The BEST episodes directed by Yukina Hiiro

Daydream Believer
39 votes

#1 - Daydream Believer

Genshiken - Season 3 - Episode 3

After becoming a member of society, he noticed that he was moving away from the otaku culture, and stopped by Genshiken for the first time in a while. As she talked to Sasahara's younger sister Keiko, remembering the people at that time, her topic became Saki's story. She knows that her feelings for Saki, which she should have hidden, may be known to her other members, and she may be known to Saki himself ...

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Peace Konohana
35 votes

#2 - Peace Konohana

xxxHOLiC - Season 2 - Episode 6

Even without knowing the rules, Watanuki is dragged by Yūko and friends to play some mahjong at Doumeki's place, unaware of their true purpose.

The Fairies' Time Management (2)
40 votes

#3 - The Fairies' Time Management (2)

Humanity Has Declined - Season 1 - Episode 8

The fairies will stop at nothing to get more sweets. Their insistence affects more than just the mediator.

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35 votes

#4 - Mixup

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 74

A flashback shows how Sendo joined his gym. Ippo gets knocked down two times but when he gets up the fifth round gets more brutal. The fifth round ends and after that, the sixth round begins and is just as brutal as the last round.

Glass Eye
236 votes

#5 - Glass Eye

Another - Season 1 - Episode 10

The casualty count continues to rise, and Kouichi's search for Matsunaga's tape is successful. During the class trip, the friends gather to listen, and to find out what Matsunaga did to stop the curse.

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Bone Work
301 votes

#6 - Bone Work

Another - Season 1 - Episode 3

A studio crowded with old dolls is the perfect place for Mei to tell Kouichi the tale of three students' mysterious deaths 26 years ago. Finding out more information from his classmates proves difficult, but his aunt Reiko is willing to tell him more.

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Supporting Hand
30 votes

#7 - Supporting Hand

Hajime no Ippo - Season 2 - Episode 23

Despite using all of his remaining energy, Takamura cannot break through Hawk's defense and is left with no way to fight back. Hawk's wild bloodlust comes out, and he aims to kill Takamura in the ring! With nothing supporting him but the love of his friends and the coach's help, can Takamura mount a comeback?

The Rookie King
42 votes

#8 - The Rookie King

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 34

Ippo and Sendo keep fighting, the crowd starts cheering Sendo on and the match reaches its climax.

The Courage to Believe
37 votes

#9 - The Courage to Believe

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 49

Volg and Ippo continue to duke it out in a hard-fought and long battle.

The Battle for Distance
44 votes

#10 - The Battle for Distance

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 26

Ippo VS Mashiba Round 1

The Trap of the Southpaw
32 votes

#11 - The Trap of the Southpaw

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 69

Sendo begins his title defense match with Shigeta the southpaw user. Sendo fights Shigeta but gets more angry with him as the fight goes on.

Look of Determination
35 votes

#12 - Look of Determination

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 59

The match between Sendou Takeshi and Volg Zangief starts.

Challenge in a Foreign Land
31 votes

#13 - Challenge in a Foreign Land

Hajime no Ippo - Season 1 - Episode 39

Miyata's in Thailand and he get's a tough opponent with a great record, Jimmy Sisfa.

The Hill of Straying Storm
86 votes

#14 - The Hill of Straying Storm

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens - Season 1 - Episode 8

During a stormy night, Daitetsu stays over at Jin's house, where he wonders about Jin and Nagi's feelings for each other.

Episode 7
18 votes

#15 - Episode 7

Diabolik Lovers - Season 2 - Episode 7

Yuma is a bit curious about Shu, so he asks Yui what she knows about him. At school, Yui almost falls down the stairs, but is saved by Yuma. He carries her off, only to soon come across Shu who is sleeping in the corridor, so he makes him move by biting Yui. When Yui returns to the Mukami's mansion, Ruki appears and grabs her in order to suck her blood, but he suddenly refrains. This confuses Yui and Ruki quickly leaves. In his room, Ruki is beginning to become aware that he and his brothers may not be able to become "Adam" after all...

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Episode 4
19 votes

#16 - Episode 4

Diabolik Lovers - Season 2 - Episode 4

Yuma drags Yui to help him in his garden. While harvesting, Yui learns something new from Yuma: the Mukami's were originally humans...

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