19-2 (2014)

The BEST seasons of 19-2 (2014)

Every season of 19-2 (2014) ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of 19-2 (2014)!

Character-driven drama, 19-2 revolves around the day-to-day life of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. These two beat cops patrol the urban sprawl of downtown's 19th district, in cruiser No. 2. 19-2 is about the tensions and bonds that develop between two incompatible men of very different temperaments and life experiences. Over time, Nick and Ben's mistrust and antagonism for each other give way to moments of mutual respect and a wavering chance at a true partnership. As Season 1 progresses, we also get to know the tight-knit squad of 19. We see friendship and enmity, loyalty and betrayal. The series delivers in portraying the unpredictability and fragility of the world of a beat cop through moments of life-threatening intensity to its characters, both on and off duty, cementing 19-2 as a powerful character study and a gripping police drama.

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Season 2
7 votes

#1 - Season 2

First Aired 1/19/2015

In the second season, Ben is under pressure from the Sécurité du Québec (SQ) to uncover the identity of a mole at Station 19. He begins to secretly investigate his own squad, further complicating both his partnership with Nick, and their burgeoning friendship.

Season 3
9 votes

#2 - Season 3

First Aired 6/20/2016

In the third season, the fragmented squad is reeling from the revelation that Sergeant Julien Houle was a pedophile and a mole for organized crime. As Commander Gendron scrambles to save his own career, the patrollers strengthen their bond to help them through this shocking news. Meanwhile, Nick, still rocked by guilt over his involvement in a murder, seeks closure by trying to find out what happened to his missing cousin Kaz. Ben finds love and happiness with Nick’s sister, Amelie, but struggles with the family he thought he’d left behind.

Season 4
4 votes

#3 - Season 4

First Aired 7/31/2017

In the fourth and final season, the squad faces an eruption of events that force them together in the face of tragedy. It is a season of personal growth and professional trials with beat partners Ben Chartier and Nick Barron and the rest of the cops in 19 fighting corruption and seeking revenge.

Season 1
11 votes

#4 - Season 1

First Aired 1/29/2014

In the first season, Nick, who has just returned from a three-month leave following the traumatic shooting of his partner, learns he has been partnered with Ben, who has just transferred from a small town to restart his life in the big city. Ben and Nick must attempt to put their differences aside as their lives further intertwine, both professionally and personally.