The BEST episodes of Electromagnetic Girlfriend

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Juuzawa Juu is a delinquent high school boy who just wants to be left alone. One day, he is approached by Ochibana Ame, who claims that she knew him in a previous life, and now wants to serve him as his "knight". At first Juu wants nothing to do with Ame, but after a classmate is murdered, he accepts her help as he looks for the killer.

Last Updated: 12/9/2023Network: Status: Ended
Electromagnetic Girlfriend
41 votes

#1 - Electromagnetic Girlfriend

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 5/14/2009

An introduction into the lead characters: delinquent high school student Juu Juuzawa and denpa high school student knight Ame Ochibana. The murders continue as method to the madness, and the mystery behind the motive, are investigated.

Directors: Mamoru Kanbe
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Happiness Game
10 votes

#2 - Happiness Game

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 12/13/2009

After being accused of being a molester, Juu is subjected to a series of pranks too small for the police to take seriously. Ame is convinced there is a pattern and as the pair investigate the danger and the damage to people around them increases drastically.

Directors: Mamoru Kanbe