The BEST episodes of Amagami SS season 2

Every episode of Amagami SS season 2, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of Amagami SS season 2!

A second-year high school boy finds himself uneasy during Christmas time due to an experience in the past. However, this year at Christmas, he gets his last chance to ask out a graduating female senior named Haruka Morishima — or one of several other classmates. The story of the anime will be arranged in an omnibus format, with each heroine getting her own version of the story animated. Each heroine will sing her own version of the ending theme song.

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Morishima Haruka - Part 2: Departure
44 votes

#1 - Morishima Haruka - Part 2: Departure

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired 3/23/2012

Junichi is rather nervous of Haruka coming over as not only is she cooking for him but also staying over for the night as well which coincidentally his parents and Miya are out. As they go to bed, Haruka reveals she is leaving for England to be with her grandparents after her graduation ceremony which comes to a shock to Junichi. After confirming the story from Hibiki at school, he calls Haruka at her home only for Jessica to pick it up. Realizing what he's worried about, Jessica misleads Junichi saying not only Haruka will be leaving Japan and staying at England permanently but studying there as well and for Haruka's sake, he shouldn't speak to her. As Junichi walks around in town wondering what to do, he has an epiphany after seeing a wedding dress on display. On the day of the graduation ceremony, Miss Takahashi is surprise to learn that Junichi will be giving out the congratulation speech as the student representative instead of Tsukasa because he begged her. As Junichi gives the speech to the graduating seniors, he gives a personal speech aim to Haruka. He reveals to her how they first meet and reminiscent the memories they made together and wants to make more memories with her. Overcome with emotion, Junichi tells Haruka that he loves and wants to marry her much to the crowds surprise. Overjoyed, Haruka runs to the stage, hugs Junichi, telling him that she loves him too and she will marry him and both of them kiss much to everyone's joy. As their friends congratulate them, Jessica reveals that Haruka is only going to England for a week but is happy the way things are. In the epilogue on Junichi and Haruka's wedding, Miya takes a picture of Junichi, Haruka, their friends and families.

Tanamachi Kaoru - Part 2: Companion
42 votes

#2 - Tanamachi Kaoru - Part 2: Companion

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired 2/24/2012

Junichi and Kaoru are picked up by a passing truck who's driver sends them to a nearby hot spring inn with a bus stop. As they both start to argue over who's fault for missing the bus, the truck driver comments and gives some advice for the couple. Arriving at the inn, both of them realize the inn looks haunted and with only both of them the only customers, Kaoru is scared of being alone that she asks Junichi to accompany her even at the baths. After having a meal and heading to bed, Kaoru confess to Junichi that she set up this trip as she wants to know where their relationship is heading but Junichi has fallen asleep. The next morning, Junichi learns he left his coin purse at the bus stop, leaving Kaoru to use almost all her money to pay for the inn bill. Both of them argue again with Kaoru blaming Junichi for being careless and him blaming her for on always buying limited-edition snacks, which both of them refuse to talk with each other to the bus stop. As it starts to rain and they head to the bus stop for shelter, both of them apologize to each other over what they said and try to make the best of their trip. Much to their annoyance, they learn the bus stop is no longer in use and heads to a nearby beach town. Junichi makes a call to Miya for help but she keeps talking and tells him she has the bus company send their stuff to their home before ending the call. Nevertheless, Junichi and Kaoru decides to make the best of their time and play at beach where they finally realize how much fun they had on this trip and reconfirm their love with each other with a kiss. Luckily for both of them, Mashayoshi is at the beach town as part of his Sushi chef training and they now have a way to go back home. As the new semester starts, Kaoru thanks Keiko for suggesting the trip between her and Junichi. Junichi arrives with his art project of him and Kaoru at the beach thanks to Kaoru's help. As she notice a missing detail in the picture, Kaoru sits suggestively on Junichi to d

Morishima Haruka - Part 1: Sexy
43 votes

#3 - Morishima Haruka - Part 1: Sexy

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired 3/16/2012

A few months have past since Haruka and Junichi have become a couple. During their date, Haruka asks Junichi when is he going to meet her parents which catches him by surprise. Haruka later reveals to Hibiki that she wants Junichi to propose to her during graduation day just like her British grandparents and her cousin, Jessica Morishima and her fiance did but doesn't want to force him. While Hibiki agrees to keep it a secret, she helps Haruka make Junichi ready subtly by helping the couple roleplay pretending they are getting married, having a baby and a family dinner with Hibiki playing the role as their daughter. But when Junichi won't answer Hibiki's question on how he propose to Haruka, Haruka is upset during their walk home but much to their surprise, they are greeted by Jessica who has come for Haruka's Graduation ceremony. Jessica is aware about Haruka's plans and tells her to tell Junichi soon before graduation. The next day, Junichi notices Haruka is looking down which leads Kaoru to start a rumor that both of them have broke up which Rihoko hears which Junichi dismisses. Jessica, wishing to help Haruka before her Kyoto sightseeing trip, calls Junichi to cheer Haruka before she gets taken by other men from England. Feeling threaten, Junichi brings Haruka to the watershed after school and tells her he loves her and would never let any man take her. Realizing it was Jessica's work, Haruka thanks Junichi for caring since she was feeling down since she will be graduating. As they head home, Junichi ask Haruka if she would like to come to his house sometime.

