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The Pretenders
519 votes

#1 - The Pretenders

The Pretenders consists of a team of four associates who run a "simulation" business, solving the problems and the needs of their clients by staging simulacros (simulations). The simulations are aimed at confusing whoever is giving their clients a problem (bosses, criminals, husbands, wives, unscrupulous businessmen, etc), thus helping the client come on top of the situation. The underlying philosophy used by the team was that sometimes what's legal is not fair, and sometimes what's fair is not legal.

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84 votes

#2 - Aliados

Aliados is a unit of Argentine television created and produced by Cris Morena aired by the network Telefe in Argentina and by the FOX Network to the rest of Latin America. It's aimed at teen and youth audiences. The premiere, which was planned for June 10, 2013, was delayed to June 26, 2013. This show marks the return of producer Cris Morena to television after two years, when her production company closed at the end the telenovela Casi Ángeles, because of the death of her daughter Romina Yan. The series airs in 18 countries, including Israel and some in Europe. It is composed of 23 episodes for television and 126 webisodes online which are parts from the television episodes.

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Hermanos & Detectives
161 votes

#3 - Hermanos & Detectives

"Hermanos & Detectives" (Brothers & Detectives) is an acclaimed argentine TV show created by the director of "Los Simuladores" (The Pretenders), another very popular argentine TV show. "Hermanos & Detectives" tells the story of Franco Montero who works in the police force. After the death of his father he finds out he has a half sibling, Lorenzo. The boy is only eleven years old and has no other alive relatives, so a judge determines he must live with Franco. But Lorenzo is a very particular boy: he has a very high IQ rate, so in a way, he is like a little Sherlock Holmes and will help Franco solve ver complicated murder cases. The TV show is done in a retro style, very much like the old series that people used to watch in the 60's and 70's, with some reminiscence of series like "Starsky & Hutch".

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Casi Ángeles
221 votes

#4 - Casi Ángeles

Casi Ángeles is the story of a group of orphaned children and teenagers who are exploited and forced to steal for Bartolomé Bedoya Agüero and Justina Merarda García. Everything changes when Cielo Mágico, acrobat and dancer, and Dr. Nicolás Bauer, an archaeologist, enter the kids' lives. This is a story packed with magic, love, music, songs, dances and competitions. Nonetheless, there is a mystery within the house and their relations, and it involves every single one of them. Everyone has a mission and discovering it will be the meaning of this action-packed adventure.

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Casados con Hijos
481 votes

#5 - Casados con Hijos

Casados con Hijos is the Argentine re-make of American television series Married... with Children. It was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Telefe and Sony Pictures, during 2005 and 2006. This television series follows the Argento family and their lives.

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Historia de un clan
143 votes

#6 - Historia de un clan

The Puccio are, in appearance, a family like any other. However, their house is actually the center of the sinister operations of a clan that gets their wealth by kidnapping and collecting cash by demanding a ransom.

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Wild Angel
112 votes

#7 - Wild Angel

"Solitude" is the name of the big mansion owned by the Di Carlos. And it's also solitude what lies behind doors and walls, in the cold dining room where the family gathers for dinner, along the silent corridors, and mainly in the old mistress's bedroom, from where only weak footsteps can be heard at dawn. Federico Di Carlo and Luisa Rapallo's marriage basically aimed at two purposes: it enabled Federico to keep the economical and social leadership of his family after going bankrupt and save Luisa's honor. Just a few characters will carry on their shoulders the heavy burden of that secret; a secret that binds them...and confronts them. At the convent, Milagros keeps joyfully playing her mischievous pranks. As Mother Superior would say "Milagros is essentially roguish. She looks like a boy and is mad about soccer". The priest of the parish, a well known supporter of Boca Juniors Football Club, has called her "Cholo", after a famous Argentine player of the 60's.

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