The BEST seasons of 3 X Manon

Every season of 3 X Manon ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of 3 X Manon!

Manon is a 15-year-old girl rebelling against everything. After a confrontation with her mother she is sent to a rehabilitation facility where she has six months to turn her life around.

Last Updated: 6/8/2024Network: ArteStatus: Ended
3x Manon
6 votes

#1 - 3x Manon

First Aired 4/10/2014

During the 6 months she is awaiting trial for having stabbed her caring but cruelly overbearing mother, 15-year-old Manon is placed in a detention center. There, through the people she meets and the struggles she faces, Manon will find the path towards redemption or...not.

Manon 20 ans
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#2 - Manon 20 ans

First Aired 6/1/2017

Manon is now 20 years old, holds a degree in mechanics, and has a steady boyfriend...who won't be steady for long. Juggling her work and love life, Manon dreams and frets, moves forward, makes mistakes, repairs them, falls down, but always manages to get back on her feet, thanks to a strong will that occasionally turns to violence when facing injustice and abuse.