Computer-generated mega-pop star Sharon Apple has packed in the masses again for another of her bestselling concerts. Amongst the fans are, Isamu Dyson, the maverick pilot, and Yang, who is about to pull off one of the biggest computer hacking stunts ever in front of millions. When Isamu returns to the New Edwards Test Center he is up against his old rival Guld for air supremacy as well as fighting for the affections of Myung, the discontented producer of Sharon Apple. A computer transmitted message alarms the pilots that Myung is in danger and both rush to her resuce. Guld emerges a hero and Isamu is jealous. Sparks fly and rivalry turns violent as they meet in ariel combat.

Directors: Shôji Kawamori
A.D. 2040 (Deep Space)

#3 - A.D. 2040 (Deep Space) 8.79

Season 1 - Episode 1

In 2040 A.D. on the colonial planet Eden, the Ministry of Defense is testing and developing a transforming aircraft, a new advanced defense to counter alien threats. Isamu Dyson is an extrovert jet fighter maverick assigned as a new test pilot on project Super Nova. Competition heats up when he discovers that his old rival Guld is test pilot for the competing project. The arrival of Myung, a mututal ex-girlfriend, adds mor tension to the conflict.

Directors: Shôji Kawamori