The BEST Russia-1 shows of all time

Every Russia-1 show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every Russia-1 show to compile this list of best shows!

404 votes

#1 - Liquidation

The year is 1946. World War II is over, but it doesn't mean that there is no one to fight with. The post-war city of Odessa is ruled by serial killer prison-escapees and former Nazi collaborators. Fallen into disfavor, Marshal Zhoukov is sent to Odessa by Joseph Stalin to handle the situation. Together with the head of the local criminal investigation unit, David Gottsman, Zhoukov begins a special operation cleanup post-war Odessa from crime.

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367 votes

#2 - Brigada

The Brigade is a group of four friends, who grew up together and formed a most powerful gang in Moscow. Initially they made business together, but an unplanned murder transformed them into a gang. Now their lives are at risk and there is no way back.

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114 votes

#3 - Idiot

The thrilling drama based on the world's greatest masterpiece by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Plunge into the atmosphere of the 19th century St Petersburg created by the impressive authentic costumes and sceneries in the most expensive TV-project in Russia.

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The Master and Margarita
276 votes

#4 - The Master and Margarita

This TV-series directed by Vladimir Bortko and broadcast at the end of 2005 on the Russian Telekanal Rossiya, scored unprecedented ratings. It was the second attempt of director Vladimir Bortko to film Bulgakov's masterpiece. In 2000 he had already been solicited by the Kino-Most film studio, associated with the competing channel NTV, but at the last moment the company did not succeed to come to an agreement with Sergei Shilovsky, grandson of Bulgakov's third wife, and owner of the copyrights. This time, with Rossiiya, it worked. And it did not pass unnoticed.

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Ekaterina (2014)
54 votes

#5 - Ekaterina (2014)

Ekaterina is a historical biographical series which chronicles the rise of the Russian empress Catherine the Great. The first season tells the story of princess Sophie Friederike Auguste, and her rise to power to become Empress of Russia, following a coup d'état and the assassination of her husband, Peter III. The second season portrays the challenges she faces at home and abroad during the early years of her rule, as she tries to revitalise Russia to become one of the great powers of Europe, and becomes titled "the Great".

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Leopold the Cat
151 votes

#6 - Leopold the Cat

Animated series about a cat named Leopold. He is very kind and wants to do only good. But the world is not only good, but also evil: two mouse constantly trying to hurt him. But the cat Leopold always smiles and says: "Let's live friendly".

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