Nakata Sae - Part 1: Doubt
42 votes

#4 - Nakata Sae - Part 1: Doubt

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired 3/2/2012

It's been about ten months since Sae and Junichi have been dating and Sae's self-confidence has broken her out of her previously shy personality thanks to Junichi. Because of this, she is able to hold conversations with others, be more efficient with her job, and be around dogs owning one herself, though big dogs still scare her. This has also started to make her popular amongst the students as Junichi begins to feel threatened as his classmates are in disbelief that he is Sae's boyfriend. In response, Junichi goes all out to provide lunch for Sae only to hold up a line, get her favorite sauce picked out by the lunch lady, and to top it off, Sae herself comes to take their food to their table, thus he starts making more of a mental tab of what she likes. After going to the shrine where Sae made a wish, Miya tells Junichi that Sae is going to a hotel for a wedding meeting. The both of them rush to the hotel stop it only to find out Miya misunderstood Sae as the meeting was actually for her dog and her cousin's dog. Junichi talks to Sae for a while who reveals that she wished to be together with Junichi for a long time. During a lunch break, Miya and Sae reveal that Sae has been elected to run the Founder's Festival this year. While Sae is feeling a little apprehensive about this, Junichi states that she should do it and he will help her out.

Tanamachi Kaoru - Part 1: Sketch
43 votes

#5 - Tanamachi Kaoru - Part 1: Sketch

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired 2/17/2012

Kaoru is doing an MC of an Inago Mask show at the amusement park getting into her role as Junichi is playing one of the evil minions. After Kaoru starts deviating from the script which sends Junichi through the stage, he retaliates by attacking Kaoru with other bad guy costumes. Flashback to before the summer break, Kaoru is helping Junichi with a art assignment and helps him, rather suggestively by sitting on the chair he's in with everyone watching. Kaoru and Keiko talk about Kaoru and Junichi's relationship and how they looked too much like a couple during moments like that. Kaoru also begins to realize that even though they've been dating for almost half a year, their relationship hasn't drastically changed from before they were dating. After Keiko suggests that the two should go on a trip together, Kaoru and Junichi plan out a trip by getting a part-time job doing the Inago Mask show. While working, their antics on the show gets them scolded by their manager and they leave with only half of the normal pay. While getting a limited edition drink, Kaoru spots a cheap 3 day 2 night bus tour to Kibitou that they plan to go on the next day. During their trip, their bus arrives at a bus stop ands Kaoru buys up all of the limited edition snacks at the convenience store and leaves it in the bus. Afterwards, Kaoru and Junichi go to an authentic Japanese restaurant where they end up spending too long and the bus leaves without them, the driver assuming that the covered piles of snack Kaoru left is them. With no way to contact anyone, Junichi and Kaoru are left alone at the bus stop.

Nakata Sae - Part 2: Wish
42 votes

#6 - Nakata Sae - Part 2: Wish

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired 3/9/2012

As Tsukasa helps prepare Sae with her duties for the Founders Festival, Junichi is feeling saddened by the lack of time he is spending with Sae as well as how he doesn't know how to help Sae. While reflecting at home, Junichi reflects with several tapes of Sae in his various movies when he gets an idea to film a documentary of Sae as the head of the Founders Festival this year. While filming, Sae begins to feel more pressure as the days go on but continues on. One day, Miya finds out that Sae is in the infirmary which Junichi rushes over to check. An awaken Sae explains to a worried Miya and Junichi that she was tired from working late at night and went to the infirmary to rest. Ten days before the Festival, Sae and her staff learns the Drama Club overspent their budget and don't have enough funds to buy costumes and recently learn the Swim Club and the Tea Club needs new equipment. She expresses her troubles to Junichi who, while still supportive of Sae, doesn't know how to help Sae out. After talking to Tsukasa, who gives him some advice as she went through similar troubles last year, he decides to show Sae his film of the work she did in the Founder's Festival. He tells her that he will be her pillar of strength as Sae requests that Junichi continue to film her closely. Thanks to Junichi, Sae manages to resolve the troubles of the festival. After the opening ceremonies and hosting this year's Best Couple contest, Sae finally takes a break with Junichi. She gives him his Christmas present as thanks and request Junichi to give him her present; a kiss. Happy to be together, the couple kisses again. In the epilogue eight years later, Junichi is filming his wife, a pregnant Sae and their daughter at a live Inago Mask show.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa - Part 2: Showdown
43 votes

