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The discovery of Kerium, a rare and powerful magic crystal, brings an infinite number of colonists from all the corners of the galaxy to the distant planet New Texas. Some are good and honest, others very malicious but no one is more dangerous than Tex Hex the leader of the Carrion Bunch, a group of outlaws under the control of the mysterious group Stampede. Hex seeks to control this immense mineral richness at all costs than is Kerium. Only one person can put a stop on his plans: BraveStarr. When there was an obstacle in the way, BraveStarr called for the power of a particular animal and used that ability to move the obstacle, like using the strength of a bear to move a boulder, or the speed of a puma to catch the criminal, the eyes of a hawk, or the ears of a wolf. To help him in the fight for the cause of justice, he had Thirty-Thirty, his horse that can transform into a human-like creature being able to stand on it's hind legs, talk and fight alongside him. BraveStarr lived in Fort

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BraveStarr and the Law

#1 - BraveStarr and the Law

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 24, 1987

Tex Hex can prove - by fraud - to be owner of a Kerium Claim. BraveStarr resigns from his post as Marshall.

star 8.43
7 votes
A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge

#2 - A Day in the Life of a New Texas Judge

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 18, 1987

Twangli is a delegate of the galactic Court of Justice and pays a visit to the judge of New Texas. Not only does Twangli cause great troubles to the judge, with his pedantic over-zealousness, but also to BraveStarr.

star 8.09
11 votes

#3 - Hostage

Season 1 - Episode 28 - Aired Oct 26, 1987

Tex Hex succeeds in kidnapping Shaman. With the Indian master as hostages the gang leader can extort BraveStarr. But J.B. manages to release Shaman.

star 8.00
3 votes
Shake Hands with Long Arm John

#4 - Shake Hands with Long Arm John

Season 1 - Episode 64 - Aired Feb 23, 1988

A new man arrives in town with an extending bionic arm.The mayor deputizes John. Fuzz is afraid John might replace him. Fuzz has his chance to shine when Rider begins to terrorize the town.

star 8.00
4 votes
Strength of the Bear [aka the Power Within]

#5 - Strength of the Bear [aka the Power Within]

Season 1 - Episode 65 - Aired Feb 24, 1988

BraveStarr has lost his powers, and Shaman sends him to the wilderness to prove his courage and intelligence without weapons or tools.

star 8.00
5 votes
The Taking of Thistledown 123

#6 - The Taking of Thistledown 123

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 16, 1987

Tex Hex manages to take hostages. Thus he comes into the possession of a valuable Kerium cargo. The release proves to be more dangerous than expected.

star 7.73
11 votes
Big Thirty and Little Wimble

#7 - Big Thirty and Little Wimble

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Sep 23, 1987

Thirty-Thirty becomes a foster father for the small Prairie Wimble. The Dingo gangster Howler wants to kidnap Wimble.

star 7.67
9 votes
The Price

#8 - The Price

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Oct 22, 1987

BraveStarr and Thirty-Thirty must put the stop to a drugs dealer, who supplied New Texas with the drug Bigg. Among his victims is the boy Jay, who tried the drug once and then became addicted.

star 7.67
3 votes
Jeremiah and the Prairie People

#9 - Jeremiah and the Prairie People

Season 1 - Episode 56 - Aired Feb 11, 1988

Jeremiah, an elder prospector, is saved by Bravestarr from an attack by Sandstorm land crabs. The Prairie People take Jeremiah in, showing the old hermit that people really do care about others.

star 7.67
3 votes
Eye of the Beholder

#10 - Eye of the Beholder

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Oct 5, 1987

Tex Hex and his gang mug the bank of Fort Kerium, but BraveStarr gets in their way. Tex returns to the desert, where he becomes acquainted with the blind Ally, who can reveal the good in him.

star 7.60
5 votes
To Walk a Mile

#11 - To Walk a Mile

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Sep 22, 1987

The Exx Marshall Lucas Conway decided to never pick up a weapon again. But when his son Mark is kidnapped, he must break his promise.

star 7.44
9 votes

#12 - Rampage

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Sep 21, 1987

BraveStarr pulls into the desert against a sandstorm in a field, which has devastated a village. Thirty-Thirty knows nothing about it, because his intercom broke down.

star 7.34
35 votes
Revolt of the Prairie People

#13 - Revolt of the Prairie People

Season 1 - Episode 27 - Aired Oct 23, 1987

The galactic council assembly sends Commander Choice to New Texas, who is to establish a protection field around the country of the Prairie People. The small Prairie People see their freedom threatened. They decide to fight for their independence.

