The BEST seasons of Adult Swim Infomercials

Every season of Adult Swim Infomercials ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Adult Swim Infomercials!

Adult Swim's Infomercials are quarter-hour American television comedy specials that have little to do with each other except that they are all fictitious. Most of the episodes lampoon the infomercial format, while others parody tropes and cliches in media such as closed-circuit info channels in hotels, sitcoms, and public-access television. The specials typically air at 4 AM Eastern Time. There is no title card or common identifier to any of the episodes, and On-Screen Programming guide info on each episode is left generic. Every episode has a different look and feel as there are no common directors, production companies or crew between all of the episodes, although some production companies have returned to make additional (and unrelated) episodes.

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