#7 - Ayatsuji Tsukasa - Part 2: Showdown

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired 1/13/2012

Tsukasa sees Noriko about to kiss a panicked Junichi and angrily drags him to the Janitor's shed which Noriko believes her plans have work. Instead, Tsukasa kisses Junichi to calm him down, revealing she was aware it was a trick by Noriko to cause a rift between them and makes Junichi promise not to fall for Noriko's tricks or kiss any other girl than her. On the day the candidates give their speeches, Junichi and Tsukasa's supporters give Tsukasa a sash with their signatures and supporting words for her. As she goes on for her speech, Junichi comforts a nervous Tsukasa who goes on to give an inspiring speech to the students. Tsukasa wins the election by landslide while Miya and Ai celebrates Sae getting second place and overcoming her shyness at a Karaoke bar. Noriko, distraught by her loss, vows to her friends she will beat Tsukasa and steal Junichi from her in the next election. On the way home, Tsukasa and Junichi encounter a stray dog chasing them. Junichi attempts to ward the dog away only to fall into the river. Drenched, Tsukasa takes him home to clean him up in her bathroom, just like the dream Junichi had before except Tsukasa is cleaning him in her swimsuit. As she washes him, Tsukasa thanks Junichi for being with her all this time and reaffirm their love for each other and kiss. With the new school year starting, Tsukasa and Junichi begin their duty as student president and vice-president together.

Tachibana Miya: Hot Springs
43 votes

#8 - Tachibana Miya: Hot Springs

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired 3/30/2012

In the episode, Junichi hasn't gone around with any girls yet. Miya goes to a hot spring with Sae and Ai. There she meets Tsukasa, Rihoko, Kaoru and Haruka. The main characters except Junichi enjoy girls' talk in the hot spring.

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Sakurai Rihoko - Part 2: Wind Chime
44 votes

#9 - Sakurai Rihoko - Part 2: Wind Chime

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired 1/27/2012

Makabe decides to leave Rihoko alone after hearing who she is in love and with goes after another girl only to embarrassingly realize it's Hibiki and Haruka. Junichi returns home after Rihoko arrived to cook dinner but feels awkward around her after he secretly learns she is in love with him. During dinner, both Junichi and Rihoko attempts to say what is on their mind but always gets interrupted by Miya. With the weather tonight raining, Junichi and Miya allows Rihoko to stay at their house for the night. As Rihoko takes a bath, Junichi looks an album containing both he and Rihoko when they were kids till the present and realize his feelings for her. Later that night, Junichi helps a sleepwalking Miya to the bathroom and meets Rihoko at the guest room. As they reminisces their past playing fireworks when they were children, both of them finally confess their feelings to each other. Junichi tells Rihoko he was always in love with her and never realize it until now. Now knowing his feelings for her, he wants to be with her together which Rihoko feels the same way, where both of them finally kiss. The next morning, the couple have tea together yet are still embarrass to tell the truth to Miya much to the latter's suspicions.

Nanasaki Ai - Part 2: Escape
44 votes

#10 - Nanasaki Ai - Part 2: Escape

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired 2/10/2012

At the Founder's Festival, Miya and Sae's class is doing a play of Romeo and Juliet with Miya and Sae as the lead characters respectively while Ai is working at the Girl's Swim Team Oden Stand. When she gets her break time, she reflects on last year's Founder's Festival with Junichi and starts to tear up wondering how Junichi's doing. After the Founder's Festival ended, Miya and Sae invite Ai to a slumber party at Sae's place, but before they could go, Ai forgets to get her brother, Ikuo, a present for Christmas. She finds an Inago Mask belt toy at the store, bringing up memories of her time with Junichi again as she stars tearing up again, feeling lonely that she can't spend this time with her boyfriend. But then she hears a familiar voice and turns to see Junichi behind her who snuck out of camp to spend his Christmas with Ai. They call Miya and Sae to tell them that Ai's not coming and leaves Ikuo's gift at his bedside as they go on their long awaited date. They go into a clothes store and Junichi buys Ai a white coat as her present while Ai give him her old coat to keep him warm. As Mashayoshi encounter the couple, he also finds people from Junichi's training camp looking for him which Mashayoshi wards them away from Junichi. As they go along in their date, Junichi and Ai find themselves at the red light district with love hotels. As they are feeling more awkward with the situation, Junichi's teacher, Miss Takahashi emerges from one of them as Junichi and Ai run off. Junichi and Ai reach the park where it begins to snow as soon as they arrive. Ai confesses that she felt lonely during this time and questions what will happen when Junichi goes to college. Junichi reassures her that nothing will change when he leaves for college. He then asks Ai to hold on to a key when he gets an apartment as they kiss in the snow. Sometime after Junichi gets into college and gets his own apartment, Ai wakes him up as the both of them watch the fireworks, with Ai wishing to see th