star 7.33
3 votes
Balance of Power

#14 - Balance of Power

Season 1 - Episode 31 - Aired Oct 29, 1987

Stampede succees in stealing the magic staff from Shaman. BraveStarr, Thirty-Thirty and Shaman must prevent him from using it.

star 7.33
3 votes
BraveStarr and the Three Suns

#15 - BraveStarr and the Three Suns

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired Nov 2, 1987

Stampede hires Morabond to drive out the settlers. Morabond uses a magical arrow given to him by Stampeded to take away two of the three New Texas suns. BraveStarr goes looking for them underground.

star 7.33
3 votes
The Bounty Hunter

#16 - The Bounty Hunter

Season 1 - Episode 37 - Aired Nov 6, 1987

Dr. Benjamin Clayton was accused of stealing medical supplies in the past, and the bounty hunter Johnson is after him. Dingo Dan wants both of them.

star 7.33
3 votes
Thirty-Thirty Goes Camping

#17 - Thirty-Thirty Goes Camping

Season 1 - Episode 48 - Aired Feb 1, 1988

Morebuck and Dingo Dan escape from a prison planet and return to New Texas where Skuzz has a treasure. Their map leads to the same spot Thirty-Thirty and five children have chosen as their camping site.

star 7.33
3 votes
The Haunted Shield

#18 - The Haunted Shield

Season 1 - Episode 49 - Aired Feb 2, 1988

While raiding a weapon's department Scuzz and Thunder Stick find the Haunted Shield of Spectorus. Stampede uses the shield's reflecting powers to beat Shaman and sends him to the frozen plains of Doom. Bravestarr leaves to rescue him, and the Prairie People are left to defend themselves.

star 7.33
3 votes
Little Lie That Grew

#19 - Little Lie That Grew

Season 1 - Episode 51 - Aired Feb 4, 1988

Dingo Dan and his gang burn down Niceie's home. Bravestarr offers Niceie a job as a jailer. Dingo Dan sees Posie, the daughter, and steals a doll. He blackmails her into helping him to free his buddies.

star 7.33
3 votes
Brothers in Crime

#20 - Brothers in Crime

Season 1 - Episode 52 - Aired Feb 5, 1988

Orville, a boy with a stutter, arrives on New Texas. He overhears two criminals - Karver, a rat with wings, and Grumble - talking about their plans. He gets kidnapped. Orville and Grumble become friends.

star 7.33
3 votes
New Texas Blues

#21 - New Texas Blues

Season 1 - Episode 55 - Aired Feb 10, 1988

The galactic music contest is held on New Texas. Stampede gives Tex Hex the Black Widow guitar that sows discord. Tex Hex then gives it to Johnny Bluestar to play. To drown it out, all the bands have to play their music.

star 7.33
3 votes
The Ballad of Sara Jane

#22 - The Ballad of Sara Jane

Season 1 - Episode 57 - Aired Feb 12, 1988

Thirty/Thirty attaches a firepower booster to Sara Jane and then loses her. A peaceful Hoofta boy finds Sara Jane and plays with her unaware the booster was damaged and may explode.

star 7.33
3 votes
BraveStarr and the Empress

#23 - BraveStarr and the Empress

Season 1 - Episode 59 - Aired Feb 16, 1988

Empress Nadia is on her way to a peace conference with Karbine of the Krang Empire. Her two advisers plot against er. The President assigns Bravestarr and Fuzz to bodyguard her when the ship refueled in New Texas.

star 7.33
3 votes
No Drums, No Trumpets

#24 - No Drums, No Trumpets

Season 1 - Episode 63 - Aired Feb 22, 1988

Paco, a former Marshall who renounced violence after accidentally shooting his deputy, settles in Sandstorm's Valley with his pre-teenaged daughter Michelle. When Sandstorm kidnaps the girl, saying he will only release her if Paco leaves the valley, Paco realises there are times when you have to fight.

star 7.33
3 votes
Legend of a Pretty Lady

#25 - Legend of a Pretty Lady

Season 1 - Episode 41 - Aired Nov 12, 1987

JB gets sent one billion years into the past when heat lightning hits some raw kerium she is standing by. She is captured by giants, but is rescued by Fuzz's ancestor. Shaman sends Bravestarr after her through a magic portal while Thirty-Thirty and Fuzz must protect the portal from outlaws who would be glad to loose the judge and the marshall forever.

star 7.25
4 votes