The BEST seasons of Battle Angel Alita

Every season of Battle Angel Alita ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Battle Angel Alita!

Doc Ido, a doctor and mechanic who lives and works in the hellish, postapocalyptic "Scrapyard", finds the—miraculously preserved—remains of a female cyborg in a junk heap. After he revives and rebuilds her, the preternaturally strong, amnesiac "Gally" begins to forge a life for herself in a world where every day can bring a fight for life. Known as "Battle Angel Alita" in the west and as "Hyper Future Vision GUNNM" in the east, the OVA adapts the first two volumes of the "Battle Angel Alita" manga.

Last Updated: 5/8/2024Network: Status: Ended