Sakurai Rihoko - Part 1: Twilight
43 votes

#11 - Sakurai Rihoko - Part 1: Twilight

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired 1/20/2012

Months have past since Rihoko and Junichi have taken over the Tea Club. While it's already summer classes, Kanae is still annoyed that Rihoko has yet to confess to Junichi. While both of them are cleaning the Tea Club, Junichi reveals to Rihoko that he is suffering from heat fatigue due to eating only watermelons and noodles ever since his parents went out to help his injured uncle. After reminiscing their past of measuring each other bodies, Rihoko decides to cook dinner for Junichi and Miya to help with his heat fatigue much to his joy. As she goes out shopping, she reunites with Manaka and Ruriko who are selling cooked eels as part of their university project. After telling them what she is doing, Manaka and Ruriko give Rihoko some cooked eel to help Junichi's heat fatigue. As she heads to Junichi's home with her groceries, she encounters her classmate Makabe who asks her to follow him. Makabe, who earlier vowed to his friends to get a girlfriend before summer ends and finding Rihoko sexy, confesses to her and ask her to be his girlfriend. However, Rihoko refuse his advances as she's already in love with someone else. As she reveals who she is in love with, Junichi, who was out buying ice cream, spotted Rihoko and followed her, secretly listens.

Nanasaki Ai - Part 1: Bold Front
44 votes

#12 - Nanasaki Ai - Part 1: Bold Front

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired 2/3/2012

Almost a year after they started dating, Junichi and Ai are reflecting over their time together at the beach. With Junichi studying at a cram school and Ai tending to her responsibilities as captain of the swim team and at home, they are spending less time together, though they are looking forward to their date on Christmas Eve. One morning, after Junichi studies too late, Ai goes to wake up Junichi and walks with him to school as they pass by Ai's teammates. After spending some time at the library studying, Junichi decides to visit Ai, only for the swim team, which includes Miya who recently joined, to reprimand him of his actions. Soon after, Junichi finds himself sleeping at the infirmary after another late night study session. Ai decides to visit him as Junichi asks her to let him sleep on her belly while singing him a lullaby. As Christmas Eve approaches, Junichi runs into a problem when he accidentally marks the answers in the wrong spots during a practice test at cram school and thus has to take a training camp which starts on the 23rd of December, canceling their plans for their date. Ai reassures him that she will be fine but soon becomes depressed as they are barely spending time due to their responsibilities. Some time before Junichi leaves, Ai decides to give Junichi a present to help encourage him during his training camp. However, Miya tells her that because of his bad score, the cram school took him away earlier than projected, leaving Ai to wander the festive streets alone without her boyfriend.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa - Part 1: Temptation
72 votes

#13 - Ayatsuji Tsukasa - Part 1: Temptation

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired 1/6/2012

Junichi finds himself getting his back washed by his girlfriend Tsukasa in the bathroom until he realizes it's a dream after Miya wakes him up. It's been a month since the Founder's Festival and Junichi and Tsukasa became a couple. Tsukasa decides to run for Student Council President and chooses Junichi as her vice-president as she faces three other candidates including Sae who is running by Miya's insistence that it help overcome her shyness. However, one candidate that Junichi and Tsukasa are keeping an eye on is Noriko Kurosawa. Noriko is just prideful and manipulative like Tsukasa and to spite her, Noriko also chooses Junichi as her vice-president as well. Tsukasa at first doesn't take the threat of Noriko seriously but when the first pre-election survey reveals Noriko is in first place while she is behind in third, Tsukasa realizes Noriko is using her father's influence who is a member in the city council. During their campaigning, Junichi gets an idea by taking appealing pictures of Tsukasa for posters to get more votes. Thanks to the hard work of Tsukasa's supporters and a scandal on one the candidates after he was caught bringing porn magazines to school, Tsukasa manages to catch up with Noriko in the second pre-election survey. Realizing that Tsukasa might beat her in the election, Noriko and her friends decides to take drastic measures. Tricking Junichi into meeting her, Noriko confesses to him and attempts to kiss him just as Tsukasa arrives to see this.