The Best Episodes Directed by Yumi Kamakura

To the Level of Sheer Madness

#1 - To the Level of Sheer Madness

Blood+ Season 3 - Episode 12

Gray and the others prepare for Javier's birthday party. While shopping with Monique, Kai spots Saya and Monique asks her to come to the party, which Saya agrees to do. Karl steals the Corpse Corps without Amshel's permission to go after Saya and Amshel sends Solomon after him. While Kai and Saya are talking, Karl arrives to battle her. Hagi, the Schiff, and the others deal with the Corpse Corps while Saya battles Karl. Karl grabs Saya from behind and bites into her, planning to drink all of her blood to kill both her and himself. Solomon arrives and cuts off Karl's arm, giving Saya the chance to stab him through her own body killing him. He orders the Corpse Corps back to their beds, and before disappearing, tells Saya that Diva is on her way to Christina Island.

star 10.00
29 votes
The Love and Reminiscence of Something

#2 - The Love and Reminiscence of Something

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 11

Satou wants to confess his feelings to Yachiyo, and he plans to quit the restaurant if he gets his heart broken. Will he be able to be open with her?

star 9.11
47 votes
Yamada, Yama-da!

#3 - Yamada, Yama-da!

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 6

Souta struggles with the idea that Inami may have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Nazuna offers her assistance with Popura out sick, and Yamada does her best to get on Souma's good side by prying into other people's business.

star 9.07
44 votes
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Greatest Night

#4 - Greatest Night

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 3

Realizing that he and Yachiyo both have the same day off, Jun finally finds the courage to ask her out for drinks. Meanwhile, Yamada devises multiple plans to get Sota to pet her again.

star 9.00
44 votes
Heart Knocker

#5 - Heart Knocker

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 4

After her night out with Jun, Yachiyo begins to question how she really feels about him. Meanwhile, with Inami being surprisingly behaved around him, Sota struggles with his own feelings.

star 8.98
45 votes
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Working Girl

#6 - Working Girl

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 12

Takanashi sorts his feelings for Inami while Yachiyo and talks to Popura about her future. Also, Souma has photos.

star 8.96
45 votes
The Wind of Love!?

#7 - The Wind of Love!?

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 2

A fateful phone call brings back a terrible person into the lives of the Takanashis.

star 8.91
44 votes
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Super Bag in the Heart

#8 - Super Bag in the Heart

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 5

Izumi sets out to find a new lady friend for the broken-hearted Souta. However, will he agree to meet a new girl after all he has been through?

star 8.89
44 votes
Goodbye Yamada

#9 - Goodbye Yamada

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 7

Aoi runs away from home, feeling that she is not loved. Her friends try to convince her to return home which makes her think that they don't love her either! What will Aoi do now?

star 8.87
47 votes
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Dangerous Situation

#10 - Dangerous Situation

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 9

Mr. Otoo brings Haruna to work so she won't get lost again. There is something very peculiar about this stealth couple! Meanwhile, Aoi wants to know why romance between co-workers isn't allowed at the restaurant!

star 8.85
46 votes
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Mystic Sugar

#11 - Mystic Sugar

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 8

The "Yamada" family still has problems. Aoi still doesn't acknowledge her real brother and Kiryu struggles to change that.

star 8.84
45 votes
That Woman Shizuka

#12 - That Woman Shizuka

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 10

Kozue's self-esteem hits a new low as she and the rest of her siblings, with the exception of Nazuna, dread the return of their mother. Elsewhere, Kyoko tasks everyone with making the best parfaits.

star 8.83
48 votes
Wagnaria - No Front Line Incident

#13 - Wagnaria - No Front Line Incident

Wagnaria!! Season 3 - Episode 1

Welcome back to Wagnaria! What will happen in the lives of the employees at the family restaurant?

star 8.67
48 votes
Takanashi and Inami in the So-Called “Decisive Battle” of a Date…

#14 - Takanashi and Inami in the So-Called “Decisive Battle” of a Date…

Wagnaria!! Season 1 - Episode 13

Takanashi and Mahiru go on their "date". The staff of the restaurant fearing for Takanashi safety concoct an elaborate plan to have him cross dress so that Mahiru would think of him as a girl and not hit him. As the date comes to a close Takanashi comes to realize his true feelings for Mahiru and Mahiru receives the compliment of her life.

star 8.20
133 votes
Gyokuon Attack!

#15 - Gyokuon Attack!

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Season 1 - Episode 2

When Jin gets a surprise visit from his classmate and friend Tsugumi Aoba, Nagi fabricates a story explaining her living with Jin. Later, Nagi flees the house after an argument with Jin and finds herself in danger when trying to cleanse a impurity on her own.

star 7.94
145 votes