The BEST HBO Canada shows of all time

Every HBO Canada show, ranked

We've compiled the average episode rating for every HBO Canada show to compile this list of best shows!

The Yard
73 votes

#1 - The Yard

Recess isn’t all hopscotch and double-dutch my friends. Recess is all business. And with business, comes politics: the hierarchy; the justice system; the rebels; the planning and plotting for revenge. And let’s not forget the rendezvous and secret congregations. HBO’s new six-part miniseries, The Yard, takes a bold look at what goes on in the schoolyard, while satirizing and calling attention to the politics we all face in our everyday lives.

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Hip-Hop Evolution
292 votes

#2 - Hip-Hop Evolution

HIP-HOP EVOLUTION travels back to 1970s Bronx and Harlem, unveiling how hip-hop evolved from its beginnings as a New York house-party experiment, to the global phenomenon it is today, and more importantly, how it created a voice for the disenfranchised. Acclaimed Canadian MC and media personality Shad Kabango guides viewers through the evolution of the genre, travelling through NYC’s boroughs to speak with hip-hop’s originators and biggest stars. The power-house documentary features interviews with the musical legends and pioneers that started it all.

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Sensitive Skin (CA)
100 votes

#3 - Sensitive Skin (CA)

Sensitive Skin is the story of a woman of a certain age and her longtime husband who have sold their family home and moved downtown to a hip condo in a transitional neighbourhood in a conscious effort to change their lives, to keep relevant, to begin again. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens.

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Call Me Fitz
386 votes

#4 - Call Me Fitz

A morally bankrupt car salesman is forced to become business partners with his inner conscience, an off-beat do gooder intent on healing Fitz's mangled psyche, one hilarious disaster at a time.

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